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10 Best Location Sharing Apps for Family

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When there is so much technology during today time, why do we need to waste time calling or texting someone to ask, Where are you?. These days all you need is the best location-sharing app, which will provide you with the means to track your family members and Kids especially. A few years back, these kinds of apps were scarce, but now there are tons of such apps from different developers. These apps tell us the location of our loved ones with the help of the satellites and are quite precise with the place, and thus helping you to find that person in the record time.

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Why does the family need a location-sharing app?

Today's world is not entirely safe for everyone. People are prone to many crimes in this country and can find themselves in need of someone's help. We also need to keep an occasional check on your family members to know about their whereabouts and well being at the same time. Parents want to keep a check on their children for many reasons, and thelocation-sharing appsallow them to do that easily.

Yeah, sometimes it does sound kind of weird when you are being tracked the whole time. But it is practical when you need to know each others progress. If your partner travels a lot, you can quickly check on their location and progress conveniently through these apps without disturbing them.

5 Location-sharing Apps for IOS

Find My Friends

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Find my Friends is the built-in app in most of the iOS, and the users can easily find it. This app is one of the best location-sharing apps. It is also very precise with the location. You can easily share your site with your contacts that you have selected after entering their information like an email ID. You can also use AirDrop for sharing your location. This app can work on all the iOS-based technologies like Apple Watch or iPad. Also, you can immediately choose to follow your friend or family member.

You can share your location with someone at the same time they are sharing theirs with you. Therefore you can both be in the loop at the same time. Also, whenever you do not wish to be tracked, you can quickly stop sharing with the help of a switch.

This app also helps you to set location-based alerts which help you to know when your child has left the school, or when someone has reached home safely. This app is beneficial with all its features and also easy to operate.


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Famisafe is another location-sharing app that helps you track of your child. It shares its location readily and alerts you with its location regularly. Its easier to use and also has many other features to help you to keep a check on the daily activities of your child. You can also view your child's daily routine. It also sends an immediate notification to your phone when your child or others change their location.

Famisafe is a multi-utility app that allows you to safeguard your child from different things. You can track their YouTube and search history constantly. You are even alerted when your child has overused their phone. So, in addition to keeping a check on their location, you can also save them from other dangers of the internet, such as cyberbullying. You can also block out the videos and Google information, which are not appropriate for children. This way you can help your kids know what is right for them and help them move on the right path.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection


Glympse is another best location-sharing app made for iOS users, but it can be accessed by android users as well. It is free and does not even require you to sign up. It is easier to operate this app. You can share your location with a click of a button of real time sharing.

You can share your location with as many people as you want, and also you can get alerted for other places.


built-in GPS trackers on the phones

mSpy is another popular app for iOS users, which provides you the facility to stay close to your family and friends by knowing their location. It uses the built-in GPS trackers on the phones. It also offers other facilities like alarms for children and older adults during emergencies. It also helps you to keep contact trace on your loved ones. It also manages your calls and messages.

Life360- Family Locator

Google Maps

It is one of the best location-sharing apps which help you to track the location of your friends and family. You can keep track of your child and your friends in real-time easily as this app as it is user friendly. This app also features in-app messaging, among other things. It even offers you to create a group with your friends known as circles and share your location in the circle while you can track other members in that group.

5 Location-sharing Apps for Android

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is the app which we use on a daily basis. Day by day and year by year, it has become an essential part of our daily lives to go to a place. This location-sharing app also helps to share our location both temporarily and permanently. Other than providing navigational help, Google maps are also helpful in tracking the location of the person. Once you know the site, you can quickly start navigation on it as well. You can share your area for a specific time on Whatsapp and other applications like that using Google maps.

Family Locator and Safety

keep a constant eye on your family

It is a great Android location-sharing app if you wish to keep a constant eye on your family. You can use it on others as well. It has an inbuilt feature for notification on the phone, alerting you to the movement of that person. You can also avail of the panic button for emergencies. This app also supports an in-built messaging feature for you to message your loved ones from the app. You can also create numerous groups in this app.


keep a constant eye on your family

It does similar work as other apps mentioned above. It tells us the exact location of the person through real-time location-sharing ability with the help of geofencing and other factors. You can enable the feature of alarms when someone moves from one place to another. You can even tell chores to people using this location-sharing app whenever they are nearer to the market. You can also keep an update on peoples search history by surfing through this app.

Also, you can even tell their schedule and also keep a record of it. You can even track your belongings and phone and pets with the help of some other apps. Another bonus of this app is that it is free.


keep a constant eye on your family

Hoverwatch is a high tech location-sharing app that is better at tracking and provides basic features of messaging, calling, navigating, and also instant notification and web-based dashboard. We can also integrate this app with Whatsapp, Viber, or Skype. Moreover, one can use parental control to keep a check on your kids. You can also monitor their activity on the net.

Also, you can track your mobile phones when they get stolen or lost. You can also easily track the messages and calls from unknown numbers. Although it's not free, it's useful.


If you are looking for all in one handy location tracking application for your family, then you can choose spyic. Spyic is easy to operate by everyone, even for the kids and older adults. It is best suited for android users, but IOS users can also use the location-sharing app. It provides you with the best solution for all your tracking needs.

Spyic uses real-time tracker, geofencing, and web-based interface for the users. Using this app, you can easily track your social media feeds and text messages as well. This app also provides you with the facility of immediate notification and in-app text messages and even calls. It is not free, but it is a reliable app and can quickly help you to track your loved ones.

keep a constant eye on your family

Today's world has created the need for us to keep a constant check on our loved ones to ensure that they are doing fine and performing well. Many applications can help you to track your loved ones and also ensure their safekeeping. The applications mentioned above are just a few of them, but they are one of the best location-sharing apps which cater to your every need.

They are user friendly and provide you with other facilities as well.

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