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Reverse Number Phone Lookup - Phone Number Finder

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Are you getting calls from unknown numbers and would like to know more about the caller? There are times when we all wish to know more details about the owner of a number, their location, etc. Well, with the help of a reverse phone number finder, you can do the same. There are all kinds of online and dedicated tools that can work as a phone finder by phone number. In this guide, I will let you know about the best phone number finder app options.

Reverse Number Phone Lookup - Phone Number Finder

What is reverse number lookup?

As the name suggests, it is the opposite of searching a phone number. Ideally, we look for a phone number on the basis of different parameters. In a reverse number lookup, we know the digits of an individual. By using a phone finder by phone number, we provide their digits and obtain crucial information about them. This mostly includes their name, current location, professional details, etc.

In this way, we can avoid spam calls, keep an eye on our loved ones, avoid being catfished, and do so much more. There are all kinds of ways to use a phone number finder – online, dedicated apps, and more.

How can I look up a phone number for free?

To start with, let’s get to know about different online phone number finder solutions that are available online.

1. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is probably the most trusted online phone finder by phone number. All you got to do is enter a phone number and it will automatically look for it in its database. If the number is in the database, then its crucial details like name, location, professional designation, etc. would be displayed.

The service is easy to use and is absolutely free. You can just visit the website and use its phone number finder app. You can also do a dark web scan and find people on the website as well.

Website: https://www.truthfinder.com/reverse-phone-lookup/

Reverse Number Phone Lookup - Phone Number Finder

2. Been Verified

Another trusted reverse phone number finder that you can try is Been Verified. The website is protected by Norton and will make sure that your provided data will stay safe. The amount of information the website can extract would largely vary from one number to another. If the records of that individual are public, then you can get their name, designation, address, email, photo, and even social media links.

Website: https://www.beenverified.com/reverse-phone/

Reverse Number Phone Lookup - Phone Number Finder

3. Reverse Phone Lookup

The website certainly lives up to its name by providing free phone finder by phone number services. It has already been tried by more than 10 million users. If the records of the user are public, then you will certainly get it on this phone number finder. All you got to do is enter the number you are looking for and press enter. It is as simple as that!

Website: https://www.reversephonelookup.com/

Reverse Number Phone Lookup - Phone Number Finder

Top 5 Cell Phone Finder Apps and Tools to Locate a Device

A lot of users look for a phone number finder app as it allows them to track a device. If you have the same requirements, then you also use a dedicated device locator solution. Here are some of the recommended options.

1. Google Device Manager

Google’s Find my Device is its official and freely available service that allows us to track the real-time location of a device. All you need to know is the Google account credentials of the user (the account linked to the device) to locate it.

Reverse Number Phone Lookup - Phone Number Finder
Editor's Choice
  • You can just go to Google’s Find my Device website and track the phone remotely.
  • Google also provides a free phone number finder app (Find my Device).
  • You can also ring the device, lock it, or erase its data remotely.
  • The service won’t work if the device’s location tracking feature or internet is turned off.

2. FamiSafe

FamiSafe is a dedicated device tracker and monitoring tool that can also be used as a phone number finder app. Unlike Google’s Find my Device which only works on Android devices, FamiSafe is compatible with all the leading iOS and Android phones. All you need to do is install the app on the target device. Later, you can track it remotely anytime you want.

Reverse Number Phone Lookup - Phone Number Finder
Editor's Choice
$9.99/month or $59.99/year
  • The app can track the live location of the device.
  • Users can also set geo-fences on the phone and know details about the past location history.
  • It provides various parental control and monitoring features as well. For instance, you can monitor the device usage and even restrict it remotely.
  • No rooting or jailbreak needed (iOS and Android compatible)

3. Wonbo Anti-lost Object Finder

A multi-purpose object finder, it will let you track your keys, phone, wallets, and all the other precious belonging. The tracker can be attached to any object easily. Later, you can use its mobile app to trace the device.

Reverse Number Phone Lookup - Phone Number Finder
Editor's Choice
$29.99 at Amazon
  • It can work as a device locator for close proximity.
  • You can ring your device and even know its last detected location.
  • Supports a connectivity of up to 30-50 meters
  • Can be used multiple times to find any object
  • No hassle to change the battery

4. Tile EC Key and Phone Finder

Tile is one of the most popular anything finder tools out there and this latest product is certainly packed with tons of advanced features. Waterproof and durable, the product is already trusted by millions of users.

Reverse Number Phone Lookup - Phone Number Finder
Editor's Choice
$44.99 at Amazon
  • You can attach a tile on your keys, phone, or anything else and find them remotely.
  • It can ring the tile and locate it on a real-time basis from its app.
  • Lightweight (11 gm), it supports 200 ft. range
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home as well (besides Android and iOS)

5. iTrack Motion Anti-lost Anything Finder

This is a dedicated motion tracker that will make sure that you never lose your precious belongings. Simply attach it to your phone, keys, wallet, etc. and always keep a track of them remotely.

Reverse Number Phone Lookup - Phone Number Finder
Editor's Choice
$36.99 at Amazon
  • Real-time location tracking with bidirectional functioning
  • Motion alerts with anti-lost alarm features
  • Provide 3 times louder alerts
  • Maximum range of 50-80 ft
  • Long-lasting and durable battery

Now when you know about these options, you would certainly be able to pick the most preferred phone number finder app or tool. You can also use a dedicated device locator or anti-lost solution as a phone number finder as well. Though, if you only wish to know the details of a user, then you can try the above-mentioned websites as phone finder by phone number.

Thomas Jones by Thomas Jones Updated Oct 25,2018 16:23 pm
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