Joanne Croft

Joanne Croft

staff Editor
  • Extensive experience with children safety, parenting and family education.
  • Over 10 years writing experience in field of child development.
  • Enjoys learning about others and sharing her opinions.
  • Likes yoga and cookies

Experience & Education


As a mother, who has raised three children, Joanne pays more attention to physical and mental health of her children. She has read a lot of books about child psychology and education. In accordance with the self-experience of parenting, she has devoted much of her time to providing children education as a professional writer.


Joanne earned her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and English at University of Winnipeg, Canada. During her school life, she has got a lot of prizes and certificates for published articles.


As a content writer of FamiSafe, she likes to share her thoughts about how to help parents to protect their children and gives them some suggestions. Her writing covers a variety of topics ranging from Web Content Blocking, Child Monitoring, Parental Controls Tips and so on.


She loves yoga very much which she thinks can give her a peace of mind. In the weekend, she and her family often go out for a picnic or biking.