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Parental guide for teen drinking problem

Parental guide for teen drinking problem

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The alcohol abuse is a chronic disease where the victim develops an uncontrollable dependency on alcohol consumption. This situation occurs if the victim has physical or emotional disturbance through external factors. Teen drinking is the highlighted topic to discuss in this article. This article analyzes the connectivity between teen drinking and social media. The social media and the internet monsters serve as one of the reasons for the teens to develop this addiction towards drinking.

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Why do teenagers get alcohol abuse?

Teenagers get into alcohol abuse due to peer pressure. When your kid and teens attend any party or go out with friends, then his/her friends will surely force them to consume alcohol. The teen drinking exists in the current scenario because of various reasons like

    • Impact of media :

If you take a closer look at the films and drama, most actors encourage alcohol consumption and set a bad example to the present generation kids and teens. The immature mind starts to focus on this drinking habit and then due to their curiosity he/she would love to try out at least once in their lifetime. Later on, this habit ends up with alcohol abuse.

    • Loneliness

Sometimes teen drinking happens when your kid is alone without any company. The boredom feeling will bias the innocent mind towards drinking habit in no time. As you all know the proverb, ‘The idle mind is devil’s workshop’, when your kid’s mind is idle then he/she will move towards the alcohol abuse easily.

    • Overcome Depression

Some teens drink because of depression. They will feel a sense of relaxation when they consume alcohol. Few teenagers drink alcohol to overcome depression issues. There is a common thought that unhappy mind will search for alcohol to get rid of depression feeling. The teens will feel that alcohol is the only source to manage stress in their life.

    • To gain courage

The teens drink just to gain the courage to live as per their desires. Lack of self-confidence drives the teens to search for alcohol. It is a psychological thought for the teens that their confidence boosts up because of alcohol consumption.

    • Addiction

When teens consume alcohol once in their lifetime just to have fun with friends, then there is a possibility to become addictive to the alcohol content easily. The teens will develop addiction behaviour gradually even without their knowledge.

Social media effects on teen drinking

According to 2011, survey by National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University identified that the teens who make use of social media on regular basis are likely to develop smoking habits five times higher than a non-social media teen. Similarly, teens with social media impact drink alcohol three times likelier than a normal teen. From this, you can understand the effect of social media on the alcohol consumption of the teens.

In general, social media gives depression, an emotional imbalance to the teens if they make use of it in the long run. To overcome such feelings the teens are in search of addictive substances like alcohol, marijuana etc. The social media motivates the teens to drink through the alcohol content messages. When the teen views the pictures of his/her friends with glasses in party, having lots of fun on social media then ultimately he/she will search for such happiness thereby likely to develop the alcohol consumption behaviour.

What are the bad effects of alcohol on teens?

The effects of alcohol on teens

    • Brain development

Teen drinking and alcohol abuse suppress the brain development. A part of the brain faces immature growth due to the alcohol substances. The brain functioning slows down gradually when teens consume alcohol regularly.

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    • Health issues

The teens have to face some of the health issues like hangovers, headache, nausea, and shakiness when they drink regularly. The accumulation of alcohol substance in the teen’s body leads to chronic diseases in the long run.

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    • Accidents

As per the survey, more than 58% of teens lost their lives due to motor vehicle crash incidents. When the teens drink and drive, they create a threat to the other vehicles on the road thereby causing unnecessary accidents without their knowledge.

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    • Suicidal thoughts

The teens will develop suicidal thoughts if they use alcohol continuously. The drinking habit of the teens brings emotional problems and drives them to suicidal act gradually. A sense of depression, anxiety, emotional disturbances exists with the heavy drinking teens.

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What can parents do to help a teen get rid of alcohol abuse?

The parents can follow the below three normal ways to get rid of teens alcohol abuse

  • Talk to your teen:

The simplest step you can take to get rid of teen alcohol abuse is to talk to them in an effective manner. When you talk to your teen, you have to fill your words with love and care. You should convey the consequences they will face due to this alcohol addiction. The only effective method is to talk to the teen in a loving tone. Your communication should be reliable and your teen must believe in your words to walk further on the right path.

  • Rehabilitation centre

The next step is to get assistance from an efficient rehabilitation centre to get rid of teen alcohol abuse. You can rely on the professionals to handle your teens for this alcohol abuse issues. The experienced and specialist personnel can tackle your teen and educate your teen related to alcohol abuse. The best rehabilitation centre gives sufficient information and provides valuable guidance to get rid of alcohol addiction quickly.

  • Awareness programs

You can take your teen to awareness programs related to alcohol addiction. The teens should learn about the mental and health problems they might face in future due to consistent usage of alcohol. A proper awareness brings clarity in the mind of teens and they will know the hidden danger behind the alcohol. If you create an incredible awareness at the right time in the life journey of kids then they are safe for the rest of their life.

Make use of a reliable monitoring app to get rid of alcohol abuse issues in teens

The FamiSafe parental control app is the highly recommended tool to monitor the online activities of your teens remotely. If you are aware of their daily whereabouts on the gadget then you can analyze the emotional state of the teens easily. You can make use of reliable monitoring software to watch out your teen’s gadget activities even without their knowledge in a remote manner. The FamiSafe parental control app from Wondershare is the best choice in the current digital market.

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

The Main features of FamiSafe parental control app

    • Smart Schedule :

With the help of FamiSafe parental control app, you can plan the daily activities of your teen effectively. You can allot a time limit for every responsibility that your teen has to perform in a day. When your teen follows this smart schedule on regular basis then he/she will develop time management skills effortlessly. This time management strategy will assist your teen in future to achieve great things quickly.

    • Browser History:

Using FamiSafe parental control app you can track the browser history remotely. You can access the target device’s browsing information in a precise way. The browser history comprises of the websites visited number of times a website visited along with its time details, bookmark information, the time spent on each website, data regarding the downloads etc will be available in the browser history. In this browser history, you can identify whether your kid has any interest in alcohol. With the help of the search engine data you can easily figure out whether you are teen has addiction towards alcohol.

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    • Web Filters:

If you want to allow your teen to work on gadgets and in online mode then you require an effective filter to wash out unnecessary facts, which are inappropriate to teen,’s growth. The ‘Web filters’ from FamiSafe is the right option to handle the teen's alcohol abuse issues.

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    • Explicit content detection:

You can set alerts in FamiSafe parental control app to notify you when your kids receive any suspicious texts related to alcohol from social media or regular messages. A timely notification triggers you to take the right step before your teen becomes an alcohol addict.


It is the right time to conclude the discussion related to teen alcohol abuse. If you want your teen to get rid of alcohol abuse then you must communicate with them compassionately and install the perfect monitoring app like FamiSafe parental control app. Make use of this app and track your teens every move towards alcohol precisely.

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