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Learn how to block inappropriate games on kid's digital devices, keep them to get away from game porn or game addiction.

Parents Need to Know| The Effects of Video Games on Children

The impact of video games on children is stimulating in their life. So, video games should be played under the supervision of the parents.

Moly Swift 03/12/2020
Online Games Addiction: How to Keep Teens Get Away From It?

Do your kid is addicted to online games? Are you looking for optimum ways to overcome online games addiction issues? Then, quickly scroll down for more details.

Joanne Croft 03/12/2020
How to Block Video Games on Kid's Digital Device

With Famisafe block video games features, parents can now keep a check at their kids screen time and the activities they have been performing on their device. Guide them the right usage of phone and prevent video game addiction.

Joanne Croft 03/12/2020
How to Block Annoying Facebook Game Requests on Teen's Facebook

Do you want to know how to block games on Facebook? Fasten your belts to take off for the informative journey in learning optimum ways to block Facebook games.

Joanne Croft 03/12/2020
Game Blocker: Control Distraction and Keep Child to Stay Focused

Famisafe is an excellent parental control app that allows the parents to know the whereabouts of their kids. You can also set game blockers on their handset if you see excessive mobile phone usage and distraction.

Joanne Croft 03/12/2020
What Should Parents Do if Kids Are Addicted to Video Games

Is your child addicted to video games? Then you must read our article on tools and ways to get rid of their video game addiction.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 03/12/2020
Unblocked Game Sites on Google That Kids May Play

Are you worried about your kids playing some unblocked games on Google sites and not studying? Well, here is our guide on unblocked game sites that you must read.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 03/12/2020
The Most Addictive Android Games That Parents Should Be Aware Of

Are you worried about your kids playing addictive Android games? You must read the article today to know how to get rid of even the most addictive Android games easily.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 03/12/2020
Parents Should Pay Attention to the Porn or Sex Game Sites

Did you ever think that your kids can get trapped into porn game sites that could lead them to hidden risks? If not, here is an eye-opening article on sex game sites for all parents.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 03/12/2020
Best Online Game Sites for Online Gamers in 2020

Read the article below to know about the top 10 free online game sites and also the measures to control online gaming addiction.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 03/12/2020
Top Game Sites Not Blocked by School That Parents Should Know

With Famisafe, parents can block gaming applications and keep a check on the mobile phone usage of their child. The games not blocked by the school can lead to addiction and can even cause cyberbullying. Save your kids from such traps.

Joanne Croft 03/12/2020
The Top Best PS4 Driving Games in 2020

PS4 is one of the most exhilarating tools for gaming enthusiasts. It is home to all games, such as action games, adventure games, and driving games. Amongst them, there is going to be a discussion on PS4 driving games.

Joanne Croft 03/12/2020
These Xbox One Driving Games Parents Need to Know About

The Xbox One driving games are pretty addictive. If you notice that your kid is getting addicted to these games, look for parental control options.

Joanne Croft 03/12/2020
The Most Addicting iPhone Games That Teens Can't Put Down

Are you a digital parent looking for most addicting iPhone games? Then, you are at the right space to enlighten with attractive iPhone games targeting the teens. Scroll down to explore exciting facts about the games.

Joanne Croft 03/12/2020