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Smart Watches By Michael Kors For Women

michael kors phone watch

Michael Kors is being a reputed watch brand, it is known for the priceless models and precision technology they offer in their different timepiece collections. With changes in technology trends, they also offer Michael Kors phone watch models that incorporate the classic designs along with modern features. Here we discuss five popular smart watch models for women.

Smart Watches By Michael Kors For Women

Five smart watches by Michael Kors

1. Michael Kors Runway gold tone hybrid smart watch

This is an elegant watch that had the appearance of a traditional slim wrist watch, but incorporates all the features and functionalities of a smart watch.

Smart Watches By Michael Kors For Women
Editor's Choice
$149.00 at Amazon


This smart watch of hybrid variety offers the following features:

  • It helps to track different physical activities and can be set up for notifications.
  • There is an auto update feature for time and date.
  • The water resistant watch model can sustain brief water immersion.
  • It supports remote control through app synchronization.
  • It is compatible with Android OS 4.4 as well as iPhone 5 and higher.

Pros and cons

  • There are several aspects that work in favor for this Michael Kors phone watch. With an elegant gold tone design, this watch can be mistaken for a traditional wrist watch. However, it can be paired with apps on Android and iOS phones and used for tracking different fitness parameters, receiving and sending across notifications. The warranty coverage ensures support and battery replacement within 6 months. There are certain connectivity options missing in this smart watch model and it is not entirely water resistant as well. This smart watch from Michael Kors is priced higher at $461.34.

2. Access watch for women from Michael Kors

This particular watch is a handsome design that is meant for women who wish to have the right accessory for a fast paced lifestyle. This Michael Kors phone watch has several features that are unique.

Smart Watches By Michael Kors For Women
Editor's Choice
$199.00 at Amazon


  • It has a soft touch screen on a bezel made of quartz and stainless steel.
  • Made of blue, this steel watch model offers smart watch technology as well.
  • It is made compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • It is Bluetooth enabled for device connectivity options.
  • With low energy usage, the quartz movement and AMOLED display are other unique features of this watch.

Pros and cons

  • This particular watch model of the Access range from Michael Kors combines the essential elements of a traditional wristwatch along with smart functions such as remote connectivity and app support. The high price is a limitation of this smart watch from Michael Kors since it is labeled for a retail price of $224.

3. Michael Kors Runway Sable smart watch

This is a part of the Runway Sable collection and the watches are a balance of technology and awe inspiring looks. Listed as a hybrid smart watch, it has several features to offer.

Smart Watches By Michael Kors For Women
Editor's Choice
$98.98 at Amazon


This particular watch model offers unique functions like:

  • Being of the brown hue, this stainless steel watch comprises of battery life with 4 month warranty.
  • It is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices.
  • The connectivity options include Bluetooth compatibility.
  • It is water resistant up to 30 mm which can withstand splashes as well as brief immersions.
  • It is based on an energy saving model.

Pros and cons

  • This watch from Michael Kors offers a mix of smart along with traditional quartz movement of a wrist watch. Being a stylish watch of a reputed brand, users can use connectivity options and apps to synchronize and use its different features. Elaborate fitness tracking features are not present and this watch is priced at $250.

4. Michael Kors Runway Stainless Steel

This particular watch from Michael Kors deviates from the usual slim wrist watch designs that are popular for women. Designed to offer a chunky look and feel, this watch offers several unique features including incorporation of smart functions.

Smart Watches By Michael Kors For Women
Editor's Choice
$110.86 at Amazon


  • This Michael Kors phone watch has evolved as a silver tone model with stainless steel bracelet and case.
  • There is push button release and clasp closure that folds over.
  • It is comprised of analog display with luminous hands; there are three sub dials and chronograph feature.
  • Dial includes indexes and the dial ring has minute track.
  • Includes wireless connectivity options.

Pros and cons

  • This particular watch model from Michael Kors will appeal to ladies who love the chunky, oversized watch accessories. This smart watch from Michael Kors does not include fitness trackers and other functionalities of other smart watch models which is the only limitation of this handsome wrist watch design. This watch is priced at $225.

5. Michael Kors Access Unisex Smart Watch

This particular model from Michael Kors is a perfect blend between the smart watch and traditional wrist watch features. It is a unisex model with silver tone finish that houses several functions.

Smart Watches By Michael Kors For Women
Editor's Choice
$199.00 at Amazon


  • Smart phone features in the model include receiving notifications from your phone.
  • It has touch screen features which help set activities and goals for the same.
  • There are music control buttons as well as faces and bands that are customizable.
  • The watch is powered by Google OS and compatible with Android 4.4 or higher as well as with iOS 9.3 and higher.
  • The device has Bluetooth connectivity as well as Wi-Fi feature built in.
  • It is an oversized model with a thick case 9 mm by 45 mm.

Pros and cons

  • You might have a pay a steep price of $249.99 for this model, but it does combine exclusive technology with the finesse that Michael Kors is known for. The watch technology remains immaculate and combines with connectivity and touch screen features to act as a connected device as well as a fitness tracker as well.

This guide showcases the best of Michael Kors wrist watches for women that combine smart technology as well. It is best that as a user, you take some time to check out the links and read the features in detail to know which watch would suit your preferences and needs.

Thomas Jones by Thomas Jones Updated Sep 29,2018 14:53 pm
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