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More and more teens are using slang to text each other. Parents who want to understand what kids are talking about can learn slangs here.

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What does BTS Mean? 3 Most Common Explanations!

BTS can mean different things in different texts. For fans of Korean-pop, they are referring to a boy band; for a commonly used abbreviation, BTS means Be There Soon; It can also mean other things, check it out!

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-11-30 21:29:28
Most-seen Snapchat Slangs Parents Should Know!

Snapchat is among the most prevalent social media apps used by teenagers all over the world. It is so popular that, naturally, users would use Snapchat slangs to interact with one another. However, if you do not know much about Snapchat slangs, such as WSG meaning, check this tutorial to learn the details.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-09-15 10:42:15
Teen Text Slang Decode: What Should Parents Know?

Teen speak, and text slang has been there since the beginning of language. Read the article to help your teenager seek the necessary assistance and utilize FamiSafe to prevent any harmful behavior.

Posted byAnkhi Bhattacharya|2022-08-16 21:02:02
HYD, WUP: Commonly Used Quick Text slang to Chat with Teens!

Text slangs are a new way to communicate through SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, and other apps. However, parents have no clue what their teen is texting most of the time. It could be a serious issue, especially if the text slang is related to cyberbullying. If you are a parent and wish to learn more about the specific text slang meaning, check out this post.

Posted byAnkhi Bhattacharya|2022-07-21 15:23:13
Famous Twitch Slangs and Emotes that Streamers and Viewers Must Know!

Is your kid always using Twitch? Are you worried about the inappropriate content present on Twitch? Protect your kids on Twitch. Here is a complete guide where you can learn about all the common twitch slangs and emotes and how to keep your kid safe on Twitch.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-06-09 10:55:24
What is ASL Meaning? Parents Can’t Overlook This Slang!

What's ASL meaning in kids' quick text? Parents must not overlook such slang!

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-06-09 10:48:45
What's Can't Miss out These Twitter Slangs!

Many users post dedicated Twitter slangs to interface with friends and different people worldwide on the popular social media platform. However, for a newbie, things could get confusing and embarrassing. However, after reading this article, it won’t be the case anymore as we will discuss the various Twitter slangs used on the website.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-05-26 20:16:02
G2G, R8: Do You Know These Number Slangs?

Do you know there are even shorter forms of slang expressions used during mobile phone chatting other than conventional slangs like LOL. Such types are called number slangs, which people often use with close friends and family members. We will share those number slangs in this article to help you familiarize yourself.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-05-26 20:16:02
What is FOMO and YOLO and How They Hurt Teens

So, what do FOMO and YOLO mean, and how can these terms affect your teen's behaviors? This article looks at FOMO meaning and YOLO meaning, their impact on your child, and how parents can help.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-05-26 20:16:02
Cool Parent: Use Popular Slangs like ROFL, LMAO, and LOL to Text with your Kids!

Do you find it hard to communicate with your teenagers? Learn the popular teen slangs and become a cool parent. Use popular teen slangs like ROFL, LMAO, and LOL with your kids and make every text hilarious.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-05-26 20:16:02
The Most Used and Trending Slangs among College Students

Student slangs may seem like an alien language, but they are easy and fun to learn. Catch up with the most trending and popular college students slang in this article and flaunt them in front of your friends and family.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-05-26 20:16:02
DIY: Those Slangs Suggest Teen Need Proper Sex Education!

Sex education is essential for teens, which allows them to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout and avoid diseases. However, things could quickly go sideways if you are unable to convey the message properly. Nowadays, teens use specific slangs to talk about sex and masturbation. You must know about them before talking about bees and birds with your teen. This article will help you in this regard.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-05-26 20:16:02
What are YYDS and 666? Check Chinese Slangs in social Media Here!

Chinese slangs are unique, and the meaning of some of them isn’t what you think it is in reality. If you happen to visit China, then you must know what the specific Chinese slangs stand for! Check out this post to learn all about YYDS and 666 meaning in the Chinese culture.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-05-26 20:16:02
Warning: Parents Must Not Overlook These Drug Slangs!

Common drug slangs you should never ignore. Find out the meaning of drug slangs like 420, 420 friendly, etc. teenagers use in their text messages and social media. Learn how to block messages, restrict social media, and filter slang words on your kid's mobile.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-05-26 20:16:02
Seeing ONS, FWB, and NSA on Teen's Phone? Be Cautious!

What's the meaning of ONS? What's the meaning of FWB? And what's the meaning of NSA? Parents may easily overlook such teen slang while they can suggest kids are doing dangerous things!

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-05-26 20:16:02
Most Trending Abbreviation and Emoji Slangs on TikTok in 2022

Do you want to look cool and follow the latest trend of TikTok slangs and emojis? Join the TikTok craze and find out the most trending abbreviation and emoji slangs used on TikTok in 2022.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-05-26 20:16:02
These Slangs May Indicate Cyberbullying Risks!

Cyberbullying is a menace that can have a negative impact on a person’s life, especially a child. Nowadays, instead of using direct words, abusers use slang words to bully someone online. Generally, such words are being thrown on social media and online gaming. Here, we will share those slang words and how to prevent cyberbullying.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-05-26 20:16:02
Common Teen Slangs in Quick Text: What is IKR, OFC, and HMU Meaning?

Do you want to know the meaning of IKR, OFC, and HMU? Read about the most commonly used teen slangs to protect your kids from online threats and monitor their activities.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-05-26 20:16:02
Parents Be Aware: F word Slangs that Teens Use in Chatting

Are you worried about the F-word slangs that your teens use? Does your kid use AF, FML, and true AF frequently? Here is a complete guide on AF meaning, FML meaning, True AF meaning and how you can monitor the use of F-word slangs in your teen's phone.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-05-26 20:16:02
Gamers: Those Game Slangs You Must Know!

Game slangs are an essential element one can use to communicate with your teammates online. It enhances the overall experience and enables the gamers to play the game with more control. However, if you are a new gamer, it gets a bit confusing understanding the meaning of various game slangs, such as afk and pog. Therefore, we’ll discuss the meaning of all such terms in this article. So keep reading!

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-05-26 20:16:02
Teen Slangs in Quick Text You Must Know: What is SMH?

Slangs are often abbreviations for quick texts. It can be hard to guess what do smh, lmk and dw meaning, learn them here!

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-05-26 20:16:02