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10 Best Facebook Blocker Apps in 2024

The Best Facebook Blocker Apps

It is often a number of times when you come across unwanted application installation requests and other such unwanted material that end up in our smartphones. If you are always on social media and the internet and you will find useless applications that are distracting, and they will get you off your focus. It does not matter whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter, it will have you distracted by a constant flow of these unwanted materials. Most of us will find it extremely difficult while being on an assignment or project work when these apps will give notifications to distract and irritate you but there is no need to worry when you have these Facebook blocker apps.

10 best Facebook blocker apps in 2020

If you are seeking a solution for this app, you will find out that certain apps that block other apps to appear and distract you while you are performing a task and to make sure that is not drifting away from your work or business. Here e shall discuss the 10 apps to block Facebook to help you with your searches easily-


Famisafe is one of the most amazing apps that can help you prevent content apps, and ads while you are performing your tasks on the Internet and most importantly social media sites. This Facebook blocker app actively helps you to block Facebook and to keep you away from all sorts of distractions and lets you stay focused on your work.

10 best Facebook blocker apps in 2020 - FamiSafe


Blocks Facebook app during bedtime or at certain places and parents can receive notifications when their kid will try to click on the blocked app. The app has released a new "Explicit Content Detection" feature that will help parents to monitor messages on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook. Parents will be alerted when aggressive or offensive words are detected. This feature is also aimed to prevent child bullying.


  • Helps you and your children to concentrate on your work by eliminating distractions.
  • Available on iOS and Android.
  • Notifications against suspicious words.
  • Prevent child-bullying.
  • Block Facebook apps and help to avoid distractions.


  • Some features are not supported on the iOS version.

2. Offtime

This app is like a wake-up call for you and your children. It is perfect for anybody to use in the case of blocking social media apps like Facebook and full-time content and games. This is excellent because it allows you to break your schedules down and to make sure that you have your time sorted and keeps you from Facebook. The app tells you when your bedtime is and reminds you about the mindfulness of work.

Free Facebook Blocker - OffTime


This Facebook blocker app clears all the unwanted apps for you and helps you to work better, and the app will separate your work from your free time.


  • Shows you how much you use your phones and apps which are constantly used.
  • Available on both Android and iOS.


  • There is no option to set a profile for specific apps.

3. Siempo

The app is unique which it replaces your android home screen. The app simply takes you away from all the unwanted material on your phone. You can have all your important messages and emails as a priority to make sure that you are connected. The essential feature of this app is that it helps you choose the applications that you want to engage in. If you're going to engage in various activities without any interference and distraction, then this is the app for you.

Apps to block social media for studying - Siempo


The app directly blocks the screen with the help of a dialogue box instead of blocking the entire app.


  • The app is simple to use with a minimal design and approach to in-app blocking.


  • You cannot add more essential apps.

4. Anti-social

This one is a great Facebook and unwanted media-blocking app, and it has a great interface and is also very user-friendly. Bigbean Pvt Ltd. offers the app, and it is a free application. The app shows you your daily time of use for your phone.

Facebook Blocker Software - Anti-social


The app tells you the exact time of your data and smartphone use.


  • The app has a 14-day challenge mode.
  • Gives you the assessment to check on your usage, score, and number of the time that you have unlocked your device.


  • The home page seems a little complex.
  • Not user-friendly.

5. Cold turkey (anti-distraction app)

This Facebook blocker app works very easily because you just need to go to the app and set the timer according to the desired time given. The app only stops functioning on your device when the timer runs out. One can also kill it from the task manager, but that is not the point.

Free Facebook Blocker Cold Turkey


Music plays in the background of this app, and it has its timers for every app.


  • The app does not require any permission from your phone.
  • Blocks Facebook app.
  • Helps to avoid distraction because of social media.


  • You can kill the app with the task manager.

6. FocusMe

It is a well-known app when it comes to blocking the Facebook app. This app is very useful in maintaining an analysis of your total use time. You can have an insight into your daily reports on how many calls you receive and how many apps you use and for how long.

Android App that blocks other apps - FocusMe


The app has a scheduler and a timer, which tells you to take breaks and sort your time.


  • The time tracker tells you how to spend your days productively.


  • The earlier version of the app was quite buggy.

7. Moment

Another Facebook blocker but with many features in the profile where one can choose to select a time and the number of apps that they want to use. This app gives you the opportunity to manage time and to make sure that you are maintaining a balance between family, friends, work, and study. The app is useful in keeping you away from using Facebook for more extended hours. The app prepares for you short-term exercises that help you sort your time out productively.

Timed Facebook Blocker-Moment


The Moment coach helps you to decide the most critical engagements that are essential for you.


  • It builds an effective relationship with your phones and gives you the control to use your device at your own pace.
  • Helps to safeguard you against social media addiction.
  • Track the usage of smartphones.
  • Timers can be set, and alarms will start playing if you use your phones during those times.


  • Not user-friendly.

8. Freedom

This is an essential content blocking app that helps you to block unwanted materials on the internet. One can easily customize and create a block list for content, and if you shift to the blocked mode, you can see how it can become difficult for you to uninstall the app.

Android App That Blocks Other Apps - Freedom


The app has a simple UI and a locked mode that will enable the app to function while the phone is locked.


  • The app is perfect for blocking social media websites on iOS.
  • Block the Facebook app instantly and save your time.


  • This Facebook blocker app fails to control other apps.

9. Flipd

Flipd is a handy app that blocks all social media sites like Facebook while the person is studying. The app helps you create bonds with your friends to stay away from social media and to study. The paid version of this app will let you track your activities and generate insights into the paid version of the app.

Apps to Block Facebook While Studying - Flipd


Keeps you away from social media and lets you have your study time.


  • One can create groups and discuss projects and assignments.
  • Block Facebook instantly.


  • Cannot see a timer for more than 30 mins in the free version.

10. Forest

The app blocks other apps and takes control of your phones. It decides for you the time for a break and shows a digital plant developing so even if you get a call from anybody. The app will send you a vibrating notification to not pick up or the plant will die. It is a secure app to help you with app blocking.

App to Block Facebook - Forest


The Facebook blocker app helps you with not nudging to open an app like usual.


  • Has a very intuitive GUI.


  • Notifies you to keep you away from the apps.

How to Use FamiSafe

Here are some steps to download and install the Famisafe app and use it properly.

Step 1 – Download the app from google play.

Download FamiSafe from Google Play

Step 2 – You must sign up using your email id and set a password. Re-enter it to confirm.

Sign up for FamiSafe

Step 3 - Select the device of your kid.

FamiSafe Parental Control App - Select the Device

Step 4 - Start to install the app on your child's device by downloading the app from Google Play or App Store.

Step 5 – Now visit FamiSafe from your kids' phone and you are ready to start.

FamiSafe Parental Control - View Kid's Device Usage

Currently one can have a difficult time during their working hours and other useful times for tasks because it can become hard to manage. In this case, one can make sure that they use the needful app to help them sort their work and play. Check out the app above to block social media.

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