FamiSafe User Guide
for School Administrator

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How To Start Using FamiSafe?

Register a school account

The administrator needs to click the following button to register an administrator account. After completing the registration and login, purchase according to the number of student devices that need to be managed. After completing the above conditions, you can add student information and connect their devices to manage

Add student information

1. Open "class" and create class information

2. Click "Add Student": the name and student ID of the student

3. Obtain the corresponding pairing code

famisafe add student

Connect student devices

After you log in and activate the administrator account, you also need to ask students to download FamiSafe Kids on their devices. The specific steps are as follows

1. Students visit https://famisafe.wondershare.com/download-student.html to download FamiSafe Kids.

2. Open the app and enter the pairing code to complete the match

3. Activate the app on student's device

connect the device