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Kurio Smart Watch Review - Smartwatch for Kids of 2018

kurio smart watch

While there are plenty of smartwatch options available for adults – take the Apple smartwatches for instance that saw sales of over 4.7 million units in the last quarter itself – kids don’t have it as lucky. You can’t really give your six-year-old kid both an iPhone and an iWatch.

Yes, watches today don’t just tell you the time, but also lets you make calls, tells the rate of your heartbeat, displays the number of steps you have taken, and books your next appointment with someone.

Kids don’t need all the features of an adult smartwatch. Yet, if they’re looking for one that makes them feel all grown up, and for you to teach them the responsibilities that come with owning a tech gadget, you may not know where to start.

If you’re wondering what’s the best way to introduce your kid to the tech world, don’t worry. There are smart watches tailored to meet your kids’ needs.

Kurio Smart Watches – Made For Your Kids

KurioTabletsis a licenced US-based company, with trademarks registered by Kidz Delights and owned by Bluetooth SIG. It’s among the more reliable companies out there that do more than bring in a contemporary smartwatch to your child. The range of smartwatches for kids from Kuriocome with colour changing bands and does all that a normal mobile phone could do. With an affordable price, you wouldn’t mind getting one for your kid too.

You can browse more than just kids smartwatches at www.kurioworld.com. The company offers other advanced gadgets like cameras and tablets as well, all designed for children from the age group of 4 to 15. The tiny tots are sure to love the peppy and attractive designs. Kuriohelps children to not just mindlessly surf gadgets but learn from them, all the while having the smart geek touch to it all.

The Best Kurio Smart Watches You Can Buy

1. The KD Interactive Kurio Watch +2.0.

As the name suggests, the watch is certainly interactive as it engages your child with a number of activities in it without even giving a monotonous feel. The features below give you a finer understanding.

Kurio Smart Watch Review - Smartwatch for Kids of 2018
Editor's Choice
$48.22 at Amazon


  • The slim and light weighing watch is easy to wear and too light to be felt on your child's delicate wrist! They can take a lot of pictures and capture wonderful moments with its perfect selfie camera and record high-quality videos of theirs and their friends. There are many various wild filters and frames to make their snaps look all the more fun to view. At the end of the day, these pictures give you immense relief and happiness to see with the kids making all kinds of funny faces and making your buy a satisfying one.
  • With its inbuilt games, your kids can play along with their friends making the game even more adventurous and interesting in their leisure time. There are a total of 20 apps inclusive of games that bring along immense excitement.
  • The Kurio watch allows making calls so your child can talk to whosoever necessary whenever they want to and you could constantly stay in contact with your child.
  • They can also use the messaging app to share pictures, emoticons and voice note to have entertaining and amusing conversations with their buddies. If you think you might disturb your child while they’re busy playing among themselves, a text from you is enough to make yourself sure about them.
  • The watch has a strap prone to change colour according to the thermal temperature of the body. So if your kid turns really cold on a scary day, their watch knows what they are feeling! This adds on a magical element to an already existing smart watch for them.
  • It also has an emergency function. This is an emergency app where the child's details can be entered to ensure your ward is safe in case of urgent situations. Just know, your child is protected wearing the Kurio smart watch as you can even track them while you stay connected through Bluetooth.


  • The watch has a rechargeable battery, so your child does not have to worry about the charge dying down. It could be easily charged at the end of the day to give their next day a head start with full battery life!
  • They can easily receive calls from the watch without having to connect it to a phone, giving them a hassle and hands-free experience and not having to carry another extra device.
  • If style is your kid’s chief concern, then the Kurio smart watch is what you’re looking for. It is easily customisable with its interchangeable colourful straps.
  • It is compatible with an iPhone, PC or a tablet, so you can have a comfortable time transferring the kids’ pictures or other files allowing them to get more free space to download or upload new stuff.
  • The watch is never going to bore them once they would start exploring the apps and games it comes with.


  • It has very little storage space so it may give them the problem of slow processing at times. This is particularly a disadvantage as children love things that move and work faster.
  • The watch allows making calls only if it is within the Bluetooth range and it only connects with those having a Kurio smart watch, so it sort of gives them a hard time. Basically this implies, that you need to constantly maintain a specific distance and should not let it go beyond else you might lose track of your child.

2. The Kurio Smart Watch

The watch is comparatively asking for a higher price because of its even more advanced features. Let’s have a minute look at it.

Kurio Smart Watch Review - Smartwatch for Kids of 2018
Editor's Choice
$55.49 at Amazon


  • This time the smart watch comes with a high capacitive touchscreen making your kid’s experience of the watch even better! So you do not really have to mind spending a little more to ensure your child gets the best.
  • It has most of the features of the KD Interactive and additional productivity tools. So your kids can make a record of and remind themselves of the necessary tasks they need to fulfil. This way, they can keep a check on themselves without you constantly worrying about them having not finished their homework or any of the sorts.
  • Your child can even customise the wallpaper just as they wish with beautiful themes that personalise their watch according to their personality traits.


  • It has better internal space so you do not have to be too conscious that your child might run out of space while enjoying their part of the day clicking pictures and recording videos.
  • It can even track their activities and steps. As a result, your kid can be satisfied that he or she has spent enough time on constructive work.


  • There is, unfortunately, a single drawback. Just like its predecessor, it allows calling only within the Bluetooth range of your phone and your child's watch.

However, the watch gives you a high – performance and a lovely experience.

Kuriosmart watched are designed and crafted carefully for kids. It just does not fulfil the child’s wishes to own a watch, but also comes with a number of technically advanced tools.

Kids can always keep track of themselves with their watches. It also contributes to their learning processes and keeps them updated just like they'd want to be, as grown-ups.

Thomas Jones by Thomas Jones Updated Sep 29,2018 16:46 pm
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