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These Teen Slang Words That Parents Should Learn in 2024

Teen Slang Words That Parents Should Learn

Teen slang

Due to the advent of social media, kids and teens connect with strangers and anonymous people easily in cyberspace. The private chat feature ignites the teens to have great fun and use inappropriate teen slang terms with their friends. The group chats in social media allow the teens to share whatever they feel like because of the end-to-end encrypted chat platform, and the parents cannot peep into this environment.

For digital parents, it is high time to take the right measure to control the online activities of their kids and teens. It is the sole responsibility of the parents to safeguard their children from the hidden online monsters. This article will learn how to establish a reliable control on gadget usage in kids and teens.

Why is it important for parents to know teen slang

The present teens develop their language to communicate with their loved ones and friends. To stand unique and differentiate from their parents, the teens create such slang words. The parents need to learn about teen slang words. As per the teen slang dictionary, you can find a wide range of collections comprising both good and bad terms. The parents will understand the teen’s communication with their friends only if they understand their teen slang words. The parents must explore teen slang terms and take appropriate measures to find their teen uses bad slang with their friends. To guide the teens on the right path, the parents must carefully watch their teen’s communication and behavior. Timely action against teen’s offensive communication helps them to realize their flaws quickly.

Parents guide

What is the popular teen slang for 2022?

a: Here are the general teen slang words commonly used during their chat

  • Dope: Wow, cool, awesome
  • Lit: Exciting
  • YOLO: You Only Live Once
  • OMG: Oh My God
  • Gucci: Fine, good, going well
  • GOAT: Greatest Of All The Time
  • Tea: time for gossips and stories
  • Snatched: fashionable, looking gorgeous
  • TBH: To Be Honest
  • Hangry: Hungry and Angry
  • Crashy: Crazy
  • Requestion: Question again

b: Dating and sex-related teen slang and their meaning

  • Molly: dangerous party drug
  • Smash: have casual sex
  • Sloshed: to be drunk
  • WTTP: Want To Trade Photos?
  • LMIRL: Let's Meet In Real Life
  • 53X: Sex
  • Cu46: Meet you for sex
  • Ghosting: disconnect communication with the dated person
  • Zombieing: Resuming the communication which has ghosted you
  • Breadcrumbing: the act of sending flirty messages
  • Non-date date: You go for a date having flirts, eye contact, etc., but it feels that this is not the actual date.
  • Patching: if a girl or boy ignores online after having a fun chat for a few days

c: Casual teen slang and their meaning

  • Throwdown: To throw a party
  • Dayger: Party during the day
  • Rager: Big party
  • Basic: Boring
  • Bruh: Bro
  • Fam: Group of friends
  • Flex: To show off
  • Noob: newbie
  • Squad: Group of friends who hang out together
  • Periodt: End of statement
  • Shook: Shaken up
  • No Cap: True


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To protect teens from online threats, the FamiSafe parental control app is the right choice. In the current situation, digital parents must take proactive measures before the kids and teens become a trap in cyberspace. The FamiSafe assists the parents in taking immediate action and safeguarding the children on time. It has fabulous features and mind-blowing performance. You can take a quick look at its remarkable functionalities below.

Stunning features

  • The FamiSafe app from Wondershare provides an ‘App Blocker’ control to block inappropriate apps on your kid’s mobile remotely.
  • The ‘Explicit Content Detection’ feature sends an alert signal to the respective parents when it finds any vulgar teen slang words as the text messages listed in the teen’s phone.
  • The FamiSafe parental control app detects suspicious photos in the teen’s gadget and notifies the connected devices immediately.
  • You can access the real-time location of your kids using the FamiSafe app and set ‘Geofence’ to protect the kids and teens from the nearby unsafe zones.
  • Limit the gadget usage in your teen using the ‘Screen Time’ option.

FamiSafe app

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Chromebook

Features in Detail:

App Blocker and Usage

The FamiSafe app allows you to block unnecessary apps installed on your kid’s phone remotely. You can set a time limit for each app and control its usage; when you set the time limit, the app functions within the time range. The app becomes inactive as soon as the time limit expires. Using this feature, you can effortlessly establish complete control of the app usage in your kid’s device.

App blocker

Explicit Content Detection

As you all know, most teens and kids create social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc., to connect with their friends. They might encounter strangers and sexual predators, even without their knowledge. Certain teen friends may share inappropriate slang words that may enter into your child’s phone quickly. The FamiSafe app scans the text messages available on your kid’s phone. If it finds any offensive words, it immediately sends an alert signal to the respective parents. The parents can take immediate action and protect the kids and teens from the unsafe online zone promptly.

The FamiSafe parental control app has a built-in library comprising of offensive and inappropriate teen slang words. You can add more words to this list and update it as per your needs without any issues. The FamiSafe uses this bank of words to detect suspicious texts on the child’s phone.

Explicit content detection

Suspicious Photos

The FamiSafe app detects any suspicious photos in your kid’s phone gallery and alerts the connected device swiftly. The parents can take appropriate measures and safeguard the teen from the trap of online sexual predators.

Suspicious photos

Track Location

The FamiSafe app assists digital parents in tracking the live location details of their kids precisely. You can create a ‘Geo Fence’ to protect the child from the nearby prohibited areas. When your kid enters the unsafe zone, you will receive an alert signal. Real-time location tracking serves to be a boon to the teen’s parents. No need to call your teens anymore; instead, track their moves effectively with the FamiSafe app.

Track location

Screen Time

If you find your kid and teen are spending more time on gadgets, then ‘Screen Time’ from FamiSafe is the right feature to control their gadget activities. You can set a time limit for gadget usage, and when the time expires, the phone locks automatically. Your kid cannot unlock the device by themselves. It is the best method to limit screen time in your kids and teens.

Screen time

Thus, this article revealed to you popular teen slang words commonly used by teens during their communication. It is high time for the parents to take respective measures to monitor the online communication of the teens to protect them from unnecessary cyber issues. The FamiSafe parental control app plays a vital part in controlling the gadget activities of kids and teens. Use the application optimally and get benefitted by enabling the crucial functionalities in the supervision process. Detect and take the right measures using the FamiSafe app when you find inappropriate text messages on your teen’s device. Stay connected with the FamiSafe parental control app and explore exciting features in the future.

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