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Texting and Driving: Why Parents Should Know About Teen Distracted Driving.

Texting and Driving

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Do you know the primary cause of car-related injuries and accidents is distracted driving? One could refer to distracted driving as an activity that could compromise safety while behind the wheels. It occurs when you get involved in other activities (such as eating, drinking, or texting) while driving. Of all the activities aforementioned, texting is the most common and dangerous form of teen distracted driving.

Why? Texting and Driving are two different activities and can’t be done simultaneously. It clears you of full attention either visually, manually, and cognitively.

Why Does Parent Need to Know About Teen Distracted Driving?

Parents need to recognize their Kid’s teen years as a turbulent stage, and technology isn’t helping matters. Their need to feel recognized has led to more solace in their mobile phones than a real interactive session with parents. Statistics have proven that a host of teen drivers fall majority victims of distracted driving, and texting on mobile phones is on the rise. Reports from the CDC have shown the case of teen distracted driving is an increasing menace in society today. The following are facts parents need to know about teen distracted driving.

  • Replying to a text message while driving draws attention from observing any likely road dangers.
  • A teenager confronted with bullying and pressure could cause an unbalanced state of mind, which could pose a danger to the teen if they drive.
  • Teen distracted driving has a high effect on insurance rates in the case of crashes or when a teen driver breaks traffic rules.
  • No Teen driver below the age of 18 is allowed to text while driving.
  • On Average, the majority of calls received by kids when driving are from the parents.

Keeping these facts in mind will help many a parent to educate teens on the consequences of distracted driving. As a parent, you sure won’t want your Kid to get maimed or die as a result of distraction. This comes with the need to place strict measures in place to help curb distracted teen driving. Be a good model yourself, by obeying all traffic rules and avoid texting while driving, so your teenager could emulate.

Types of Distracted Driving

While we may have rated texting on the cellphone as being the major cause of distracted driving, there are many other activities responsible for teen distracted driving. They fall under three major types which are;

  1. Visual Distraction: Visual distraction being a common type of distraction occurs when your eyes wander to another attention-drawing object while driving. It could be taken as a case that happens while checking Car navigation system, texting, or looking at a billboard advertisement on a roadway. Also, visual distraction as they drift your driver's attention to physically access potential dangers or hazards in the surroundings.
  2. Cognitive Distraction: Cognitive talks about your due state of mind while driving. It is a non-physical form of distraction. This distraction occurs when there is an imbalance in the state of mind. This somewhat refers to when a driver’s mind drifts away from reality. Although the driver may seem to pay full attention, he or she is at risk once the state of mind isn’t focused or at peace. This form of distraction can be caused by peer pressures, critical family issues, work stress, or chatting with a fellow passenger while driving.
  3. Manual Distractions: They are the type that causes one to take hands-off a steering wheel to perform another task. Taking a drink while driving is an example of such distraction has it involves the hands. Apart from drinking, a manual distraction could occur when you adjust car-belt during the process of driving and turning Radio knobs in your car. Your inability to steer your vehicle when performing such tasks puts one at a dangerous risk of injuries or accidents when there is a need to steer the vehicle at an appropriate time.

How Do Parents Prevent Distracted Driving?


    1. Use Apps like FamiSafe: FamiSafe is a basic parental monitoring app that keeps you updated about the activities your Kids engaged in and their real-time location. It comes with features to prevent phone addiction in your kids by controlling screen time and blocking apps. Controlling your Kid’s phone allows you to monitor when he or she receives explicit text messages and take the next cautionary step. That’s makes it quite useful as an app to prevent teen distracted driving. Using FamiSafe as a parent involves installing the app on both your teen’s phone and yours and inputting the required settings. It is made available for both Android and iOS devices, ensuring its versatility and compatibility with most mobile devices.

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Main features

      • App Blocker:

If you have a Kid or teenager addicted to a particular social or gaming app. The FamiSafe app can be used to block the app for some time. This makes FamiSafe an efficient app for preventing addiction in your Kids.

      • Screen Time Limit:

The FamiSafe comes with a Screen time limit feature to lock your Kid's phone at particular times of the day. This can be set at periods are Kid is engaged in a driving activity or when it’s time to sleep.

      • Smart Schedule:

FamiSafe teaches Kids to be disciplined with time management and build the needed focus for their school and homework.

      • Explicit Content Detection:

FamiSafe helps detect explicit and dangerous social media texts or posts. It raises the red flag once signs of cyberbullying, web pornography, and sexual harassment are detected. This gives you the ability as a parent to take steps in curtailing the situation.

      • Geo-fencing and Location Tracking:

FamiSafe, once installed, notifies you of your Kid's location anywhere from home. It also comes with a Geo-fencing feature that allows you to set a Kilometre radius for your Kid. Once they wander from the set radius into an unsafe zone, you get notified or alerted.

    • Set Open conversations: Get closer to your Kids, teach them the importance of safe driving. As a parent, use every resource in your capacity to dissuade them from engaging in activities like texting while driving. You can show the statistics illustrating the consequences of teen distracted driving. Be free with them; let them open up about their worries or matters (such as bullying in school, stress, and the likes). By being free with your Kids, you are playing a significant role in reducing teen distracted driving, and by then keeping them safe from Road =way accidents or penalties that come with it.
    • Be a Good Model: Your Teen Kid will tend always to emulate whatever your actions are whenever you drive. Do you as a parent text while driving? If yes, then the chances are that your Kid could get involved in the activity. Hence, it is a necessity that parents keep to the daily traffic rules and do not engage in any form of distracted driving. Setting a good pace model for your kids will enable then cultivate the habit of focusing full attention while driving. Remember, no amount of lecture or warnings you give your kid make them heed unless you are an undistracted driver yourself.


    Educating teens on the dangers of texting while driving will help reduce the advent of traffic accidents since they are majority victims. This article itemizes the type of distracted driving and ways by which parents could prevent them. It doesn’t matter if your teen driver is well trained to drive. He or she could fall into the menace of distracted driving. Take intentional actions today to curb the menace of distracted teen driving.

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