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Teens and Vaping: why should parents care about?

Teens and Vaping

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Introduction: what is vaping?

Even as we ponder on the effective ways to make Spotify Kid friendly, it is important to understand what vaping is. First forward, Spotify is a music streaming service that you can affordably subscribe to. And since it’s an entertainment service, many online actions blend along with it. Among them is teen vaping. But Spotify has control mechanisms and can still be very safe for your young ones. You just need to explore its features.

So, what then is vaping?

This is the inhalation of vapor that’s generated from an electronic cigarette or other vaping devices. Most people fall for e-cigarettes as they are most readily available and are easy to operate. They come with cartridges that are liquid-filled. This liquid contains flavorings, nicotine, and other chemicals that when heated, produce vapor that the user then inhales.

Why teens vape and teen vaping facts in the U.S.

With all the exposure, many fears are being confirmed. And those who still hang on the fence asking can kids vape? The answer is positive. Kids can vape! Actually, when vaping was introduced into the US market, it was to be an agent to help adult smokers do away with conventional cigarettes.

So, what lured teens into this? Let’s see some facts on teens and vaping.

Flavored varieties

There are various flavors like fruit, candy, crème that make e-cigarettes pleasing to use. As a matter of fact, 1 in every 4 students in high school within the U.S admits knowing about vaping. Report from the Centers for Disease Control reported that about 60% of teens who vape run for flavored mint, menthol, and fruit. Besides being popular, they give the real taste and feel of these substances.

Marketing strategy

How e-cigarettes are advertised is quite luring. The tactics and entire theme are unique, increasing the young minds’ initiation into similar products. Research shows that 8 out of 10 high school students in the U.S are aware of cigarette advertising. CDC report also, that over 10 million high school kids have already seen e-cigarette ads on the local channels. And to this fact, exposure to vaping advertisements is a major contributing factor to the increase of teen vaping.

Lower costs

As compared to conventional cigarettes, vaping is pretty cheap and readily available. Recent reports show that vaping can save you any figure from 13% to 79% of the cost. However, this rate may be affected by the type of vape you use and the vape juice consumption.


It’s often said that ‘curiosity killed the cat’. Some get into teen vaping for exploration. Again, the adverts look quite appealing, especially with tons of flavors and colors. A report from WebMD showed that the top-most reason for teen vaping is a curiosity at 57% of users admitting so.

Less harmful

Other teens believe that vaping is less harmful as compared to conventional cigarettes. Again, advertising portrays the picture that e-cigarette is less harmful. As a matter of fact, most teens feel that it’s the conventional cigarettes that cause diseases or may lead to death.

What can vape do to teens?

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Brain damage

Since the brain keeps on developing until around age 25, nicotine in vape may deter the brain development of teens. Vape can also contribute to retarded learning and pull one down academically.

Being addicted to nicotine

Addiction is another teen vaping side effect. Vapes contain nicotine, which when used over a long time puts one in an addictive mood for that substance. With time, a teen may not be able to carry on with any duties until he gets a puff.

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The likeliness of taking up tobacco cigarettes

Vaping may just be a door opener to other harmful tobacco products. Once you are into it, you may need to explore beyond borders, trying any tobacco substance you find on your way.

Lung disease

Most e-juice brands contain a chemical that causes bronchiolitis when inhaled. This can be harmful to the lungs when consumed for a long period.

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Exposure to toxins

The liquid in question is made of chemicals. So, if your body gets into contact with it, it could lead to some screen irritations and even exposure to toxins. Again, what you inhale is as well exhaled into the environment, posing as a threat to other non-users.

How to tell if someone is vaping

With all the advertising and awareness, teen vaping is quite common than before. And it may be difficult to detect as in the case of conventional cigarettes. Most of the vapors are a bit odorless and it needs caution to learn the secrets of your teen. These telltale signs may come in handy in the quest to know whether your kid is into vaping.

Increased irritability

It is easy to notice a sudden change in mood swings or other irritability aspects. Changes in nicotine addiction may lead your kid to show these signs.

Increased secrecy

It can be alarming when your kid suddenly goes mum on every question you ask. Unwillingness to participate in discussions or answer questions is a red flag.

Skin damage

This is another clear effect on teens and vaping. The substances from vapor may react with their skin, becoming irritated, having red spots or experiencing worsening acne.

Sleep disorders

Take note of any disrupted sleep patterns. In case your teen is into vaping, he or she will experience restlessness during sleep or difficulty falling asleep.


Unnecessary anger, throwing thumb rums or showing signs of depression all show a cause for concern.

How to stop vaping

Can kids vape? Can kids quit vaping? Even though the former should be the real question, the later carries all the weight. Yes, quitting vaping is easier said than done. But wait! These two solutions should help you out of that thick mud. However, if the first two don’t pull through, the last option should.

A. 3 normal ways to stop vaping

    1. Avoid substitutes

Substances such as gums, nasal sprays or patches should be a no go zone if you are planning on quitting vaping. Since they keep the addiction memorable, they’ll make it difficult for you to clear off your favorite vapor flavors from your mind.

    1. Socialize as normal

Live your life as normal as possible even while quitting vaping and interact with everyone regardless of being vapors or not. Remind yourself that you are doing the right thing by stopping vaping and interact with everyone normally.

    1. Put control measures using parental control apps

There are parental control apps that you can use to set reminders or put geofences. Furthermore, they can help you take control of your child’s movements and other behaviors.

FamiSafe is all at your service, especially if you want to adequately watch over your kids. This parental control App can defy all odds when it comes to aiding you in protecting your family, teens and vaping included.

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Notable Features

Browser history and web filter

This feature is handy in protecting your child from accessing filthy content on the web. It lets you know which sites your child visits and how frequently they check on them. So, when trying to control teen vaping, you can filter all the web content and words that you don’t want your child to be exposed to.

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Screen time tracking

With this feature, you’ll know how frequently your child uses his phone, especially during the day. Take full control by setting screen time limits. By this, you will control when they can play games or use the phone for communication. Besides, you can also set restrictions for the phone not to be used during their study or sleep time.

Explicit content detection

This feature gives you the chance to exercise safeguarding traits on your child. As a parent, you can get alerts on your phone whenever your child is in danger of cyberbullying or other forms of online harassment.

These include suspicious photos, dangerous content on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other social media sites. You will automatically get alerts whenever there are inappropriate content sent to your child’s phone.


This article has touched on and answered the notion, can kids vape? But all these are in the quest to try out new adventures as reported by some researchers. All hope is not lost for parents. There are parental measures that are effective in driving your child off the vaping zone. FamiSafe is encompassed with the ability to help you know when your child is accessing inappropriate content. Other than this powerful parental control app, you can also gauge when your child is slowly drifting off. Check for the telltale signs and other driving factors for both you and your child’s health benefit.

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