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Block apps on kids' devices to stop unwanted distribution or limit obsessive app usage. Let kids be more focused on learning, exercise, etc.

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Problems May Facing for Some Unwanted Apps
Can I block inappropriate apps for my kids based on age?
Does the kid easily interrupted by online entertainment and unable to focus on learning?
Has the kid quietly downloaded some games, adult or dangerous apps recently?
block app
Create A Focused And Safe Mode for Kids
View kid's real-time location
Stay Away from Age-Restricted Apps
Lock apps by age rating on iOS, block or restrict specific threatening apps.
  • Apps are classified by age.
  • One-step to lock all apps that are not suitable for kids.
  • The locked app icon will disappear on the kids' iOS devices.
Stay Away from Distraction
Check the app usage of your kids' devices, and block the entertainment apps during study or bedtime.
  • Customize the list of blocked apps for specific schedules.
  • Restrict the use of chosen apps for different occasions.
  • Choose how long an app will be restricted.
Check location history
Set safe geo-fences
Stay Away from Digital Addiction
Record your kids' app usage and send an instant warning to you when they try to open the blocked app.
  • Lock some inappropriate apps on kids' devices.
  • Set a smart schedule for restricted apps.
  • Notify when your kids need to use the blocked apps.

FamiSafe's Awards

FamiSafe has won awards from The National Parenting Center, National Parenting Product Awards, Mom's Choice Awards, Made For Mums Awards and Loved By Parents Awards, in 2020 and 2021.

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Get Started with FamiSafe in 3 Steps
Register a FamiSafe account on wedsites or via app.
set up famisafe downloadDownload FamiSafe on your phone and your kid's Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows or Mac devices.
set up famisafe completeComplete setup on both devices.
set up famisafeSet restrictions on kid's devices via the app on your phone.
Download FamiSafe on your kids' device to get started.
download famisafe app store download famisafe google play download famisafe amazone play
famisafe mac download famisafe windows download

More Tips for App Blocking


Communicate instead of control

The purpose of parents' supervision is not to completely control the kids, but to let them know the priority is.

Care more about the reality

When you find that kids are addicted to the virtual world, please bring them back and give them more solicitude and company.

Arrange a workout plan

Take time out every week to do exercises. You can also do outsides activities with your kids instead of immersing yourself in the digital world.

Earn playing time

Let them earn the entertainment time by completing their study plan and exercising, so they can focus more on their tasks.

Be kids' role model

Kids always imitate their parents' behaviors. If you are playing with your phones but let them study or exercise, it will be very difficult.

Ensure efficient screen time

Kids may be exposed to any content on the internet, so the quality of screen time for them should also be guaranteed.

Related FAQ

  • For Android, visit the Screen Time option and view the time spent on various apps today, the past 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days. You can block apps usage from this screen by sliding the button on the right side of each app. For iOS, click on the App Blocker option on the dashboard, and you will get options to block apps as per age limit (preset in FamiSafe). You can also schedule the start and end times for using the apps.

  • If you think your child is addicted to Snapchat, then you need to have a mature conversation with them. Talk to them as their friend and get to know the root cause of their addiction. A lot of kids get addicted to Snapchat because they want to escape from their reality. With FamiSafe, you can simply block Snapchat on their device so that they can't use it. Furthermore, you can also set time-based restrictions on the device. In this way, they can only use the app for a limited duration.

  • 1. Go to the "Settings" option and "Account Privacy", and enable the "Private Account".

    2. Remove the unkind followers from the kid's Instagram follower list easily.

    3. Unfollow the accounts which post adult content images.

    4. Disable the commenting option from your kid's post which might cause bad remarks.

    With FamiSafe, you can set a time limit to prevent the kids from becoming addicted to Instagram or block it. Connect your kids' Instagram account and you could receive keywords alert if any dangerous content are detected.

  • Yes, Suspicious Photos, Explicit Content Detection (Android), YouTube Content Detection (iOS), YouTube App Control (Android), Screen Time (Android) and App Blocker (iOS) options can altogether help you block porn on your kids' devices.

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