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Location Tracking

Track kids in real-time and review their location history. Receive instant alerts when kids enter or leave the Geofences.

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kid's Location tracking
Worry About Kids When They Go Out Alone
What should I do if my kids get lost in an unfamiliar place?
Will kids meet unfriendly strangers and be taken to dangerous places?
Did my kids leave school privately and skip class without permission?
Track kids's location
Know Where Your Loved Ones Are
View kid's real-time location
View Kids' Real-Time Location
Track the current location of your kids. Stop calling kids "where are you?" all the time.
  • Grasp your kids' real-time location at any time.
  • Check if your kids are in school or at home as required.
  • Know if your kids go to a strange and unsafe place.
Check Location History
View location history timeline to know kids' past routine. Never yell at your kids: "Where have you been?" again.
  • View your kids' recent activity area.
  • Know where they were at a certain time.
  • Learn where your child often goes.
Check location history
Set safe geo-fences
Set Safe Geo-fences
Create Geofences like "school" or "home" around specific locations. Get notified when kids break planned routines.
  • Set the scope of kids' activities.
  • Set up a geo-fence and set the time range.
  • Receive an alert when the kids leave the set place.
Get Started with FamiSafe in 3 Steps
Register a FamiSafe account on wedsites or via app.
Download FamiSafe on both your phone and your kids' Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows or Mac devices.
Complete setup on both devices.
Set restrictions on kid's devices via the app on your phone.

FamiSafe's Awards

FamiSafe has won awards from The National Parenting Center, National Parenting Product Awards, Mom's Choice Awards, Made For Mums Awards and Loved By Parents Awards, in 2020 and 2021.

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More Tips for Kids Location Tracking

Teach kids outside skills

Tell kids not to go out with strangers; make sure that kids' devices are powered and can be used normally when going out.

Remember key information

Let kids remember important information about family members, such as home address and phone number, in case of emergency use.

Learn to use maps

Teach kids some basic knowledge of reading maps, how to use map navigation and how to find directions when they get lost.

Observe the surroundings

If your kids go out alone, please instruct them to observe the surrounding. Besides, never go to strange places alone.

Prepare the alarm

Teach kids to whistle, if they are in danger, whistling to attract attention. For older kids, you can buy them the self-defense spray.

Go out with acquaintances

Encourage your kids to go out with friends or reliable people, and leave contact information for partners who go out with them.

Related FAQ

  • When your kids' phone battery is under 20%, you will receive a low battery situation alert.

  • Click the INVITE button, and if parents agree, the position between kids and parents will appear on the map.

  • Get your kids' phone and open Google Maps. Tap the button on the top left and choose the timeline. Free to check daily or monthly location history. However, with FamiSafe, you could select location history option on the dashboard to see the location of the day you want. You can also create geo-fences to get notified and track if your kid moves out of the boundary.

  • Preset your phone, check "Find My Device" and find your lost android phone.

    1. Open the "Settings" and tap "Security", and keep "Find My Device" turning on.
    2. Tap "Location" and keep it turning on.
    3. Open "" and make the device visible.
    4. Open "" and sign in to your Google Account.

    However, with FamiSafe, you could use real-time location option of FamiSafe to know the immediate location of the lost phone. What's more, FamiSafe can realize cross-platform location tracking between Android devices and iOS devices.

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