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How parents do for teen suicide prevention

How parents do for teen

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What is teen suicide? When teens harm themselves to die is teen suicide. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) board, suicide is the third leading cause of death for the adolescent kids. The percentage of teen suicide is increasing gradually in the present situation. The teens end their life for various reasons, which are unpredictable. You may not know what is going inside their mind. It may be of any cause but the attempt to suicide is the result of frustration and hopelessness.

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Why do teens commit suicide?

The teens commit suicide for the following reasons

  • Unable to handle changes
  • Psychological effects
  • Previous attempts on suicide
  • Problem with friends and family members
  • Love failure

The teen suicide reasons in detail

Unable to handle changes:

As you all know, that the adolescent age comprises of changes. It is the period of a lifetime where the teen will find changes in body, feelings etc. If the kid is unable to handle those changes then he/she will develop frustration within himself/herself. When they could not handle the change in their life, a sense of fear arises which leads to suicide later.

Psychological effects:

When they hear about suicidal facts of their loved ones, neighbours or someone in the hometown, then it will disturb their mind to a greater extent. Due to the continuous exposure to violent games will develop the mental disorder thereby leading to suicide attempts. The addictive games bring out hidden adverse effects on the mental health of adolescent teens.

Previous attempts on suicide:

If the teen or kid attempts suicide once in their lifetime, then it will automatically prone to that act even if they face small failures in their living. Any history of suicide on their family also tempts the children to try out the suicide when they are uncomfortable with the situation.

Problem with friends and family

Teen suicide happens when they could not maintain a good relationship with their friends and family members. The adolescent kids are unable to tackle issues with their loved ones wisely. They will develop frustration quickly resulting in suicide.

Love failure

When a teen has a misunderstanding with his/her loved ones, then immediately they will attempt to suicide. Some kids make use of this suicidal weapon to threaten others. Teen suicide due to love failure occurs worldwide.

How many teens commit suicide each year?

A survey result by CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) for the year 2017 is as follows

  • 32% of adolescent students undergo frustration and hopelessness in their daily life
  • 17% of teens have an idea to make a suicide attempt
  • 14% of the kids designed a plan for the suicide
  • 7% of the adolescent children executed the plan of suicide

As per the NIMH survey, death rate per year

  • One out of 1,000,000 kids of age from 10 to 14
  • Seven out of 1,000,000 teens age from 15 to 19

A detailed report from WHO (World Health Organization) on the death rate for the year 2016 is as follows

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Teen suicide warning signs

Some common signs of teen suicide are

  • Stay alone: The teen with suicidal thoughts do not like to mingle with friends and family members. They will stop normal interactions with friends and family members.
  • Changes in behaviour: You will be able to notice a few changes in their eating and sleeping habits.
  • Lose interest: A gradual distractions and loss of interest in normal activities are common with the teens of suicidal thoughts.
  • Addictions: These teens will be highly prone to addictive habits like drugs, alcohol etc.
  • A lot of physical complaints: They will come up with physical issues like stomach pain, headache etc every day. This is due to depression and frustration in their mind.
  • Focus on problems: The teens will always think about their problems alone and overwhelm their minds with negative thoughts. They will think that they are the only struggling soul in this whole universe
  • Lack of reaction: If you praise the teens and talk good about them, they will not react to your words at all. They will always be in a moody mode and do not react to the external world.
  • Verbal Warnings: Some teens show up verbal warnings like ‘I want to die’, ‘I will no longer bother you all’, ‘I want peace and I will die soon’ etc. You can hear all these quotes from teens with suicidal ideas.
  • Talk Strangely: If you try to interact with them, they will reveal strange ideas and thoughts, which is unfit to this present world. They will live in a world of fantasy.

The above points are the significant warnings from the teens with suicidal opinion.

How to prevent teen suicide

Three ways to prevent teen suicide

    • Family support:

You can make wonders if you talk to your teens in the right manner. The communication can bring about miraculous changes in the life of teens with suicidal thinking. You should spend time with your teen and talk about the essence of positive thinking in life. The love and care of family can evict the teen suicide completely in future. If you provide moral support to your teen with dilemma thoughts, there are chances to rescue from the suicidal thinking.

    • Professionals assistance:

If you notice the warning signs of suicide in your teens then immediately seek the guidance from the professionals. The psychologist can handle this scenario well when compared to you. You should follow the guidelines given by the psychologist to recover your teen from suicidal thoughts. You should respective measures at the right time before the situation goes out of control.

    • Make use of effective parental control app

You can make use of reliable parental control app to prevent the teen from entering violent games and porn websites. If your teen watches porn videos or plays aggressive games consistently then he/she will develop depression and frustration soon. This change of mind will lead to suicide later. As per the proverbs ‘Prevention is better than cure’, and ‘Stitch in time saves nine’ you should take preventive measures to eradicate teen suicide.

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The FamiSafe parental control app is the right tool to deal with this issue. You can monitor the online activities of your kids and teens remotely. You can rely on this app without any regrets in future. All the monitoring tasks takes place without the knowledge of kids and teens.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

The significant features of FamiSafe to avoid teen suicide

Block threatening apps:

The ‘App Block’ feature in FamiSafe allows you to prevent the entry of threatening apps and games. You can block games and apps related to violence. You can include a suspicious game like Blue Whale in the block list with the help of this tool. You can enable the ‘App block ‘option remotely. Make use of this feature optimally to prevent teen suicide in future.

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Web Filter:

The FamiSafe parental control tool has ‘Web Filter’ option to filter the inappropriate content in the online platform. This feature filters porn content and protects teens from porn addiction, which serves as one of the reasons for teen suicide. You can provide safe cyberspace to your kids and teens free from adult content.

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Screen time:

To limit the gadget access you can try out the ‘Screen Time’ option in FamiSafe. If your teens make use of the gadget frequently, then he/she has the possibility to develop depression. To avoid teen suicides set the screen time for their gadgets, and limit their usage. When the screen time expires, their smartphones locks immediately and it is not possible for them to unlock it by any means.

Track real-time Locations

You can make use of the FamiSafe app to watch out the real-time moves of your teen. Remote monitoring is possible with this tool. You can check out the current location of your teen and create a Geo-fencing on the prohibited or danger zones. This app stores location history of your teens accurately for future reference.


Thus, you need control measures to prevent the rise of teen suicide’s count in the near future. This article has given awareness related to teen suicide causes and warning signs. The parental control app FamiSafe plays a vital role in the prevention of teen suicide. You have to tune in the settings of FamiSafe with respect to the teen’s addiction and protect your teen from the hidden dangers of the online world. It is high time to take immediate steps to safeguard the teens from the psychological effects due to excess gadget usage. Install FamiSafe and create a productive online space for the teens to enlighten their mind.

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