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Teen Slangs in Quick Text You Must Know: What is SMH?

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Have you ever picked up your child’s phone when you suddenly heard a notification and every word written on it seemed gibberish to you? It doesn’t happen only with you! The reason behind it is a completely different texting language that teens are using these days.


Most of them use certain slang words to be in the loop of the cool generation. Deep down, we also want to use the words like ikr, simp, or hmu in our texts, but the objective shouldn’t be privacy invasion or decoding the meaning behind the text. It is the digital era of parenting, and the parents must be aware of the things going around in their child’s world.

Part1. SMH Meaning- Shaking My Head

Shaking my head is a commonly used Internet slang in chatting. Generally speaking, it conveys a negative emotion. It often effectively signals that someone is disappointed in something, or gives a feeling of reluctance.


You don't know what smh means? smh

We may not go hiking this weekend because of the rain, smh.

Part2. DW Meaning- Don't Worry

This slang can reduce the tense and anxiety in conversation. It is used to tell someone to relax and stop worrying about something. It can be sent as a complete message on its own or paired with other phrases. For example, “dw about it” or “dw too much.”


What should I do? I don't know anybody here!

dw about it, I got this.

Part3. LMK- Let me know

People say this in the hope to know the future development of something or someone. Sometimes, however, it's just used to express concern.


What will happen to him in the end? lmk

Are you feeling better? lmk

Part4. Should Parents Learn Teen Slang?


Most parents may be wondering what they can do to be closer to their children, especially teenagers. Of course, they want to chat with them, support them, and comment on their social activities. Parents can start by understanding the phrase used to do all these effectively. Regardless of where you belong, every group of teens has their specific slang phrases.

These phrases express different emotions and sometimes are just abbreviations of the words parents know.

Have Stronger Bond

Suppose you can understand the phrases used by your children. In that case, you can automatically have a stronger bond with them. Moreover, they’ll be comfortable talking to you about their generation’s issues.

Keep an Eye on Their Activity

Once you understand the slangs used by your child’s social circle, you will know all of their moves. This way, you get to know about the warning signs and the points when they need to be picked up so you can give your extra support to them.

Here is the video that teaches you to monitor your kid's chat box even without their knowledge.

Part 5: What’s the Best Way to Monitor Kids’ Social Media Text?

Looking at the circumstances teens face every day, parents need to monitor their social accounts to avoid harassment or bullying. One of the best ways of tracking your child’s social activity is through FamiSafe. It is an online tool with endless features and can be operated on all Android and iPhone devices.

It is entirely safe to use, securing all your data, media, and contacts. The extensive range of features includes geofencing, web filtering, screen limitations, and more. This tool is known to be excelling every other parenting application online in terms of compatibility and services.


Being adults, we are aware of all the locations that aren’t safe in our city. However, children aren’t mature enough to get it. Thus parents are often concerned about their children’s well-being and want to track all of their moves all the time. FamiSafe has made such an impossible task easy through geofencing features. You’ll be notified of your child’s locations and readily update them with restrictions set by you.

Inappropriate Media Detection

You can also check the type of media your teen is watching online or receiving in their chats. By watching any inappropriate picture in any conversation, you can block the person or limit the website displaying such visual content.

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FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

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1. What does “I’m dead” mean?

I’m dead is a teen slang that’s often used when you’re laughing uncontrollably that you can almost pass out.

2. How can I use a period in a sentence?

A period is usually used to emphasize the finality of your sentence. It is used as a full stop. For instance: Karma is real, period.

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