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Best Micro GPS Tracker and Locator for Kids

micro gps tracking device

Handling kids is never an easy job. Their curious nature and fast movements make it even hard to keep them in a single place. Surely, they are not going to help us in such cases, and that’s why using the best Micro GPS tracking devices is the optimal thing to do. The parents have to ensure that their kids stay safe whether the parents are around or not. The various tracking devices mentioned in the articles will surely help them to make their parenting job a little bit easier.

11 Micro GPS Tracking Devices:

The various devices that can be used to track the kids include microdevices that are hard to detect or GPS tracking watches which won’t be detected by the kids. Some of those devices are mentioned below:

1. Wonbo Smart Watch and GPS Tracking Device:

Available in different colors, this GPS tracking device from Wonbo is not only affordable, but is extremely reliable as well. It provides a dual precision tracking mode so that you can know the exact whereabouts of the user remotely. A complete smart watch, it comes with inbuilt fitness tracking features as well.

GPS Tracking Device
Editor's Choice
$21.99 at Amazon


  • It supports GPS and LBS tracking for a precise positioning and real-time location tracking
  • You can also set restricted areas using the app
  • Android and iOS apps are provided to track the user on the go
  • Two-way calling and SOS emergency options to get in touch with the user instantly
  • Alarm warning and anti-lost features are also included
  • Pedometer and fitness tracking included
  • Made of high-quality silicone that will last for years


  • Supports a micro SIM slot
  • Extremely easy to set up and use
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • The GPS tracking device is quite affordable


  • No SIM is provided
  • Only 2G network support

2. Anti-Lost Bluetooth Tracking Locator:

The Bluetooth Tracking Locator is the least expensive and effective Micro GPS tracking device for kids. It can be attached to any other thing and you will be able to find its location via Bluetooth.

Anti-Lost Bluetooth Tracking Locator
Editor's Choice
$15.99 at Amazon


  • It comes with a tag feature that creates a sound to help in locating the kids.
  • The device works on Bluetooth technology instead of cellular networks.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • The battery power is amazing.


  • The GPS range is very short.

3. Trax Play:

This tracker can be used effectively as Micro GPS tracking device for your kids as well as your pets. The tracker works with extreme accuracy and is perfect to monitor your kids all day.

Best Micro GPS Tracker and Locator for Kids
Editor's Choice
$98.64 at Amazon


  • It provides an app and a website to track the device.
  • It also shows up a camera view of the phone to let you look around.


  • Lightweight device.
  • Accuracy level is brilliant.
  • The augmented reality feature is very useful and unique.


  • The device is not waterproof.
  • Battery life could have been better.

4. Yepzon Pocketfinder+

The Yepzon Pocketfinder+ is an amazing device that can easily be kept in pockets and won’t even bother the kids.

Best Micro GPS Tracker and Locator for Kids
Editor's Choice
$159.00 at Amazon


  • Don’t have a distance limit.
  • The device is waterproof.
  • It works on AT&T and T-Mobile 2G networks.


  • So lightweight that it can be worn as pendant or bracelet.
  • The battery life is superb.


  • The tracking is done with an internet connection and hence rages continuously.

5. Spot Gen3:

The Spot Gen3 is also a reliable and useful device. It is so much effective that it won’t get damaged even if the kids play in the ground and learns some new things like swimming.

Best Micro GPS Tracker and Locator for Kids
Editor's Choice
$149.99 at Amazon


  • It works on a satellite connection and hence no need for Wi-Fi or cellular network.
  • It can send the exact coordinates with a clear-cut view.
  • There is also an SOS service provided with the device.


  • The device is waterproof.
  • It can send preset text messages to anyone.


  • No real-time tracking is available.

6. Synmila Smart Wrist Watch:

This smartwatch is designed to serve multipurpose. The parents will be able to provide double safety for their kids with the help of this GPS tracking watch.

Best Micro GPS Tracker and Locator for Kids
Editor's Choice
$29.98 at Amazon


  • It provides an accurate location through GPS.
  • The device supports iOS and Android devices.


  • It provides a two-way communication.
  • The parents can control the watch through the phone app easily.


  • It operates on SIM card and hence the accuracy keeps changing.

7. TickTalk Touch Screen Kids Wearable Tracker:

This watch comes under the category of Micro GPS Tracking devices to allow the kids to have a sleek and cool accessory that is beneficial for both parents and kids.

Best Micro GPS Tracker and Locator for Kids
Editor's Choice
$129.99 at Amazon


  • The device provides a calling feature.
  • It comes with an easy to wear body.
  • It also provides voice and text message service.


  • It is very easy to use and a comfortable fit for the kids.
  • You can pay as you plan.
  • It enables a two-way communication.


  • The device is not durable.

8. My Buddy Tag Bluetooth Wristband:

This wristband acts like a secretive Micro GPS tracking device for kids. This way the kids will have a cool band and the parents can relax knowing their kid’s location.

Best Micro GPS Tracker and Locator for Kids
Editor's Choice
$42.99 at Amazon


  • The device works on Bluetooth technology.


  • The device is affordable.
  • It provides simultaneous tracking.
  • The battery life is also incredible.


  • It has a limited range of tracking.

9. Lineable Smart Wristband for Kids:

The Lineable Smart Wristband also has a similar function to the My Buddy Tag Band. It is an affordable and reliable parental control device.

Best Micro GPS Tracker and Locator for Kids
Editor's Choice
$58.90 at Amazon


  • The crowdsourcing GPS feature is provided.
  • It made from silicone which makes it easy to fit in small hands of kids.
  • It provides an alert or notification when the child goes out of range.


  • It has an affordable price.
  • The battery life is very long.
  • Comes in bright and cute colors.


  • Tracking is limited.

10. hereO 2 GPS Watch for Kids:

This is a very popular Micro GPS tracking device for kids. The watch has a very smart and unique interface which is liked by most of the kids.

Best Micro GPS Tracker and Locator for Kids
Editor's Choice
$199.99 at Amazon


  • It provides a Live and Historical update of the kids.
  • Short messages and real-time alerts.
  • The location can be shared with multiple family members.


  • It provides a real-time tracking.
  • It is an easy to fit watch for kids.


  • This watch is very expensive.

11. Veriot Venture:

This is the tracking device which can be used to have a proper eye on the kids. It works on a cell phone signal or Wi-Fi connection. You can simply place the devices in your kid’s bag and he/she won’t be able to detect it.

Best Micro GPS Tracker and Locator for Kids
Editor's Choice
$69.99 at Amazon


  • It comes with an advanced app free of cost.
  • Parents can also set boundaries for their kids.
  • It also provides an alert feature to notify the parents about their kids.


  • The device comes with an amazing battery.
  • Modern and unique packaging.
  • The device comes with 6 months of free service.


  • The discovery range is only up to 150 feet.
  • Doesn’t fit in the pocket.
  • The monthly subscription is important to continue the use of the device.

FamiSafe- the Best Parental Control App for Tracking:

FamiSafe is the tool which is specially designed to track every single activity of the kids. The tool can be used for the age groups. Whether you want to track the device put a limit on your kid’s phone usage or prevent them from using a particular app, the FamiSafe can do all these things.

The various features provided by the FamiSafe parental Control tool are given below:

  • The app can be used to track the location and set Geofences for the kids.
  • It can monitor all the social media activities of the kids and can also block apps on their devices.
  • The app is also helpful in filtering the online content and blocking of unethical content.
  • It allows the parents to restriction over the usage of mobile phones and tablets.

Get 3-day Free Trial for FamiSafe now!

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting


Among all the Micro GPS tracking devices listed in the article, it is up to the users which one they use to track their kids. All the devices have their own unique features and thus it will be a hard choice for them.

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