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Have you ever watched one episode and wanted to view its complete series? No wonder screens are addicted due to the high availability of entertainment. But, it doesn't work when children get addicted to screens. They have to shape their lives for better and work on many things. However, kids don't understand this thing, and they keep on putting their eyes on screens most of the time. So, day by day, it becomes a matter of concern for parents, which makes them think about how to monitor the phone of their kids so that they can reach the solution.


Also, considering that maximum brain development takes place by age 7 and further growth by age 12, what kids see, do, or hear at this age shape their entire future. But in today's digital world, it is not good to take kids completely reliable on screens if parents think to keep their kids more advanced. Most of the time, due to the inadequacy of workloads and times, parents resort to smart screens and gadgets to engage their children. But, later on, it becomes addicted to kids. Therefore, before kids dive deeply into the world of mobiles and screens, it is better to find the right solution so that kids don't spend most of the time on phones and focus on other things as well.

You can help your tech-addicted kid by following appropriate steps and measures with no hurry.

Can You Monitor a Phone without Access to it?

It is possible to monitor a phone without having access to it. But it is complicated. Parents have to be very smart throughout the process. Many phone monitoring software or tools are available online, which don't ask you to install software on a target device. However, such software doesn't work until you don't have complete information about the target device, which is a must to keep track of your kid's whereabouts and online activities throughout the day. You, as a busy parent, have no idea of where your kid is heading to and to whom is he is on a phone call all the time.


In such cases, parents may not be entirely successful in the mission if they think to monitor the phone by installing the spy app in kids' phone without letting them know. Even children are quite smarter to keep track of the apps and software installed on their phones. Parents need to take professional help in such situations. Well, parents may don't know the solution, but they generally find the problems. Thus, to help you out, professional phone monitoring apps are built, which are helpful when you recognize the situations to install them and bring solutions to you.

What Situations That You Need a Phone Monitor

Dinner is ready. You give a call to your children to come to the dining room. They respond it is coming in five minutes. But it is more than that. When they reach the dining table, it's almost half an hour. What were they doing? What was important on the phone? On your asking, they argue. Well, you need to be calm over here. Just observe such situations and then start looking for the smart solutions so that you stay updated to what your kids are up to in your absence.


Here are the top five situations where parents search on how to monitor phones and help kids understand what is right for them. Have a look-

  1. Does your child make it to School or Home from School? The same applies to college as well. If your child leaves school at 2 and reaches home at 3, but the actual time is 20 minutes. You have to think twice. Your child may give you an excuse for bus punctured tyre or there was a theatre rehearsal in school. You have to be wise. Either you can call the principal to confirm or track him by leaving your office holds, but it won't work for long. A help from advanced technology is all you left with.
  2. Is your Child Attending the School? Bunking class is always fun for children. It's an exposure for them to explore something new. But, it is not cool for education priorities. Your investment in a child's study is valuable, and you can't go it right away. So, a phone monitoring solution is all you have.
  3. Who are Your Kids' Friends? Your child doesn't need to have contact with his school friends only. Children can meet adults anywhere, such as in school buses, school trips, and more. But, you might not be aware of it. Thus, keeping an eye on your kids' contacts is what makes you go with professional help.
  4. Is your Child Active Online all the Time? All social media platforms are quite addicted. From sharing posts to uploading photos and curiously want to gain the likes is what's trending online most of the time. Being online most of the time, distracts kids from their studies and important co-circular activities.
  5. Are Unknown Numbers and Messages Stored in Your Kid's Phone? Get alert before it's too late! Take a professional help of phone monitoring so that you come to know to whom your kid is talking late nights and what is he or she is chatting with a particular person.

Your child is not quite smart to understand other's intentions, but you can make it happen by picking an intelligent solution, which is FamiSafe- a parental control app.

How to monitor Phone with FamiSafe

This well-designed and official phone monitoring app for parents provides many options to track children's activities, including blocking apps and websites, location, geo-dependence, and more. With the help of this software, parents can easily limit the screen time for kids and quickly block phone usage during the study time, dinner time, homework time, bedtime, or family time.


As FamiSafe sounds useful to you, now, you can install it by interacting with your kids how essential is this software for them. However, you don't need to elaborate on how FamiSafe monitors a phone, but you can consider it as helpful for their studies and whereabouts.

With the mutual understanding between kids and parents, here are steps to install the FamiSafe-

Step 1: Register yourself on the FamiSafe membership account on the device of the parent. Sign in the account of the FamiSafe on your kid's device with identity as a kid or child.


Step 2: Switch on the FamiSafe Activation on Your Kid's Device. If your kid uses an Android, you'll need to give permissions to the device for installing the software so that FamiSafe works effectively. For iOS users, you need to install the mobile device management file with the required permissions allowance.


Step 3: With the same credentials, log in the same on the phone as a parent. FamiSafe will be connected to your kid's device, and after settling the controlled things, you can get the access to your kid's device as admin.


Thus, after the installation process is done, you can avail of the same features of FamiSafe. What are those features that can make you sit back and relax on the couch, no matter how much your children lie to you? You can track the whereabouts of your kids stress-free.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Features of FamiSafe:

  • Location Tracking and Geofencing: When your children leave the house, it is not easy for you to know if they are going to school or in a safer zone. You may get worried when your child reaches home during the late hours. With the help of FamiSafe, you can track your child's location and can select a safer zone for your kid. The app keeps on notifying you on the live location of your children, making them not to enter the restricted areas.
  • Access Social Media App Usage: Children get addicted to social media apps because these apps are enough to entertain throughout the day. A parent needs to ensure that kids not meant to spend entirely on the screens. You can block unnecessary apps with FamiSafe.
  • Web Content Filtering: The Internet helps you in many ways. But, its addiction is not helpful at all. It has pornographic and violent content, as well. You can track the sites that your kids access the most, and with the help of this app, you can block all suspicious or unwanted websites. Also, with the availability of screen time monitoring, it is set the limit to the phone usage for both online or offline.

Thus, these top features are of great benefit. You can check the sexual chats if your child is communication with some on the phone. This phone monitoring app can prevent your child from cyber-bullying or online sexual harassment.


Therefore, parents have provided every facility to their children. But, it is essential to take the technology help whenever required. And, in such a situation, FamiSafe comes out to be a fruitful app when it comes to answering how to monitor the phone. All done!

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