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More than Win and Mac devices compatibility. Also comes with a driving report feature.

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What's New

After months of hard work and serious tests, FamiSafe comes for each of you. It brings many surprising updates and features to make for much better parental control experience if need be.

Support Windows and Mac Device

According to Cyberbullying Research Center, 52% of kids between ages 6 to 12 use a laptop or desktop computer at home, and 45% are not monitored by parental controls. In order to relieve parent's anxiety to PC online activities, FamiSafe now can help parents to put parental controls on Windows and Mac devices.

windows and mac parental control
activity report

Activity Report

Check child's computer activity by timeline from your phone remotely. Know what apps or website children use recently and how much time they spend on them at a time.

app blocker

App Blocker

Check the usage of child's computer apps in one day. Set advanced rules to block apps in specific time duration and limit how much time can spend on the app in one day.

screen time

Screen Time

Monitor how much screen time kids spend online per day. Set screen time limit to use the computer or block the device at a click.

browser history

Browser History

View kids's browser history even including private/incognito history remotely. Block specific inappropriate websites or allow kids to get access to learning websites.

web filter

Web Filter

Filter websites on computer by categories like violence, adult, gambling, and so on. Add an exception when parents want their kids to visit some healthy websites.

smart schedule

Smart Schedule

Set a smart time schedule to restrict when to block kid's device distantly in one day. Parents can also repeat the schedule in one week.

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Driving Report Features

Having a good driving habit not only protects your teenagers' safety when they are driving but also improves the safety of their passengers and the safety of the drivers around them. However, it is easy for teens to get into bad driving habits as they have not yet formed a mature view of driving. Therefore, parents should help their kids form a good driving habit.

driving safety
Single Driving Record

Single Driving Record

Get a detailed view of your kids' driving habits. View things like high speed, overspeed, hard braking, and more for single driving record.

Weekly Driving Report

Weekly Driving Report

Form weekly driving summary and driving behavior for family members. Get to know the highest speed, total hard brakings, total drives, and more.

Drving Route Tracking

Driving Route Tracking

Check out individual drives for specific info on route, kilometers logged, top speed, driving behavior, and where any driving events took place along the way.

Driving Safety Setting

Driving Safety Setting

Choose to whether to enable driving safety feature or not. Set what kind of speed can recognize to overspeed.

Better User Experiences

FamiSafe 4.0 comes with a more straightforward interface for all of you. We know parents' concern for kids online problems, we are dedicated to create a healthy digital for child, help them to form good digital habits, lighten parents' parenting stress and give them more practical advices.

Weekly/Monthly Report

To help parents know more about their kids' online activity and help kids make healthy decisions about what they do on their device, we will send weekly and monthly device activity report. They can know top used apps, most visited websites, how many explicit texts to photos are detected, and so on.

Weekly/Monthly Report

Parenting Tips Sharing

Parenting is a process that prepares your child for independence. We try to gather useful parenting tips or advices to help parents feel more fulfilled. We will push high quality content to parents to let them to know what should be noticed for internet safety, how to guide kids to good online content.

High Quality Content Pushing

Easy to Start with 3 Simple Steps

1 register famisafe


Register a FamiSafe account on the
website or app from Google Play and
App Store.

2 install


Install FamiSafe app both on
parent's and kid's devices.

3 connect device


Connect and manage all devices from
FamiSafe dashboard app or web portal.

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