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Top 8 free Kid Learning App for Android & iOS 2020

Top 8 free Kid Learning App for Android

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Many a Kid is drawn towards using a mobile phone for various purposes, including educational. For such reason, major Kid learning apps have been developed over the years to make learning assessable and interactive with the utmost intention of stimulating and growing your kids' creativity. These apps have helped further bridge the gap between teachers and kids, hence imitating a classroom environment for your Kids to learn. Many of these learning apps are free and available for download on major Android and iOS devices. Therefore in this article, you will get the best offers of free Kid learning Apps and their exclusive features.

Types of Kid Learning App

Kid Learning App comes in different types and categories, intending to stimulate creativity and brain activity. Each of the common Kid learning apps has different learning experiences they offer. Among many includes:

  1. Memorization Apps: Memorization apps use modern memorization techniques to help build your Kids' brain activity. It enables them to remember things in the long term without the need for repetition. The app mainly works with a visual presentation of materials such as flashcards, beautiful, and interactive themes. With memorization apps, you can help your kids learn and memorize historical events.
  2. Playful Learning Apps: The importance of play in your Kid’s learning ability cannot be overemphasized. That’s why there exist playful apps which kids would love to use to enhance their creativity. Typical apps like this include building apps, Virtual Labs, and a host of others.
  3. Workbooks/ Worksheet apps: According to their names, workbook apps are the type that encourages your kids to practice things learned in school. This typical app is eco-friendly as it reduces the number of wastes generated through the use of paper and pencils. Some of these intuitive apps come with features that allow kids to answer questions by picking between 3- 5 choices.
  4. Games: As much as Kids can be addicted to gaming apps, there exist some traditional games like puzzles, monopoly, and scrabble that to develop your Kids learning potential. Also, such apps can stimulate their interest in education. They come with extra features to help boost their reasoning and problem-solving skills.
  5. Encyclopedias: Learning a large volume of new words and facts in big books can be quite daunting for small kids. Therefore, well easy to use encyclopedias apps were built to encourage Kids learning ability and broaden their knowledge base. You get to see illustrative videos and images to help your kids explore different areas from history, science, and technology.
  6. E-books: E-books apps incorporate different reading materials which encourage can encourage your kids to learn through listening and observation. Some of these apps come with an audio feature that promotes more interactivity and provides an exciting way for kids to find stories interesting. By then, they can develop their vocabulary and brainpower. An example of such an E-book app is the iStory Books.

Top 4 Free Learning Apps For Android

1. Slice Fractions:

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The slice fractions app provides an incredibly fun way for Kids to learn fractions without words. It allows no ads or in-App purchase making a free app you can always download for use by your Kids between 5 -12 years of age. It comes in a gaming format in which ice and rocks are sliced to fractions allowing your kids to practice fraction concepts such as Part-whole partitioning, fraction ordering, addition, and subtraction of fractions.

2. 3D Brain:

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3D Brain is a delicate science-based free app suitable for use by kids between the ages of 11 – 18. It provides an avenue for kids to learn about the structure and make-up of the brain. The app is made of 29 interactive structures, all in a 3D visual format, and can be rotated to observe and examine all parts.

3. iStory Books:

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The iStory is a free effective e-book app that comes with different offers and collections of stories for preschool kids. It provides easy to read books for your Kids at their fingertips with the use of their Android devices. The types of books you will find in iStory books includes nursery rhymes, tolder’s books, classic stories, fairy tales, and picture books for your kids to learn.

4. YouTube Kids:

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The YouTube Kids app was curated, specially for Kids, providing both educational and entertainment content to boost your Kid's learning potential. Young Kids exposed to the use of this app at their early stages grow up smarter and knowledgeable than their peers. As one of the best learning apps for kids, it offers Kids an easy way to watch their favorite shows, tutorials, and other knowledge-based content. This app also allows Kids to explore concepts at their level of imagination and its digitally safer to use. Accessing this app is free to use and comes with simplicity when checking through their features.

Top 4 Free Learning Apps For iOs

1. Duolingo:

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It is a well-known language app that helps to learn a newly targeted language. It comes packaged with plenty of paced exercises to help you with translation and understanding other language patterns. It comes 30 different language courses, which include Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Irish, and others. The app is easy to use and free to download. It will indeed serve as a fun and exciting way for your kids to catch up on any language module due to its easy interaction.

2. Raz-Kids:

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This app provides a free, mobile educational resource platform for your Kids to discover new e-books, e-quizzes, and many other e-resources for the sole purpose of learning. This intuitive student app help to strengthen the core connection between school and home. It provides resources and materials for easy reading at different levels of difficulty. It comes with a student management board feature that helps access your Kids progress reports activities to teachers. It is an online platform accessible 24/7 around the clock for your schooling kids to use during school time or take academic practices during summer.

3. Todo Math:

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This is an iOS-based application downloadable for free on iPhone and IPads. It is designed to help kids with different kinds of abilities learn math. A kid with visual processing and auditory disability will find the app useful for solving maths problems.

4. Bee-Bot:

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If you want to build your Kids to start learning how to code early, then the Bee-Bot is the best app you can get. It is available for free download on iOS devices (that is iPad and iPhone). This app is based on the Bee-bot floor robot and allows Kids to use its app version in learning basic programming languages. As a good advantage, the Bee-bot delivers a sense of problem-solving skills in your Kids as they progress with the use of the app.


Stimulating your Kid's attention to learn new things is one the best thing you can offer your Kids in the early stages of their life. There are significant offers of Kids learning or educational apps that can stimulate their interest and aid them in learning even faster. This is possible with more flexibility through the use of their mobile devices (iPhones, iPad, and Android).

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