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Halo Games Age Ratings: What Should Parents Know About Halo?

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If you check the reviews from Commonsensemedia, you will find out that Halo has won good fame from its players. And most of the comments are from teenagers aged 10 to 15; some are even 8 years old.

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Halo is a science fiction-based media company developed by Bungie Studios and is made to play from a sniper's perspective. The game has witnessed success since its first version - Combat Evolved, on Xbox, which also made the Xbox a success.

Sophisticated genres, attractive graphics, and war-based vehicles in these games attract the attention of kids and teenagers at first sight.

But is Halo suitable for your kids? Here we will show you more information about this game and introduce you to the appropriate age for Halo. So if you are interested in this, please read on.

What Is the Age Rating for Halo?

When it comes to the appropriate age for halo games, all the Halo series games come with either a Teen (T) or Mature (M) rating. The first Halo game - Combat Evolved, is given a Mature (M) rating for Blood, Gore, and Violence. The same halo games age ratings are given to Halo 2 and Halo 3.

ESRB has given Halo Wars, Halo Wars 2, and Halo 5: Guardians a Mature (M) rating. It means that these games are not recommended to be played by children under 17 years of age. However, all the Halo age-appropriate games are relatively less violent than most other M-rated games available in the market.

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Should Parents Worry about Halo?

Compared to other M-rated games, Halo showcases mild violence, so it’s relatively safer for kids to play. At the same time, it even could develop kids’ quick decision-making, sharp focus, and thinking ability. And since kids’ practice concentrates on their target in the game, thereby it could develop their concentration and ability to focus for long.


Kids and teenagers can quickly become addicted to Halo games. Endless pleasure from the game could make them forget to take a rest and hang out with their friends in real life. As a result, they may want to spend more and more time playing games that would affect their studies and other important activities.

halo addiction


Cyberbullying is a common thing in this digital life. While playing the game online, kids could contact others via voiceover and chatbox. Once your kids’ behavior or any words offend others, it may make your kids become the victim of a cyberbully.


Another negative impact of these games is that they have violence in them. Your kids use dangerous weapons to hurt and kill others in halo games. So, they can develop a violent nature that can be bad in their real life. Parents need to be careful that their kids don’t learn violence and know the difference between virtual and real life.

Swearing words

There isn’t a restricted age limit to play this game. Even many adults like this game as well. During game time, they can communicate with each other using voiceover and chatbox. Your little kids may be exposed to lots of swearing words at this moment. If they practice it in real life, using such words can become a bad habit.


Moreover, some children are highly sensitive and affected by little things. They may enter into depression with a bit of scolding by the elders or parents. Such sensitive kids should be kept away from games showing violence.

How Can I Make Halo Safer for My Kids?

1. Talk to Your Kids

To make the Halo games safer for your kids, you need to talk to them about the potential risks of this game. And tell them that you allow them to play these games for entertainment purposes only.

2. Limit Screen Time

Set a time and time limit for playing the games. Once it reaches the limit time, log out and shut down the computer immediately. Or they won’t be allowed to play next time.

3. Be Present During Game Time

Halo games are fine for mature kids and teenagers. For your little kids, it’s better to stay with your kids while they are enjoying this game.

4. Play with your Kids

Playing the game with your little kids not only could protect your kids from inappropriate content from the game, but also make you and your kids closer. At the same time, it would make you more convincing when you talk about the potential risks of this game.

play with your kids

5. Make use of Parental Control App

If you’re too busy to play with your kids or stay with them all the time, it’s recommended to take advantage of the parental control app to remotely monitor your kids’ online activity. With such an app, you could set scheduled screen times on your kids’ devices. Monitor which game they’re playing. Filter or detect any inappropriate content they receive and so on.

Here we would love to introduce you to one of the best Parental Control App—Wondershare FamiSafe.

What Can Wondershare FamiSafe Help?

To protect kids from the potential risks of the Halo game, don't miss Wondershare FamiSafe, which can help you remotely monitor what your kids are doing on their devices in real-time and how long they have spent on one specific app or the whole device. When they exceed the scheduled screen time, the app or the device will be blocked instantly, and they will not get access to it anymore within that day. Not only this, it could filter the inappropriate content from the browser to ensure your kids’ online safety as well.

Here is one video we prepared for you to show you how to block app with Wondershare FamiSafe. You can follow the instruction to block Halo on your kids' device.

You also can check the following text guide to know more about the specific features of this app.

1. Screen Time

This feature aims at protecting little kids from tech addiction. Parents could set screen time for their kids’ device or the app then kids won’t get access to it anymore once it reaches the set screen time.

Also, you could set different screen times for different dates. For example, while your kids are at school, you could set it as 2-hour screen time only per day. Then set it as 5-hour once it comes to the weekend. In this way, you don’t need to be worried that your kids spend most of their time on tech devices instead of studying.

2. Activity Report

With this feature, you could check what your kids have done when they’re surfing online including which app they’ve used, which pages they’ve browsed on the websites, and so on. In this way, parents don’t need to stay with their kids all the time to monitor what they have played.

3. App Blocker

This feature allows parents to block the specific app as they want then kids won’t be able to use that app during a specific period. Not only like this, but parents could also block the app with one simple tap if they notice their kids are using the inappropriate apps.

4. Location History

FamiSafe could help you check where your kids have been as well. With the Location History feature, you could view your kids’ location history for the past 30 days. Also, you could check where they’re located in real-time as well then you don’t need to be worried that your kids are hanging out during school time or meeting the partners they met online.


As you have read this post, you know the Halo age range for which the Halo games are appropriate. So, it is your decision whether they allow their kids to play the Halo games or not. If you want to allow your kids to play these games, we suggest using the Wondershare Famiafe parental control app. By using this app, you can ensure that your kids access appropriate online content and ensure that they are safe while browsing the web and playing Halo games.

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