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FamiSafe provides you with a convenient online solution to monitor students' devices.

Manage multiple student devices at the same time.
Filter sites that are not suitable for students
Set up a smart schedule plan for students
Block apps that distract students
Help students focus on learning

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  • The administrator needs to visit https://famisafeapp.wondershare.com/edu-login.html to register an administrator account. After completing the registration and login, purchase according to the number of student devices that need to be managed. Then you can add student information and connect their devices to manage.

  • FamiSafe supports the majority of iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Kindle Fire devices.

  • We have 3 types of subscription: Monthly, Quarterly and Annual. We default auto renewal for all the subscriptions. And you will automatically be charged the same amount when your subscription ends. If you wish to stop the automatic renewal, please check the instructions bellow:

    i. Contact our Support Center directly, if you purshased the product through our website.
    ii. Manage your subscription on Google Play, or App Store, if you purshased the product via the two platforms.

    * Automatic renewal of annual plans is limited to credit cards and PayPal. In the case of convenience store settlement, bank transfer and cash on delivery, automatic renewal will not be automatically update.

  • Absolutely, we do have 7-day money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the product. You may submit refund request through our Support Center, if you purchased the product via our website.

    If the payments were made through Google Play or App Store transaction system, you may submit refund request via the two platforms: Refund on Google Play, Refund on App Store.

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