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Top Game Sites Not Blocked by School That Parents Should Know

Top Game Sites Not Blocked by School

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Aug 02, 2021 Filed to: Block Games Proven solutions

When do Schools block the Game Sites?

In this digital world, video and online games have become the favorite pastime for everyone, no matter their age. It is easy to play these games too. All you have to do is download them, find the games on an online site on your computer or PC if the games are not blocked by the school, have a good connection of WiFi, and enjoy the game for as long as you can.

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These games are also too addictive. Once you start playing and getting the hang of them, it isn't easy to separate yourself. All you want to do is to play them again and again. This obsession messes with your schedules, studies, and focus.

The children, especially, experience an adverse effect on it. They skip their classes and their studies to play these games. These games also harm their health, especially their eyes. Also, many games are designed to commit cybercrime, and so that your children stay protected, the schools and other educational institutions often block the games and sites providing these games.

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Blocking these games ensures that the kids are not on the internet, playing something inappropriate or wasting their time. This way, they are compelled to focus on their studies and do their work instead of playing video games.

Are there some Games not Blocked by School?

Over the past few years, the schools and other educational institutions have blocked many games and sites for children. But, there are still many games that remain unblocked. There are many games not blocked by the school, but the students continue to play them.

List of the Games or Games Sites Not Blocked by Schools

There are many games not blocked by schools. Some of them are:

Unblocked Games 66

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The unblocked games 66 is a gaming website, which provides numerous flash games and is game not blocked by the school. This site is specially designed to play only flash games and is used for browsing frolics. You can even add new games to this website, just by filling the request form in it.

Unblocked Games 77

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This website is a lot like unblocked games 66, but it provides only html5 games. It also has unlimited games for you to choose from, and these games are mentally engaging and fun to play. The mentally engaging games were the reason the schools didn't block this gaming website.

Unblocked Games 24th

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The unblocked games 24th website is similar to the above two sites and provides you with a browsing option. This website is Google-powered and also has fun and mind engaging 3D games that are safe to play. It is the reason why schools do not block these games.


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PUBG is one of the most addictive games. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a violent multiplayer game that is played by many teenagers. This game is a free-to-play mobile game with in-built calling and texting facilities. A lot of teenagers are addicted to this game due to its incentives and violent nature. This game is one of the games not blocked by the school that parents should know.


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Another such game set in a violent background is Fortnite. This game has three modes and is multiplayer with inbuilt purchases, callings, and texts, making it very addictive. This game is also top-rated amongst teenagers, and they spend a lot of time on this, making it very hazardous for mental, physical, and psychological health. Fortnite is another game that the schools have not blocked, and the parents should monitor it regularly.

Subway Surfers

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The subway surfers is another addictive game that is not blocked by the schools. The game is about an endless race in which you have to dodge various types of hurdles while running and collect multiple things and boosters. This game is useful to increase concentration power, but it still becomes addicting because of its monetary incentives and breaking previous records. This game is not as violent, but it is harmful to the eyes due to long hours.

Grand Theft Auto V

game sites not blocked by school 9

GTA 5 is another famous game amongst the adolescents revolving around three protagonists planning to commit heists while under the pressure of corrupt government agencies and powerful criminals. You can play this game as one of the characters or as a 3rd person, and this game is full of violence and crimes. The game is addictive and takes a long time to complete. Therefore, it is a massive distraction for the kids.

Candy Crush Saga

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Candy Crush Saga is another popular video game for all ages. It is a good game that increases your concentration power, and it is also helpful in solving puzzles. This game is also addictive and exciting to play. Although it has a limited number of lives and lives also take a long time to renew, it still takes up a long time of your day.

Plague. Inc

game sites not blocked by school 11

The is an exciting strategy game that creates a pathogen to kill half of the world, and the player has to complete a bunch of objectives to find the cure of the pathogen in a limited time to save the world. This game is time-limited and is a huge distraction. It is addictive, and the parents should monitor this game from time to time.

Angry Birds

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Angry Bird is a levels-based game in which you need to complete a level to unlock another. It would help if you broke the birds from their cages by throwing other birds at each level. This game is relatively easy to play and popular pass time amongst the kids and teenagers. It is addictive and another game not blocked by the schools that the parents should know.

Why should parents know about these games?

Video games have become a favorite free-time activity for every age. They become obsessed with these games soon and want to play every time they have some time to spare. It causes a lot of distraction from the studies. The video games are a massive distraction from education, especially in the pandemic.

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These games also encourage teenagers to stay inside all the time and do fewer physical activities. It causes obesity amongst adolescents and makes them unhealthy. Not only this, but the video games also emit a high number of radioactive rays, which cause a lot of damage to the eyes. These rays are harmful to the brain, as well. Video games also make the kids less social and also make them moody. These games may even encourage the use of foul language in the children and also the mature content.

The video games also affect your kids' psychology. Violent and criminal games are harmful to their growing age. They might become victims of cybercrimes or cyberbully through these games. Therefore, parents must keep their children away from these games as long as possible and monitor them every day.

FamiSafe help parents to solve these problems.

It is hard to keep a check on the kids at all times during the day. Also, because of busy schedules, parents cannot keep control of them. So, to help you, we have the best all-in-one family app that manages and controls your family's whereabouts and mobile phone usage. This application allows you to check your children's locations from time to time, check their activities, screen time, and control them. This application is your lifesaver in many fields.

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App Blocker Feature

You can use Famisafe to block the games using its app blocking feature. This feature helps you to register your child's device on the application quickly and secure the applications that are either already installed or are not. This feature will block those applications on that device and will prohibit your child from using them.

Website Filter

Web filter

You can even use the website filter and content filter features to filter and block your child's device's mature content. You can easily add the websites and keywords that you don't want your child to come across and enable the notification option, which will alert you if your child tries to open or search those websites or keywords.

Screen Time Feature

Screen time

It is not all. You can even register all children's devices and then use the parental controls to control every child's screen time. You can either put a collective time limit on the device or even set a time limit on each application to prohibit them from using an excess of that application. It will allow you to monitor and control your child's game time and compel him/her to focus on their studies more.


This digital era has made us all dependent on video games to have fun and enjoy our days, especially teenagers. These games have a lot of harmful effects on us, so the schools have taken a firm step to block these games. You can use Famisafe for protecting your child from this kind of addiction and block the games on their devices.

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