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Using Xbox Family Setting to Manage Xbox Screen Time

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Many kids today are a fan of Xbox games. This is because there are varying options to explore as they get lost in the fantasy world provided by these games. However, sometimes kids spend a lot of time on Xbox and do not have time for their social life or education. In such a case, a parent might be confused about how they can manage their kid's screen time. If you're in such a situation, you're in luck. We'll provide you with all the crucial information you need to manage Xbox screen time to reduce usage. In addition, this article provides you with details on utilizing Xbox parental control and steps you can take to minimize Xbox usage. So, without further ado, let's begin.


What is Xbox Family Setting?


In May 2020, Xbox previewed an app that allows parents and guardians to limit their children's game time daily, provide weekly activity reports, exclude age-restricted games, and limit online communications. This is an attempt by Microsoft, the owner of Xbox, to spread the message about responsible games. The app is Xbox Family Setting.

Xbox family setting app is for parents to manage their children's gaming activities on Xbox consoles, from iOS and Android phones.

The Xbox Family Settings app will assist parents in applying crucial settings for gaming activities on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. For example, content and screen time limits can be used on Windows PCs when a child logs into the Microsoft account with an Xbox profile that is part of your family group. However, the Xbox Family Settings app will not provide settings that can negatively affect mobile gaming experiences.

An administrator account needs to be created as the primary account to set up family settings. Then, secondary accounts are set up for everyone else.

Part2. How to Check Xbox Screen Time

For most parents, it is important to maintain a healthy usage of consoles for kids. Here are some quick and easy ways to check Xbox usage time

It provides parents with information about how fast the game progresses and how long it took to unlock all achievements. In addition, Microsoft provides a way to check and limit usage and for parents to monitor their kids. It also ensures the adults check themselves and their habits.

Method 1Within the Console

• Firstly, turn on the XBOX.

• Next, press the Xbox button to reveal its settings.

• Select guide and then click on a game activity from the options displayed to proceed.

• Select guide and then click on a game activity from the options displayed to proceed.

• Now, click on all achievements and choose any game you want to check. Your kid's favorite game would be your best option.

• When a new page pops up, select 'stats' to view the usage time of the game.

Method 2The Web Option

• To start with, you have to sign in to the official Xbox website.

• At the top right corner would be an icon of the gamer's picture; click on it to reveal options.

• Next, tap on 'Xbox profile' and choose achievements to continue.

• The next step is selecting a game activity; this is crucial in finding out the usage time.

• Now, click 'achievements' under the selected game to continue. Under the 'stats' section, you would be able to see the usage time.

Method 3Using the Xbox Family Setting App

At times monitoring does not have to be directed or within close range. We understand that distance comes into play in most cases, hence the need to also be able to check screen time from outside the Xbox console. It is possible and easy.

• Tap on your Xbox profile icon in the bottom right-hand corner

• Click on Achievements.

• Tap on the game you'd like to view.

• Scroll down to Time Played.

If you would like to monitor using the app as a parent, there are some steps you should follow. Below, you'll find them outlined. Note that the feature activity reporting must be active to access screen time outside the app. To turn it on and check the screen time, follow the following steps:

• Open the app (if the app is not available to you, either install it or use the web option. The app is available on app stores and it is free)

• Select the account of a family member

• Then select settings

• Turn on activity reporting.

• To view the screen time for a family member.

• Select today or duration as you'd like

• Select Screen time

• Then Devices as the account could be active on multiple devices.

Monitoring on a device without the app is possible; the next section explains how you can do that.

Method 4Using Microsoft Family Safety

With Microsoft family safety, you can ensure healthy online habits and schedules to ensure users are not distracted from other activities. In addition, every family gets to design their type of experience, with the ability to choose what rules should be in place.

You can access the Microsoft family safety service on the app, installed on several devices, or via the web. The features include activity reporting, screen time limits, content filters, drive safety, location tracking, and purchase control.

All parental controls can be activated and monitored on the Microsoft safety app. This is accompanied by optional email prompts for permissions or attempted access to a restricted site or app. You can secure your account by using a password essential to limit access. Most often ignored is choosing a password. It is crucial to select an easily remunerable password. But, also choosing one the child cannot guess.

Part3. How to set up Microsoft Family Safety

Activity reporting allows one to track members' web, search, and app activities. The activity reporting features include;

• App and Games Viewing: The apps and games the family member has been using and for how long. Screen time gives insight into how much time a family member spends on a particular app, game, or web browser. It also reflects how much time your kid uses on the device.

• Web and Search Filter: This allows access to websites visited and the search history. If there are previously set filters, any attempts at visiting such sites would also be flagged. There is a loophole in viewing the web search activity. It is visible to the administrator only when a member uses the Microsoft Edge browser while signing in to their Microsoft account.

• Screen Time: This feature allows parents to set limits on timings and durations to accounts or devices.

• Content Filters: This option limit access to information on the web, games, and apps. It also flags if any filtered spaces are searched or attempted to access.

• Location safety: This feature is crucial as it allows a parent to track their kids through their devices. It ensures that the family stays connected as needed. Location sharing needs to be activated on the other devices as no device can have primary control.

How to Set Up Activity Reporting on Microsoft Family

• Visit the official Microsoft Family website

• Sign in to the family account with your details, and then choose a family member's account.

• Now, select 'overview' from the options

• Scroll to activity settings and pick activity reporting to start watching their activities.

• Toggle the switch next to the option to put it on and off. When it's green, it signifies that the setting is on.

To view the screen time

• Select the account

• Overview

• Then you can access screen time for the day or last seven days.

Part4. How to Set Up Xbox Parental Control

Parental controls are features in television services, computers and video games, mobile devices, and software that allows parents to restrict their kid's access to content. These controls exist to help parents restrict certain content from being shown to their children. This may include content that they feel is inappropriate for their age, or maturity level, or where they feel the audience is older.

Parental controls come in about four categories: content filters, which limit access to age-inappropriate content; use controls, restricting the use of these devices, such as restricting usage time or prohibiting certain types of use; IT usage management tools, which enforce the use of specific software; and monitoring, can track location and activity while using the device. It is a popular feature on gadgets, apps, or websites. It restricts access to content and tools. These may appear age-inappropriate and unhealthy for your child's consumption.

Xbox parental controls in place can be managed and monitored on the family setting app. Two key things to control would be content and online access. Content restrictions limit the games and videos the user has access to. Ensuring they are age-appropriate.

Online access restricts messages to appropriate and respectable words. It also filters what web search topics your child can make.

To Restrict Content

Content restriction on the Xbox Console

• To begin, select Home

• Next, go to 'settings' on the window displayed

• Click on Account

• Select Content restrictions

• Select access to content

• Lastly, select the appropriate age group and make changes

It is worth noting that under these age restrictions, you can view which apps or games have been allowed or blocked. In other words, the restrictions can be further tailored or customized to the guardian's taste. Once you set an age rating, you would need to manually approve any apps and games the child's account tries to download that exceed the age range that you have set. You can grant this approval either directly through your Microsoft Family Group on the Microsoft safety app or through the email alert that you would receive whenever this child account attempts to access a restricted app or game.

To Restrict Online Access

In addition, using a Microsoft Family Group child account to block access to web content will apply settings to any device that this account logs into, including your Xbox One, Windows 10, and any Android devices that use Microsoft Launcher.

• Toggle through the following menus:

• Select the Home menu

• Select Settings

• Then on General

• Then select Online and safety

• Navigate to Privacy and online safety

• Navigate to Xbox live privacy

• Select the default age group settings you would like.

• View details and customize

You can also sanction purchases. Either they are not allowed, or a specific price range is put in place. The parent can also run an allowance system choosing when to make deposits into the child's account. The other option would be the child asking for permission before they can buy anything. Email alerts let the parent know what and when and allow the parent to accept or decline the purchase.

Find out useful tips to set screen time on your kid's phone.

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In using applications, there is a need for security and safety measures. Unfortunately, features that promote healthy habits are not exactly available. The user gets to be responsible and accountable for usage, but that is ineffective. Microsoft shows it cares about responsible gaming with the Xbox family setting. Its many features help parents watch their kids' activity and usage time. This article succinctly explains how you can explore this feature.

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