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Detect Suspicious Photos

Detect suspicious images like nude selfies, porn photos in kids' devices and send instant alerts, helping parents easily block porn on phone.

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Worried About Kids Being Exposed to Suspicious Photos
Will my kid send his private photos on social media to strangers?
Have the kids watched porn videos or downloaded porn images?
Has the kid received harassing photos from the others?
detect suspicious photos
Minimize The Exposure and Harm of Pornography
Monitor Kid's Album
Monitor Kid's Album
Monitor kids' albums in all directions to see if there are any pornographic pictures.
  • Track suspicious images in kids' albums.
  • Set the detection level of pornographic images
  • View suspicious picture records.
Receive Alerts
When suspicious pictures are detected on kids' devices, timely warnings will be sent to parents.
  • Received suspicious picture warning reminder.
  • Know which kids' device detected the suspicious picture
Receive Alerts
Learn Details About The Photos
Deal With The Photos
Parents can check the alert or manage images detected from kids' Android devices, helping them quickly block porn on phone.
  • View and directly delete suspicious pictures on your kids' Android device.
  • After deletion, the suspicious images will no longer be displayed on kids' devices.
  • Contact the kids in time and help them solve the problem.

FamiSafe's Awards

FamiSafe has won awards from The National Parenting Center, National Parenting Product Awards, and Mom's Choice Awards in 2020.

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Get Started with FamiSafe in 3 Steps
Register a FamiSafe account on wedsites or via app.
icon1Download FamiSafe on both your phone and your kids' Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows or Mac devices.
icon2Complete setup on both devices.
icon3View & set restrictions on kids' devices on your app.
Download FamiSafe on your kids' devices to get started.
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More Tips to Protect Kids from Porn

Don't avoid sex education

Don't feel shy or think your kids are too young. It is safer to teach them the right knowledge than to let them explore it by themselves.

Patience and communication

When you find that your kids are curious about sex and begin to explore, take it as a good start for kids' sex education.

Cultivate safety awareness

Inform kids of the dangers of sending photos to strangers, and also tell them not to send private photos to strangers.

Watch out for sexual harassment

When someone sends a pornographic message to your kids, help them handle it to prevent them from being harmed.

Gain the kids' trust

Tell your kids that you can help them answer various questions about adolescence, after all, parents used to be kids.

Watch videos or books

If you feel that you cannot explain this clearly to your kids', reliable sex education videos and books will be able to help you very well.

Related FAQ

  • With FamiSafe parents can monitor their kids' gallery remotely. When detects any explicit porn images, it will notify parents and let them check whether there is potential danger or not.

    • Distract yourself by doing physical activities outside, like basketball, swimming or jogging and so on.
    • Identify your symptoms and learn the bad effects of porn addiction.
    • Don't blame yourself and try to make long-term changes.
    • Ask your parents for help and use parental control app - FamiSafe to block access.
  • Start a conversation about sharing nudes and explain the risks of sharing images. Moreover, FamiSafe suspicious photos feature can help parents dectect teen nude selfies and sent alerts to them.

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