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LG Smart Watch Phones For Kids, Women & Men Of 2018

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How about a gadget that can do it all? Help you track the steps you take every day along with receiving call notifications, synchronizing with your smart phone for calls and messages as well as offering traditional watch functions. Here are six top models from LG that do it all and cater to children or adults alike.

LG Smart Watch Phones For Kids, Women & Men Of 2018

Six popular LG smart watches

1. LG GizmoPal 2

One of the popular smart watches from LG, this is a child friendly gadget with attractive design features and in built child monitoring functions. It comes for a price of $52.

LG Smart Watch Phones For Kids, Women & Men Of 2018
Editor's Choice
$69.95 at Amazon


  • This LG smart watch Verizon has inbuilt GPS tracking and wireless technology.
  • There are attractive color options to choose from.
  • Four telephone numbers can be saved to which calls can be sent or received from.
  • Device is compatible with iOS 7 or higher and Android 4.0 or higher.

Pros and cons

  • This particular LG phone watch is a handy tracker for parents who wish to have a safety gadget strapped on their children. The smart watch and real time positioning feature are functions that make this LG smart watch a popular buy among parents. However the price tag gives it a disadvantage when compared to other feature rich similar tracking devices in the market.

2. LG Gizmo Gadget

If your kid is a gadget enthusiast and you wish to offer him a gadget that he would be proud of as well as help you know more about his whereabouts, this is a LG phone watch that you would want to own. Priced at $150, it is definitely one of the premium products in its category of LG smart watch Verizon and it features a unique look and features to justify its price tag.

LG Smart Watch Phones For Kids, Women & Men Of 2018
Editor's Choice
$299.99 at Amazon


  • The gadget is a bulky and durable device that can handle rough usage due to water proofing features.
  • The touch screen display includes easy call and end buttons.
  • It comes with GPS tracking technology.

Pros and cons

  • This particular gadget with a touch screen and a tough, bulky design would appeal to young boys. However for pre-schoolers the gadget does look big for their small wrists. Hence, it can be more suited for older kids. The gadget comes at a premier price above $100 which would make many parents hesitant as the features are limited compared to similar other cheaper devices in the market.

3. LG Urbane smart watch

If you are looking for a LG phone watch, this is a handsome model from LG Urbane range to look at. Designed as an elegant, contemporary watch, it also has modern notifications and fitness tracking abilities as a smart phone cum fitness tracker.

LG Smart Watch Phones For Kids, Women & Men Of 2018
Editor's Choice
$158.96 at Amazon


This particular watch has the following features:

  • It has elegant watch features with smart abilities built in.
  • The watch is priced at $158.96.
  • There are inbuilt biosensors such as for measuring barometric pressure, geomagnetic sensors, heart rate monitor, accelerometer and gyroscopic movement tracker.
  • Heart rate monitor is inbuilt with sensors that can sync with applications to provide real time update on your health as well as fitness levels.
  • Compatible with apps built for Android 4.3 or later technology.
  • Music streaming possible through Bluetooth compatibility as well as internal memory storage.

Pros and cons

  • As a smart watch with different monitoring functions it rates high; however the call options on this LG smart watch Verizon are limited to receiving notifications and receiving or rejecting calls. For calling functions user needs to opt for a linked phone.

4. LG smart watch of Ausatn range

This particular LG electronics watch is built with Android Wear 2.0 technology and hence, there are several Android OS based capabilities of this smart watch phone.

LG Smart Watch Phones For Kids, Women & Men Of 2018
Editor's Choice
$159.99 at Amazon


The features that this LG smart watch offers are many such as:

  • This smart watch comes paired with Android Wear 2.0 technology.
  • Priced at $249.99, it is one of the wearable Android devices in the market.
  • The models flaunt handsome wrist watch designs with varied color options, popular one being that of titanium.
  • The watch is built with a touch screen that is water resistant partially as well as resistant to dust.
  • It has calling functions as well as built in Google assistant feature.
  • Watch features a stainless steel case of 42.3 mm tensile strength and a leather band of high quality.

Pros and cons

  • Being a smart watch with Android wear technology, this particular watch from LG is a popular choice for many. It easily synchronizes with any Android based smart phone or tablet the wearer uses. With apps the functions of the watch can be further enhanced such as fitness tracking abilities of the watch. It can help a user receive notifications and stay connected and aware of calls and messages received on a linked phone or tablet. Premier Price does act as a deterrent however.

5. LG Sport Watch

This is a smart watch from LG that comes with Android Wear OS inbuilt in it. Wearers can expect standard smart watch features in it along with an emphasis on fitness tracking capabilities.

LG Smart Watch Phones For Kids, Women & Men Of 2018
Editor's Choice
$599.99 at Amazon


Features that this smart watch offers are several:

  • It is built with Android Wear 2.0 wearable technology.
  • Cellular service is possible with call and message notifications.
  • Fitness tracking features are inbuilt through GPS technology.
  • Android Pay feature is also present.
  • It can be paired with fitness apps on your Android device such as Vimofit fitness app that enables this watch to track gym workouts such as squat repetitions as well as outdoor exercises such as bicycling, running.

Pros and cons

  • For a smart watch phone that matches up to the contemporary urban lifestyles of wearers, this smart watch provides an all in one design at $229.95. There is cellular service as well as fitness tracking capabilities through GPS. The bulky sport watch design as well as quick draining of the battery can be considered limitations of this device.

6. LGW270 rose gold smart watch for ladies

This particular LG smart watch comes with Android Wear 2.0 technology. Made of rose gold hues, it is an elegant rose gold watch design that makes it a perfect accessory for the ladies. Priced at $149.95, it flaunts several contemporary smart watch features.

LG Smart Watch Phones For Kids, Women & Men Of 2018
Editor's Choice
$120.00 at Amazon


  • It is built with Android wear 2.0 technology which is compatible with Android 4.3 and later devices as well as with iOS 9 or later technology devices.
  • It is built to be partially water resistant and dust resistant.
  • The snap and swap band technology makes it easier for wearers to change bands
  • Built in Google assistant features.
  • Built in sensors like ALS, accelerometer and gyroscope.

Pros and cons

  • The watch comprises of a stainless steel case paired with a leather wrist band. Being an elegant watch design, it flaunts all the essential features of an Android smart watch though extensive calling and fitness tracking functions are absent.


The above smart watch models from LG offer a wide range of choices for men, women and children that provide them top of the line smart watch technology.

Thomas Jones by Thomas Jones Updated Sep 28,2018 15:59 pm
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