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LG Smart Watch Reviews - LG Smart Watches & Wearable Technology

lg smart watch

Smart watches are more popular than ever today, and LG ventures has ensured you don’t have to limit yourself to a few competitors any more. While most smart watches have a limitation of being constantly dependent on smart phones, with the LG smartwatches, you don’t have to worry about that.

LG’s new Android Wear smartwatches have everything that you can expect, and more. Whether it be great internet connectivity or enhanced features for parents to keep a track on their children, LG offers it all.

Here is a look at some of the best smart watches that you could get hold of from LG’s stables.

1. LG W270

LG Smart Watch Reviews - LG Smart Watches & Wearable Technology
Editor's Choice
$159.99 at Amazon

One of the earliest editions of a smart watch, the LG W270 seeks to provide for all your tech needs.


The LG W270 gives you a variety of colour options to choose from, widening your choice. With an elegant and classy appearance, you feel like a part of the corporate world even if you’re not. It suits perfectly to fulfil your fashion and style needs. You also need not be concerned whether it is only meant to be worn by men because of its huge structure. It is meant for all!

  • It goes with all kinds of wrists because of its premium look, so there’s nothing to worry about the size of your wrist.
  • The watch comes with a fast processor along with a crystal clear screen ensuring you have a seamless experience.
  • There are interchangeable straps which gives you the feeling of wearing a new watch every day.
  • Almost like an Android phone, you can use it hands – free and complete your day – to – day tasks.


  • With a fine finish of its body, the smart watch never rusts, assuring you that you are going to have a long-lasting exposure to it.
  • The endurance of the battery life is the best part.
  • No matter where you are, the 240 mAh batter will keep you online. Reach out to someone even when the battery life is low.


  • The watch lacks GPS, so if you’ve lost track of place, you can’t rely on it at all unless there’s someone around to guide you.
  • Sadly, there’s no video recording either, by which you are only limited to clicking pictures.
  • Another drawback would be the speaker. You cannot call and converse without your phone, so you need to keep your mobile handy just in case you needed to call or receive the same from anybody.

2. LG Urbane W150

LG Smart Watch Reviews - LG Smart Watches & Wearable Technology
Editor's Choice
$159.00 at Amazon

Much more reasonable and advanced than it’s predecessor, the LG Urbane is a treat to your eyes accompanied by a thrilling experience.

The latest LG Urbane has been crafted with a sophisticated finesse. If you are a runner or an outside enthusiast, you are apparently looking for this perfect creation that has a round and sporty look.

  • The excellent quality of the camera allows you to take snaps of the scenery almost making it seem life like and there is also the benefit of large storage. So running out of space is not something you have to apprehend for.
  • With the swift working of the quadcore processor, the gadget will certainly make you feel proud of the purchase. Your tasks get done at the click of your fingers.
  • Control the watch with gestures. So basically, you don’t just have a hands free gadget experience, but you can just move your wrist and manage settings in the watch.


  • It comes with superb battery life! Definitely worth buying, regardless of what field you belong to, as long it serves you a long – lasting purpose.
  • It’s water resistant quality enables you to wear it anywhere.


  • There’s no colour option of Black, something that most customers look for.
  • Yet again, LG does not give it’s watch the flexibility to feature video recording or speaker.
  • It practically appears to be like its previous edition, which is a huge thumbs down if a user had to spend so much on.


LG Smart Watch Reviews - LG Smart Watches & Wearable Technology
Editor's Choice
$225.00 at Amazon

The Urbane’s successor, its 2nd Edition is a 3rd – gen gadget which is on board for adventurous surfing. The anxiety of saying goodbyes to your smart phones has been put off as the Urbane 2nd edition lets you do as much. It is the world’s first Android LTE watch, giving you access to blazing fast speeds.


The Urbane 2nd edition is a never – disappointing –fantastic buy! Not just it’s classic dimensions, there's nothing you wouldn’t awe about for this watch. If you left your phone at home but have your smart watch connected to the Wi-Fi, it can perform all the tasks that your phone could. It does wonders with its super fast processor that comes with it’s largest RAM.

  • The theatre mode that is its special feature keeps the display or the ambient light on without affecting its battery life!
  • It comes with the traditional crown on its side that is almost like a home button.
  • And it’s attractive catch is, it is the first ever Android wear that comes with an inbuilt 4G LTE. This has been the most challenging feature LG could come up with compared to its competitors.
  • Also, just in case you’re a fitness freak, the coaching app is your perfect guide, helping you with keeping a track of your steps, heart rate and the amount of calories you gain or lose.


  • A much-upgraded version and an extremely successful successor!
  • Fall in love with the high resolution display


  • Nevertheless, LG fails to feature video recording.
  • It is too expensive to not have been waterproof, which is a large disadvantage.
  • The size matters, always. The Urbane 2nd edition has a gigantic structure, which denies it an appropriate wear.


LG Smart Watch Reviews - LG Smart Watches & Wearable Technology
Editor's Choice
$229.99 at Amazon

Just like the Urbane 2nd Edition, LG Sport is surely meant to coach you through our fitness regime but this time, it is purely a gym freak’s guide.


From beginners to experts, this Sports smart watch is all that you need with its special strength training mode.

  • It is a completely independent watch as it does not need any tethering to different devices. A virtually reliable gadget of the day.
  • The robust interface of the watch, with it’s LTE connection gives you a power-packed performance and calling become handy by just inserting a SIM into it.


  • The software is a show stealer!
  • The combination of a big touchscreen and a rotatable crown ushers precise controls.


  • The watch has a non removable or a movable band which would be extremely uncomfortable for those having a large wrist, although it is the smallest Android wear watch yet.
  • It could come with a better battery life.

5. LG VC200

LG Smart Watch Reviews - LG Smart Watches & Wearable Technology
Editor's Choice
$199.99 at Amazon

The VC200 is an exceptional creation of a smart watch made child – friendly.


The GPS tracker in the watch is an enticing prospect.

  • On a small wrist, the watch looks enormous, and the kids end up satisfied as if they owned an adult’s smart watch with a deceiving look of an iWatch.
  • The waterproof band is essentially made for kids, as they are habituated to play or go anywhere. Even if the watch is light and made of rubber, it is imperatively tough.
  • It boasts of plenty of games and apps, including basic text messaging along with stickers and emoticons.


  • It can be effortlessly paired with both an iPhone and an Android.
  • As a parent, you can add yourself to the device, and constant tracking of your child can be kept.


  • There is a limit of just ten contacts that can be added.

LG is one of those tech companies that needs no introduction. With its range of smart watches, you are sure to love it. The range offers practically-priced and fashionable wear with all the necessary features you need.

Thomas Jones by Thomas Jones Updated Sep 30,2018 10:52 am
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