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How to Track A Person's Location

Track a Person's Location

Every time you listen to the news or read a media publication online, you hear about the dangers that plague our global society. Whether it’s people being attacked in the streets, people going missing, or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’d be forgiven for thinking that danger lurks around every corner.

However, while these situations are widespread, when it comes to protecting our loved ones, there are solutions available that can help us to minimize the dangers. This comes in the form of location tracking, the practice of setting up devices that can track a person’s location in real-time, providing you with all the information you need to protect that person’s well-being.

For example, if you’re a parent, tracking your child’s location can prevent many dangerous situations that your child could find themselves in. This could be wandering off while you’re out in the town, making sure they say where they are when they are out with friends, and ensuring they don’t risk going into places that they shouldn’t. Click here to see 4 ways to share location with your family.

Another case is if you’re an employer whose employees travel for work. By tracking their employee device, you can make sure that they’re working when they should be and not wasting time while they’re on the clock.

Whatever your reason for tracking a person’s location, today, we’re going to explore three methods you can complete this task effectively and most accurately.

3 Methods to Track a Person’s Location

Below, you’ll find the three most effective methods for accurately tracking somebody’s location in real-time.

Method #1 - Using FamiSafe Mobile Monitoring Application

The vast majority of us have smartphone devices with us at all times, making this an effective way to track a person’s location using the GPS technology that is built into the device. FamiSafe is the leading mobile monitoring solution that’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices and can provide real-time updates on somebody’s location.

You can sign up for a free trial period to get you started and then continue using the service by paying the competitive monthly fee. The installation is quick and simple by following the onscreen installation process, which helps you install the software which will then remain invisible on the device of your choice.

Once installed, you’ll be able to access your kids' device usage on your device from anywhere in the world, giving you unrestricted access to their location information.

how to track a person

The main feature you’ll be able to access is the real-time location, so you can see exactly where the person is at any time. What’s more, you’ll also be able to see their location history, so where that person has been, what places they have gone into, and what times they were in those places, all on an incredibly easy-to-read Google Map-like map.

You’ll also have access to the geo-fencing feature. This means you’ll be able to set up areas on the map where you don’t want the person to go. If the device is detected outside of this geofenced area, you’ll receive a notification telling you that it’s happening.

how to track a person using geo-fencing

Furthermore, FamiSafe gives you the ability to remotely block access to any application on the device, set up schedules that limits the device’s usage, block access to websites as you place and view all of the internet activity that takes place through the device, giving you all the information you need when it comes to experiencing a complete mobile monitoring service.

Mobile Monitoring Application

Method #2 - AngelSense Kids GPS Tracker

If you’re looking for a physical tracker that doesn’t rely on tracking a mobile’s data, you can simply invest in the services of a comprehensive GPS location tracker such as AngelSense. This is a complete GPS tracking solution that provides up-to-date location information directly and securely to your mobile through the dedicated app or to your desktop computer.

With this tracker, you’ll be provided with updates every ten seconds and have access to a range of tracker information, including the routes they have taken in the past, the times, and even the speed they are traveling at.

However, the leading feature of this device is the two-way communication function. This means you’ll be able to talk to the receiver at any time, and they’ll be able to talk back; perfect if they’re in danger and need to get hold of you. In real danger? You’ll be able to listen in on what’s happening around the device, so you’ll know exactly what’s going on.

With instant notifications for when the person enters an unfamiliar area and a customizable look, so the tracker fits in with the person’s clothes, this is easily the leading solution in this market niche.

track a person's location

Method #3 - Using Find My Phone Services

The final method you can use to track somebody’s location is using the Find My Phone service that comes as standard on any modern-day device. If you’re using an iPhone, this feature is simply called Find My iPhone. On an Android device, it’s known as Find My Phone, which runs through the Google software.

Of course, for this service to work, you’re going to need access to the person’s email address and password, which is connected to the device. However, as a parent, partner, or employer, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Simply sign in to these services, and you’ll be able to see the exact location of the device, as well as a limited view of their device’s history, which timestamps and location information.

how to track a person's location

As you can see, when it comes to tracking somebody’s location, this isn’t just restricted to the governments and hackers of this world, but when you’re looking for the best way to look after your loved ones.

FamiSafe will always remain our top choice when it comes to mobile tracking and monitoring, so sign up for your free trial today to get started immediately.

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