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Orbit Key and Phone Finder to Help You Find Your Lost Phone

orbit phone finder

Losing phone or some other small item is not a new thing. People lose it very often and hence that’s why using some tools has become so imperative. Devices like Orbit key and phone finder are the ones that make our life easy. These devices are not just built to find the phone, they can also help us to keep a track of our other belongings too.

So, we will introduce the Orbit Phone Finder as the topmost used tool some alternate devices that are also effective to find your lost phone.

Orbit Key and Phone Finder to Help You Find Your Lost Phone

Top Choice to Find Lost Phone- Orbit Phone Finder

Orbit is the family, which has been a specialist in designing Bluetooth trackers to find your everyday items. Even the brand says that there is an Orbit for everything. The Orbit Key and Phone finder can be used to find your phone, locate your keys and find other things by making a sound that can be easily heard. You can finally be relaxed that there is a device, which won’t let your phone get lost.

The busy working hours makes it harder to keep a track of the phone all the time. We often get distracted by various other things to do and that when we forget where we left our home. Avoiding such a situation is more complex than it sounds. That is why it is necessary that we have a device that can locate our phone without any hassle.

Key and phone finder in Amazon

The Orbit Phone Finder is designed to save you from the stress of searching your phone in every corner. No matter where you misplaced your phone, the Orbit will find it by a simple press of a button. Additionally, the device comes with a completely free app, which is compatible with both Android phones and iPhone. So, next time you lost your phone, use Orbit to find it immediately.

Orbit Key and Phone Finder to Help You Find Your Lost Phone
Editor's Choice
$24.85 at Amazon


  • The device can easily find your lost phone with one press of a button.
  • It has an app, which keeps a track of the current and last location of your phone.
  • The device has a replaceable battery.
  • It also has a feature that can control the camera of your phone.


  • If your phone battery is running low, the app will send you a notification.
  • The device comes for various other purposes too.


  • The background app drains the battery of the phone very fast.

Find Your Lost Phone with Orbit Key and Phone Finder Setup

Using the Orbit Phone Finder is not that complicated task. All you need to do is to press the button and the rest of the process will be done by the app and the device.

The complete process to set up the Orbit Key and Phone Finder is given below:

Step 1. Download the Orbit app in your phone and create an account. After that add the product you want to use and follow the prompts.

Orbit Key and Phone Finder to Help You Find Your Lost Phone

Step 2. Once you select the product, a new screen will appear and provide you with all the necessary instruction for the initial set up and how to connect your Orbit.

Orbit Key and Phone Finder to Help You Find Your Lost Phone

So the next time when your phone gets lost, you will be able to use the Orbit device to find your phone easily.

Step 3. Press the button on the orbit device and it will send a signal to your phone. Your phone will ring automatically as the app overrides the settings of the phone and play a loud tone that can be easily heard by the owner.

Orbit Key and Phone Finder to Help You Find Your Lost Phone

And that’s it, you will find your phone instantly if it is in the range of the device. If not, then you must try to remember where you might have left and then press the button.

An alternative to Orbit Key and Phone Finder

So what if the Orbit has a feature that allows you to take a selfie without having your phone? What would be the point if we could even find our phone, right? We are providing you the most suitable and reliable alternative for the Orbit key and phone finder and it is the Wonbo Key Finder. It can be used to locate all the small items that you keep losing here and there. It is the Wonbo Key and Phone Finder that will be useful for you to find your phone. The device is compatible with both Android and iPhone and can play a sound up to 90 decibels that would be enough for you to locate your phone.

Orbit Key and Phone Finder to Help You Find Your Lost Phone
Editor's Choice
$29.99 at Amazon


  • The device is an “Anything Finder” which has a Wireless Anti-Lost technology.
  • You can easily find your phone by pressing the button on the device and vice versa.
  • The device keeps a record of your phone’s current location and previous locations.
  • The range of the Bluetooth varies from 10 to 20 meters indoors and 30 to 50 meters outdoors.
  • Along with the brilliant technology, the device also has a 1-year battery life that can be replaced easily.
  • It also has a 1-year manufacturer warranty and a lifetime customer service.

As we discussed the Orbit key and Phone finder advantages, it is also better that we have an alternative device that can be used for finding the phone. The device has proven its worth but sometimes even the best gadget fails unexpectedly. Therefore, having an alternate device on which you can rely upon to find your misplaced phone is better than not finding it at all. The Wonbo Key and Phone Finder will allow you to find your phone to an extended range.

Thomas Jones by Thomas Jones Updated Oct 25,2018 16:15 pm
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