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Best parental control App

Why is it Necessary to Block Omegle on My Kids' Devices? and How?

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Have you ever heard of Omegle from your kids before? Or received any information from others about this site? It is a website where you can chat with any stranger in this world. According to the online statistics, the age of 20 is the major user of Omegle. And till 2020, Omegle has received 34 million visits already, and it reached 65 million in 2021.

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Then why is it necessary to block this site on your kids’ device? The answer is behind its working rules. Omegle matches you up with others in this world; then, you can chat with them through message or video calls. Many users take advantage of this feature to get sex communication and even live sexually act. That’s why we provide this article to show parents how to block Omegle on kids’ devices. If you’re interested in it, read on to find more.

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Part 1. What is Omegle?

Omegle.com launched about 13 years ago on March 25, 2009, but its popularity among teens in recent years is mind-blowing. Omegle is a free online website that gives users the chance to chat with anyone in this world. No age verification and no account registration. It enables users to chat with others over messages or video anonymously, which raises concerns about the safety of using this site among teens and children.

Part 2. How to Block Omegle?

The best way to block one website without giving kids the chance to access it is to use the parental control app, which can block the app, restrict your kids’ access to inappropriate websites, not just Omegle. Not only this, you can check where your kids are located in real-time.

Here we will show you how to block the site with one of the best Parental Control apps - Wondershare FamiSafe.

Block the app:

Step 1: Install FamiSafe on your mobile. Then create an account by giving your Email address and password.

Step 2: Once you completed the account creation process, click Add a New Device to connect your kids’ device. Then it will offer you a pairing code.

connect device
pairing code

Step 3: Install the FamiSafe Kids. app on your kids’ phones. You could sign in with the account you created on your phone to connect it or use the Pairing Code by clicking Pair with Code.

pair with code

Step 4: Click Start to begin your monitoring.


Step 5: Once everything is settled down, open the FamiSafe app on your phone. Click on Features->App Blocker. Then you will see all the apps running on your child’s phone.

Step 6: Click on the switch button in front of the Omegle app to block it. You can block this app for a while or block it permanently.

block the app

If you’re unable to find Omegle under Block app’s internet section, you could choose Block apps by age rating.

block with age rating

Then your kids will not be able to access this app. If they are trying to start it, you will receive an alert instantly.

Block the site:

Another way to block Omegle is through the Web Filter feature.

Step 1: Open the FamiSafe app, Click on Features->Web Filter

Step 2: Here, you will find several categories prepared for you to block or unblock. To block Omegle.com, please click Exception

block the site

Step 3: Type in Omegle.com, then choose Block

Then you’re free to go. Kids will not have access to that site anymore.

Not only this, but FamiSafe can also help parents check kids’ real-time location. You need to tap on Real-time Location; then, it will show you the exact place of your little kids.

If you do not have the time to check your kids’ location in real-time, then the Geofences feature can help you a lot. It ensures your kids’ physical safety and will send you an alert once kids step out of the safe zone. In this way, parents do not need to worry that kids may hang out to meet online friends instead of staying at school.


Part 3. More Information about the Omegle App - How Does it Work?

Video Chat

Once started the site, the system will give you two options: Text Message or Video Chat. Users can select the option they need.

video chat

Monitored Chat

If you want to video chat on this app, the system will provide two options.

  • Monitored Chat
  • Unmonitored Chat

The Monitored chat option can filter out the adult content on this site, then there will not be any kind of adult content or vulgarity accessible.

monitored chat

While if you choose the Unmonitored feature, you may match the users who have sexual intentions. The system will match the account with any random account in this world, and the user has no idea of what they will see or who they will chat with. Some teens may feel extremely excited about such a setting, but what kind of potential risks such settings may bring about is easy to predict.

Part 4. Things Parents Should Know about Omegle:

The potential risks of Omegle parents should know:

Online Predator:

Omegle is set to chat with strangers through messages or video calls. Though the website will not ask you for personal information like your age, name, phone number, etc., users always tend to share the information with the strangers they’re chatting with. It can be a big challenge for little kids to tell which kind of information can be shared or which can not. Then the challenge becomes the opportunity for the online predator.

Adult and Explicit Content:

Adult and Explicit content is easy to be seen on Omegle. Once you match up with a stranger, it’s impossible to control what you’re going to watch or hear. Many users make use of Omegle for live sex behavior or sexual conversation. They will not show any mercy when they are facing a little child.


There is no regulation stating that the system will not save any messages or video records on Omegle. And there is no way to tell whether the strangers will record your kids’ chatting history and video call or not. But what we can ensure is that the record will not be used for a positive purpose.

Part 5. More suggestions for Parents

Apart from blocking Omegle, there are still a few methods parents should take into action. In this way, parents can relieve their concerns when kids are playing with the tech devices, no need to worry that they may get affected by other apps or sites like Omegle.

• Communication

Spend some time with your kids to get to know how their day is going every day, the news happening in their class, the classmates they prefer to play with, etc. According to the statistics, communication is the best way to establish a trust bond between parents and kids. Once your kids trust you, family educating will be much easier to begin with.

• Family Outdoor Activity

Go out to have a family activity each month or week to enjoy the fresh air. You can go for a picnic, cycling, swimming or climbing with your kids, which are good for both their physical and mental health. Not only this, your kids’ attention to the tech devices can be diverted as well. Unfortunately, if it’s unable to go outside to have fun due to pandemic lockdown, indoor family activities like board games can work the same.

family activity

• Behave Yourself

Baby learns how to walk, speak and behave as their parents, so do young kids. To let your kids put down their phones, you’d better do that at first.

Hit this video to learn about the blocking of adult content websites.


Hundreds of apps and sites like Omegle emerge every year. Your smart kids can always find the way to get what they need. Blocking one or two sites does not mean the problem has been cleaned up successfully. While it is impossible to stop your kids from accessing the internet nowadays, how to ensure their online safety? The answer is the parental control app and related education. Only the assistance of the parental control app and self-awareness can ensure your kids will not get into trouble on the internet, no matter at this moment or in the future.

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