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Best parental control App

Best parental control App

Family Link vs Family Safety, Best Free parental Apps Developed by Giants

FamiSafe, the Best Alternative to Family Link and Family Safety

FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

Parents are often concerned with the risks posed to their kids by online scammers. Amid the rising incidents of cyberbullying targeting teenagers and minors, the use of parental control software has become inevitable.


Parental control apps are cross-platform solutions specially designed to protect children from risks associated with internet usage. These apps allow parents to secretly monitor their kids’ devices and keep an eye on their online activities. In case they find anything unusual or harmful for teenagers, they can take prompt action to ensure internet safety. This way, parents can block explicit content on their kids’ phones and prevent them from indulging in immoral activities online.

This article provides a detailed comparison of three free parental control apps and discusses their pros and cons. Finally, some recommendations are also made to help parents choose the best account monitoring software for improved results and efficiency.

Part 1: Microsoft Family Safety App

Microsoft Family Safety is a simple, effective, and user-friendly parental control app with advanced features. The app is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS devices. However, parents need a Microsoft account to customize settings and remotely monitor their child’s device. See this article to learn more about the app: What Is Microsoft Family Safety and How to Use It?

Family Safety uses digital and physical safety features to protect kids from scammers. With multiple filtering layers, parents can block websites and apps containing inappropriate content as well as check internet browsing history on Microsoft Edge. It also allows parents to locate their kids on a map and see their real-time location without informing them.

Key FeaturesFamily Safety
  • Web Filtering: This feature filters web content in 18 different languages and blocks child’s access to inappropriate content on most browsers, including Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. By enabling safe search on web filtering, parents can filter our adult content in search engines and blur out adult content in images. If your child wants to visit a blocked site, he or she can also ask for your permission and open that link after your approval. Web filtering also blocks inPrivate browsing.
  • Activity Reporting: This features provides parents with complete information about the internet browsing history, device usage time, and games/apps downloaded and run.
  • Screen Time: Parents who think their child is spending too much time using digital devices can limit apple screen time with this feature and specify the period during which the target device can be used.
  • Location Tracking: This feature keeps parents connected to their children and allows them to spot their children on the map as well as get instant location alerts on their phones.
  • Purchase and Spending Features: With this feature, parents can add money to their child’s account, give spending allowances without any need for a credit card, and check recent purchases in the Window’s Store.

Cross-platform app with an attractive web dashboard

Compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS

Flexible screen time limits

Advanced device monitoring with precise location tracking


Web filtering supports Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer only

Safe Search can be enabled on Bing only

Screen time can’t be restricted on Android

Lacks social media monitoring

Part 2: Google Family Link App

Google Family Link is another parental control app that enables parents to remotely control and monitor their child’s devices to varying degrees. It requires a Google account to manage the target device such as tracking location, restricting access to inappropriate apps, limiting screen time, and giving certain installation permissions.

Using this app, parents can block or approve different apps and games, monitor how much time their child spends using the device, and get weekly or monthly activity reports. Users can even block explicit lyrics in Play Music by setting SafeSearch filtering on Google search.

Key FeaturesFamily Link
  • Create Healthy Digital Habits: Set digital ground rules to guide younger children and teens while learning something online.
  • Ensure Internet Safety: View children’s online activities, approve or block different apps, and add the teacher-recommended apps directly to their device.
  • Manage Device Usage: Set screen time limits and help kids find a good balance between their studies, bedtime, and device usage. Simply lock their device remotely when needed a break.
  • Track Live Location: Locate teenagers anytime on the map and see their real-time location whenever they go outside.
  • Check Logins: Get the history of devices your child has signed in using the associated Google account.
  • Limit Explicit Content: Turn the SafeSearch on to block websites and music containing inappropriate or potentially harmful content for youngsters.

Easy to use

Wide compatibility

Free of cost

Available on both Android and iOS devices


Can’t block inappropriate web content

Limited features

Doesn’t offer internet browsing history

Can’t monitor messages, calls, or SMS

Part 3: FamiSafe, the Most Reliable Parental Control App

Whether it’s Family Link vs. Family Safety or any other parental control app, each one has its own limitations. For instance, Family Safety lacks social media monitoring, Family Link doesn’t offer internet browsing history, and Screen Time has limited functionality on iOS. These limitations restrict enhanced device monitoring and make children vulnerable to online safety risks.

To overcome these limitations, try FamiSafe, the most reliable parental control app allowing parents to detect and block inappropriate content on kids’ devices, track their live locations, and limit their screen time. FamiSafe is a cross-platform software compatible with a range of operating systems including Windows, Android, and iOS as well as Google Chrome browser.

What Makes FamiSafe Superior?

Key FeaturesFamiSafe

FamiSafe has everything parents need to monitor their kid’s devices and protect them from cybersecurity threats. Check out the following advanced features that make FamiSafe superior to other parental control apps.


Activity Report: Keep an eye on kid’s daily phone activities and get detailed reports on their app usage, online life, and device application updates

App Usage & Blocker: Restrict teenagers’ access to potentially-harmful apps. Prevent them from digital addiction and keep them focused on safe digital learning.

Screen Time: Avoid excessive device usage, track and manage time spent by kids on devices through smart schedules.

Online Safety: Safeguard kids’ online exploration by creating an age-restricted digital environment where they cannot access websites and apps containing inappropriate content.

Parent Alerts: Monitor all social networking apps including YouTube and block offensive content in videos and lyrics by getting automated alerts for potential issues.

Family Locator: Review kids’ location history, track their location in real-time, and receive instant notifications every time your child enters or leaves the Geofences.

How to Use FamiSafe?

Get started with FamiSafe in three easy steps:

Step 1: Account Registration

Create a new account on the official website of FamiSafe

Step 2: Software Installation

Download FamiSafe for free from Google Play or App Store and install it on both parent’s and kid’s devices

Step 3: Device Monitoring

Go to the dashboard and start monitoring apps secretly

Wondershare Famisafe

FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

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Parental monitoring apps are cross-platform solutions loaded with advanced features for dynamic monitoring of kids’ devices. These feature-rich applications promote healthy digital practices among children and protect them from risks like cyberbullying and online harassment.

Depending on their monitoring needs, parents can choose either Family Safety, Family Link, or Screen Time parental monitoring app. For advanced parental supervision, particularly for students, try FamiSafe that is the most reliable and high-tech app. It offers complete control over kids’ devices and allows parents to ensure online safety while maintaining secrecy and privacy.

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