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Best parental control App

Best parental control App

The Best Location Sharing Apps You Should Try

Keep Your Loved Ones Closer

Easily share location with family and friends anytime, anywhere

Have you ever been in an emergency where you needed to share your location or track your family member? It can be challenging to do so via calls and texts. However, you do not have to worry if someone forgets to call you or answer you. A location sharing app provides real-time monitoring.

location sharing app

There are several reasons to share your location with your family and friends. First, being a parent, you might always be worried about your child. And calling or texting them repeatedly to know where they are may annoy them. You can make this simpler by live location sharing.

Sharing real-time location makes it easier to coordinate with your friends when making a plan to meet. Moreover, you can stay updated about your spouse's location without interfering with their privacy.

Location sharing enhances safety. According to a survey, more than 65% of people report feeling safer after sharing their location with their loved ones. Let us guide you through sharing your location with different devices and the best location sharing app for you to try in 2023.

How to share my location with other people?

Many apps that are already on your smartphone allow live location sharing. Android phones have Google Maps, and iPhones have a Family Sharing app.

Various companies acknowledge the importance of sharing location, so they introduced live location features such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Learn how you can use these apps to keep your loved ones updated about your location:

How to share my location with other people

Whatsapp for sharing location with others

WhatsApp is the most popular app, and almost everyone has it on their smartphones. You can use it as a free location sharing app by following these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and select the contact from Chats that you want to share your location with.
  • Tap the Attach option and select Location.
  • You get two options: "Share live location" and "Send your current location." Select the first one to enable the other person with real-time monitoring.

Facebook messenger for sharing location with others

Facebook Messenger is easy to use for sharing live locations by the following steps:

  • Tap on the Location icon in the chat.
  • You will see your current location.
  • Click on Share Live Location. The other person can track your live location for an hour.

Why does the family need a location-sharing app?

Today's world is not entirely safe for everyone. People are prone to many crimes in this country and can find themselves in need of someone's help. We also need to keep an occasional check on your family members to know about their whereabouts and well being at the same time. Parents want to keep a check on their children for many reasons, and thelocation-sharing appsallow them to do that easily.

How to Share Location

Yeah, sometimes it does sound kind of weird when you are being tracked the whole time. But it is practical when you need to know each others progress. If your partner travels a lot, you can quickly check on their location and progress conveniently through these apps without disturbing them.

How to share location on different devices?

There are different ways of sharing your location on other devices. So, whether you have an iPhone or an android, here is a quick guide to share your site with loved ones more conveniently.

How to Share Location on Android?

Everyone has an in-built Google Map app on their smartphones to discover new places, guide you while driving and work as a free location sharing app. Moreover, you can also share locations between an Android and an iPhone with Google Maps.

  • After opening your Google Map app, open the menu by tapping your account's profile.
  • Select the option of "Location Sharing" from the menu.
  • You can set the duration of your live location, or you can select "Until you turn this off" to keep sharing the location until you disable it.
  • The app displays all your contacts. Choose the one you want to share your location with.
  • The other person will be able to monitor your live location in Google Maps.
  • If the other person does not have a Google account, the app will send a link to let the contact view your location.

How to Share Location on an iPhone?

Share Location on an iPhone

The Family Sharing app on iPhone lets you send your live location with your family members. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Go to Settings and enable the option Share My Location.
  • Select the people with whom you want to share.
  • The app also allows you to make a family group. Everyone in the group will be able to view your location once the Share My location is on.

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The 5 best location sharing apps you should try in 2023

Although you can utilize social media platforms or other apps for sharing live locations, there are certain limitations. Moreover, a social media app cannot always be reliable to use, especially if you have a public profile or many friends. It can be a massive threat to your privacy.

A location sharing app is the best way for real-time monitoring, along with many additional features. Moreover, a location sharing app is highly customizable. You can choose exactly what to share and with whom.

There are plenty of location sharing apps available. However, it may be challenging to locate the most reliable and convenient one. Therefore, we have shortlisted the five best apps for you to try now:

1. Geonection

Geonection is an accessible location sharing app. So, whether you want to make your family safer or plan to meet up somewhere, this app is going to be helpful in every way.

share location with Geonection

Geonection enables you to make circles that include people like your family or friends to share locations. The app's map will highlight all the members of the circle. By expanding the members' list, you can view the details of their sites.

Let's dive into the fantastic and premium features that Geonection offers:


  • Geonection lets you share your live location with your family and friends.
  • This app is beneficial for parents when their children hide their activities from them. Geonection enables you to check the historical location trajectory.
  • With Geonection, you can automate reminders to notify your family members when you have arrived at a particular place or on your way back home. For instance, if your child comes to school, Geonection will notify you.

2. Glympse

Glympse is another popular location sharing app. It is easy to use and lets your family and friends view where you are. This is a free location sharing app for both iPhone and Android.

Glympse has a simple design to comfort its users. Glympse continues to run in the background without utilizing much processing power of your phone. Here are some of the most profound features that make it the best location sharing app.


  • The dynamic map of the Glympse is very convenient to use for tracking live locations.
  • You can access the route of the other person, and the app calculates ETA, so you do not have to call or text to know when the other person will reach you.
  • You can enjoy using the app without any sign-up.

3. mSpy

mSpy is the best location sharing app to keep an eye on your children. If you think your child hides about his activities, then go for mSpy. It lets you monitor your children in real-time and comes with more than 20 features related to calls, texts, etc.

After installing mSpy on your phone, you have to set it on the targeted device. Your children will never know that you are tracking them. The app offers a 7-day free trial followed by paid plans.

Here are some features that mSpy offers that make it the best location sharing app for parents.


  • It allows you to track your child's calls and messages.
  • You can even see what your child hides in the photo gallery.
  • mSpy enables you to monitor the internet activities on the targeted device.

4. FollowMee

Do you want to track multiple devices without letting them know? Then, FollowMee is the best location sharing app in this regard. By downloading the app on the targeted devices, you can access their live location.

By signing in to the FollowMee.com website, you can monitor various devices from your desktop or mobile browser with one account only. It costs up to $9.99 per year for monitoring. However, it offers more features that make it the best spying app.



  • Whenever the targeted devices reboot, FollowMee automatically starts in the background.
  • There are no ads on this app to maintain your data security.
  • Even if there is no network, the app continues to track and store the data on your device.

5. Family Locator

Family Locator is an accessible location sharing app, but it also comes with some paid packages. Nevertheless, it is a popular choice among parents who want to ensure their kids' safety.

The app lets you stay in touch with your family and friends. Moreover, if you lose your smartphone, Family Locator will help you track and find it. Here are some notable features of this app that make it stand out.


  • Specify safe and unsafe zones on your Family Locator map. Then, the app will notify you if your child enters dangerous places.
  • It provides the facility to access the location history of your child.
  • The app tells you when the other person reaches a destination.
Family Locator

A location sharing app is an essential addition to your smartphone. It can be a massive relief in every situation. You and your family members stay connected and secured with the aid of this app.

Moreover, if you or anyone else loses their phone, you can quickly locate and search for the lost device via location sharing apps.

You can navigate through this article to find the most suitable app for you. Most of the locating apps on our list are free location sharing apps so that you can avail the best services without charges!

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