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10 Best Family Game Apps to Play with Your Family

family guy game apps in 2022

Family is one of the most precious things that we can have. They are there to celebrate with us during good times and provide support during challenging times. It is important to maintain family bonds. This is best done by staying in touch and engaging in activities together. Thanks to technological advancement, families can now use smart devices to enjoy time together. There are many interactive family game apps developed so as to promote the family's fun. Some of them allow the members to take up roles within the game while others require that each member take their turn. Despite the differences, all of them deliver collaborative entertainment.

family game apps

10 Best Family Game Apps to Play with Your Family

Here are the 10 best family game apps available today.

1. Monopoly

family game apps

This is one of the most popular games for family fun today. Monopoly is a classic game that has been updated for smart devices. It is well known for providing excitement and knowledge about investment to the players. Initially, this game was played on the board. Today, it can be played on smartphones and tablets as well. The game can be enjoyed by all members of the family. By rolling dice and moving pointers, everyone gets to earn some Monopoly money and have fun. It is currently available for Android devices at a cost of $1.99.

2. Heads Up


Have you heard Charades? Head-Up is another interesting game of this type developed by Warner Bros for family and friends. With this game, you will no longer need any papers or bowls. The comment to this game: "It will be the Best Dollar you've ever spent." I agree, after all, you buy joy and fun for the family with 1.99$, totally worth it.

3. Draw Something

family game apps

This is another modern family game for smart devices that is adapted from a classic. Draw Something allows family members to challenge each other on drawing items based on descriptions. The game is easy to understand and play as well. Furthermore, your family can share the fun with people across the globe. This is possible through an Internet sharing portal. Draw Something requires that every member take turns at drawing. They can then enjoy tallying up the points to find out who is the winner. This game is available for Android devices and can be downloaded for free.

4. Worms 3

family game apps

With a highly descriptive name, this game provides fun for all members of the family. Worms 3 is developed from a classic game of the same name. Having entertained generations of kids, it is ideal for family fun today. Just like any other board game, every member of the family gets their own turn to play. Points are earned just like in the traditional version. An excellent feature of Worms 3 is that you can stream the game on TV. This can be achieved through a Chromecast connection. It allows everyone in the lounge to see who is winning. This game is available for Android devices at a cost of $0.99.

5. Family Feud 8, Friends

family game apps

This is an interesting and interactive game for families to enjoy. Just like the traditional game, this digital version allows family members to answer a variety of questions about literally everything under the sun. Family Feud 8, Friends is presented with interactive animations. Moreover, it is presented through special features such as predictive input and beautiful theme music. The questions are posed through vivid descriptions for everyone to see. As such, this family guy game app can deliver hours of fun for your family. This game is available for 105 devices.

6. Catan

family game apps

This is one of the most popular family game apps. It is based on the concept of Civilization. As such, family members can take turns creating their own budding and successful community. The game contains a far-reaching, open-plan virtual world. Catan allows you to develop communities, mine, forage, and cultivate areas for your people. Furthermore, it also involves wars that you can win so as to get points, gold, and other resources. The objective is to create the most thriving population and this makes it ideal for all family members to play. This game is available for Android smart devices.

7. Hidden Objects

family game apps

This game brings out the detective in every player. Hidden Objects allows family members to take turns in finding clues and special items distributed in a virtual crime scene. It is similar to a digital treasure hunt with a police case twist. In the game, players can try to find objects that are hidden so as to collect evidence and solve the case. Hidden Objects feature settings from all over the world. Moreover, it allows you to share the game experience with your friends on social media. Developed for the 105 operating system, this family guy game app is perfect for families to play together.

8. Bejeweled

family game apps

Very similar to Tetris, this game enables you to swap animated gems for points. Bejeweled has been rated as the top puzzle game in the world and this is due to its highly entertaining nature. The game allows family members to take turns in swapping up the gems. In addition to that, members can play against each other or against the clock. Featuring theme music, animations, gifts, and bonus points, this game enables families to enjoy a lot of fun together. It is developed for the 105 mobile device platform.

9. Quiz Up

family game apps

Designed to be a tremendously entertaining trivia game, this one can keep your family occupied and entertained for a long time Quiz Up enables you and your folks to ask and answer questions covering a wide range of topics. The game is made even more entertaining by animations, images, descriptions, and theme music. Quiz Up has impressed audiences all over the world and it is bound to do the same in your horn. This family guy game app is developed for the Android operating system.

10. Scrabble

family game apps

Based on the classic game, this is a digital rendering that educates and entertains at the same time Scrabble allows family members to take turns in creating words. The objective is to earn points and emerge the best. Highly interactive, this game is best played on a tablet device. It has been developed for the Android platform. Moreover, the game has been shown to elicit interest in words for little kids. The digital version brings fun and camaraderie thanks to animation, visual effects, and celebrations for winners.

11. Uno

family game apps

This is another entertaining and interactive board game for families. Uno is designed to get everyone involved. Players can earn points by making strategic moves on a vivid and interactive board. With a long storyline, this game can keep everyone happily enthused. It is available for Android devices.

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How to set parental control on kids' devices for more family game time?

There is a legal, effective and accessible application that assists parents to monitor their children's smartphones. Known as FamiSafe Parental Control, this application can be downloaded and installed into iOS and Android mobile device platforms. It has been developed by Wondershare. During the use of this application, parents can set reasonable screen time to reduce kids' isolation and let them enjoy more funny online or offline family games. As such, if the young one breaks any restrictions that have been programmed into the application, a number of warning alerts will sound and make them resume acceptable behavior.

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Features of Famisafe

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Features of FamiSafe

This application is very easy to install. It needs to be active in the parent and the child's smartphones. After connection, the parent can effectively track how much screen time their child gets. This is to prevent the young ones from spending too much time on their phones.

FamiSafe screen time report

Nowadays, families can enjoy a special time together by playing digital games. The family game apps indicated above are ideal for bonding and mutual interaction. They are available for the main mobile operating systems. Moreover, parents can monitor their children's smart device behavior using FamiSafe. This application is available on the App Store as well as Google Play. Simply download it and find out how it can help you to monitor your children's activities!

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