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What Is Microsoft Family Safety and How to Use It?

Microsoft Family Safety

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Health & Education Proven solutions

What is Microsoft Family Safety?

The Microsoft Family Safety is a parental control app developed by Microsoft and released in 2020. The app equips parents with reporting and controlling tools to see their family virtually through the medium of the internet. You must have a Microsoft account to use this app. Features of this app, such as filtering controls, location reporting, and app-usage recording, provide parents an excellent vision to keep an eye on the rest of the family member's digital affairs.

Microsoft Family Safety

The Microsoft Family Safety is compatible with android phones, tablets, iPhones, and iPad. The mandatory thing to use is that you'll need a Microsoft account. Alternatively, PC or Mac will show you the web dashboard to view your family members' recorded data. See this article to learn the difference between Family Safety and Family Link: Family Link vs Family Safety

What Can the Microsoft Family Safety App Do?

This Microsoft Family Safety app monitors every family member who uses a digital device to ensure their safety and security. Physical and emotional safety is the topmost concern for kids and older adults. Microsoft Family safety record and collect all the information related to the family's digital devices.

What Can the Microsoft Family Safety App Do

This app has a feature that allows you to scan the time of use whenever the family uses windows and Xbox devices. You can block the apps and limit the access if anyone's screen time is going beyond. Unfortunately, this feature isn't available on Apple devices.

The app can filter out apps and websites so the kids can not access them. If you have kids who use mobile and tabs, you can limit the kind of content they must not watch.

The Microsoft Family safety App has the feature for your safety concern, a component of location tracking is installed. With the help of GPS, you can easily track iPhone or Android devices, and you can see the exact location of the person. If the family wants to know their sites, they can mark them as favorites.

The drawback of this app is Windows and Microsoft products it means it will only work with them. For example, if there are some websites you want to filter out, you must use Microsoft Edge on mobiles and Pc's

How to Set Up Microsoft Family Safety

First of all, a person will control all the app's family affairs. He will be the Family Organizer.

Setting up the Microsoft Family Safety App is easy to install on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The Family organizer can add new members and change the settings.

Once you sign in to the app, the family group will automatically create its built inability. The app will ask for permissions to operate in the background and provide your location for monitoring.

Set Up Microsoft Family Safety

Once you have done with the acceptance and refuse request permissions, your family's main menu will appear, which shows the family members' location and names.

1. Inviting Family Members

  • Anyone you invite will have a Microsoft account.
  • If you want to add people, then tap "Add Someone" in the "List" mode on the main menu.
  • You can not invite new family members using their phone number or email address if someone doesn't have a Microsoft account.
  • Your invite has to accept the invitation within 14 days.
  • This app will show you current and previous seven-day data about screen time usage.

2. Enabling Content Filters and App Limits

Once you created your family group, now it's time to put restrictions and limitations where necessary. You can quickly put filters on the access of inappropriate content and other apps.

To individually set the customize settings for different family members, tap a family member's name in the main menu.

Activity reports and game limits settings can be changed on an individual basis. You can enable web filters, and You can also limit the range of the apps and games on a Windows PC or Xbox.

Enabling Content Filters and App Limits

To select an option, there is a toggle button available. But this will not allow you to enable activity reports for any adults in your family; you can allow web filters, though.

Age set in someone's Microsoft account will decide which filter to put and which restriction is not allowed for older kids.

3. Changing Content Filter Settings

If you want to make changes in the content filter.

  • You can see the settings changed to that person's apps, games, and web content in the filter menu.
  • To change these settings, tap anywhere under "Apps and Games" or "Web and Search."

4. Set Limits.

You can set limitations on the types of games or apps according to their age.

  • To filter ad restrict the content, the device should also run Windows.
  • There is a drop-down menu in Apps and Games.
  • Then approve purchases and installations according to the accepted age range only using Microsoft Store.

You will get these requests through a link to approve and refuse.

Are there any similar apps?

There are many parental control apps available in the market, but the best app, in my opinion, is Famisafe.

Monitoring your kids' physical is nearly impossible nowadays app. It would be best to keep an eye on your family members if you had digital surveillance. Technical parental controls are the new normal. You need the right app that reports directly to you. Your kids' virtual scenarios are now accumulated in a report from and presented to you by Famisafe.

parental control app - FamiSafe

Famisafe is the best available online app that allows you to set timetables to regulate time for your kid's screen time. It also offers numerous functions and utilities that will help you keep your eye on your kid when they are not at home. Famisafe gives you full control over your kids' machines, i.e., smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers, along with the liberty to protect them from harmful dangers of the web as well as keep tracking them when they are out.

Famisafe Features and Description

Following is a glance at what kind of parental control you wish for, and Famisafe is making it possible for you.

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire
  • Activity Report It's a digital report card on your mobile screen summing up the activities your kid has been doing all day long. It includes details about web browsing, social networking, Emails, messenger texts, etc. It also shows the time they have spent on a particular app.
  • Location Tracking Self explanatory feature of the Famisafe app allows you to track your kid's real-time location and even alerts of the no-go areas already set using Geofencing. With geofencing, parents could also mark safe zones for their kids to visit. Parents could also check the history of the locations their kids visited previously.
  • App Blocker App blocker is a feature that allows parents to restrict the kids' usage of any app. Parents could also limit usage if they think excessive use could be harmful in the long run. This feature could block offensive apps and even send alerts to parents if the kid is trying to access the blocked content.

FamiSafe - app blocker

  • Screen Time-Table This feature is my favorite. Using this feature of Famisafe, you can customize the screen timetable according to every new routine of your kid. In exams, you can limit the screen time, and on vacations, you can increase it accordingly. In case of addictive behavior towards cellphone, Famisafe allows you to block the cell phone temporarily completely. It also keeps the daily, weekly, and monthly records of time spent watching screens.
  • Filtering Websites, Kids are brilliant nowadays; they know how to clear browsing data history, cookies, and cache. With the Famisafe website filtering feature, you can tell them that you have the superpower to know what they have deleted. You can always check which websites should be browsable for your kids and block the ones which are not safe enough.
  • Detect Suspicious Text and Photos This Famisafe feature monitor all the text and photos received on the cell phone. Parents would get alerts if the app detected any inappropriate pics containing nudity and porn. Famisafe will notice the text contains foul language, abuse, threats, or blackmailing content.

It is a common practice that Kids have mobile phones and use digital gadgets nowadays. As a parent, you should allow them to your kids but under the supervision and controls in this modern era. Practically smartphones your kid is using has access to the entire web. So you can give them partial access with parental authority.

The device your kid is using must be in your control so that they will not involve in the deceptions of the internet. Famisafe is the app that will help you keep complete track of your kids' whereabouts and track time consumed using the smartphone screen and browsing and using history knowledge.

If you are worried about your kids visiting locations and want to keep an eye on them instead of spying, the only thing you need is Famisafe for sure. Using the Famisafe app for your kids will give you the ultimate safety and protection feeling.

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