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Top 10 GPS Phone Trackers for Parents

The Best GPS Phone Tracker

In a digital era, ensuring family members' safety has become a major concern for most people. Today, parents constantly worry about the safety of their kids. All this gets extremely difficult with the busy schedules of not only parents but kids also.

To ease the whole process, parents can rely on GPS phone trackers which enable them to ensure the safety of their kids especially when they are away from them. This article will help parents to get an idea of the top 10 GPS trackers which works with a purpose to make parenting a bit easier.

Before proceeding to the reviews, let us help the parents have a proper understanding of what GPS tracking is:

What is GPS tracking?

GPS tracking is the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track a certain object's exact location. The technology helps to locate the exact position of the object concerning the latitude, longitude, and the direction course.

To assure the safety of the child, a GPS tracking system helps best to get precise information about their whereabouts. The following are the best 10 GPS trackers designed for parents.

1. FamiSafe - more than a GPS phone tracker

The best on our list is FamiSafe GPS Phone Tracker. This GPS tracking app is highly versatile and this is what makes it stand out among other GPS trackers. It is safe and helps parents monitor their kids in a very easy manner. It comes with the following features:

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting
  • The geofences feature allows parents to set up a zone and get alerted if their kids leave the area.
  • Real-time location monitoring can help parents keep track of their kid's whereabouts.
  • If you are too busy to check your kids' location constantly, you can check their location history to see where they had been to.
  • Ensuring the safe use of the internet by blocking inappropriate websites like adult, gambling, or violence.
  • Parents can also add websites to be blocked or allowed on the kid's device.
  • Set App limit to prevent kids from getting addicted to phones.
  • Monitoring the use of different applications using the Activity Report feature on Android devices.
  • Making smart schedules to set up different plans for the children.


  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Support Android, iOS, and Fire OS, you can use one FamiSafe account to monitor different devices with different operating systems.
  • Supports block devices remotely.
  • Flexible subscriptions. Provides monthly/quarterly/annual plans to meet the needs of different families.


  • Does not support PC yet.

Price: 3-day free trial for users who sign up via the app. 9.99 for monthly subscription.

FamiSafe Parental Control App - GPS Phone Tracker

2. Spyic - mobile phone tacking solution

Spyic GPS tracking app also has comprehensive features. It offers a great amount of flexibility to parents and makes GPS tracking very easy.


  • Track calls as well as text messages.
  • Monitor the use of the application.
  • Track GPS location.
  • Get complete access to videos, photos, notes reminders, etc.
  • Allow parents to access contact.
  • Check the browser history.


  • User-friendly.
  • Excellent customer care support.
  • Works best for iOS and Android.
  • Makes the devices monitoring easy.


  • The application doesn't work with Nokia and Blackberry.


3. Life360 - the family location sharing app

Life360 is an app for location tracking and sharing. It gives parents the ability to keep track of their children's whereabouts and get notified when they arrive or leave a place. It also provides a driver protection feature for young drivers.


  • The Private Circle allows only family members to view the shared location.
  • Crash detection that will get help immediately if a crash is detected.
  • Real-time location tracking.
  • Integrate online chat so that family members can communicate in realtime.


  • Real-time tracking of family member's location.
  • Available for both iPhone and Android.
  • Basic features are free to use.


  • Need to subscribe to unlock advanced features.

Price: 2.99USD for Plus version, 7.99USD for Driver Protect

Life360 Mobile Phone GPS Tracker

4. Family Time - GPS tracking app

Family time GPS phone tracker is an amazing application that comes with an entire tracking package. It not only makes the location tracking easy but also helps to ensure the safe and effective use of all the applications as well as the internet over a child's phone.


  • Control over screen-time.
  • Real-time GPS tracker.
  • Application blocker.
  • Access to messages, calls, and other applications over the phone.
  • Panic alarm button.
  • Teen Safe drive feature.


  • Supports geofencing.
  • User-friendly.
  • Very simple and easy to use.


  • A child can easily disable the application.
  • A bit too costly!

Price: $69 for MyFamily5 Plan

Family Time GPS Tracking Device for Phone

5. mSpy - location tracking app

mSpy is a monitoring software designed for parents that helps them to monitor all of their kid's cell phone activity.


  • Real-time GPS tracking.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Easy and simple installation.
  • Monitoring of all the apps on kids' phones.


  • Highly user-friendly.
  • Excellent support system.
  • Works best for iOS and Android.


  • Limited monitoring features.
  • Doesn't work with BlackBerry and Nokia.

Price: Different packages starting at $29.99

mSpy GPS Phone Tracker

6. iKeyMonitor - mobile phone location tracking app

iKeyMonitor is an excellent monitoring application designed to help parents monitor the phone detail and ensure the safe and effective use of technology. Also, with its GPS tracker, parents get precise information on their child's whereabouts.


  • It helps in the monitoring of calls, voice messages, and games.
  • Geo-fencing that set a safe zone for your kids.
  • GPS tracker to help parents keep an eye on your child.
  • App blocker to block games or social media.
  • Screen time to limit phone usage.


  • Works best with iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac.
  • Multiple languages supported.
  • Free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Excellent customer care support.


  • Need jailbreak or root to access certain features.

Price: $29.16 per month

iKeyMonitor GPS Phone Tracker App

7. FlexiSpy - GPS mobile tracker

An excellent GPS mobile tracker that has been operating for a quite long time. A list of amazing features is been provided which are very much safe and easy to use for the parents.


  • Real-time GPS tracking.
  • Monitoring of audio-communication via phone.
  • Features for parental control as well as employee monitoring.


  • Compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, and computers.
  • Online customer support to get help immediately if needed.
  • Highly user-friendly.


  • Installation is complicated.

Price: Different packages starting at $68

FlexiSpy GPS Spyware for Cell Phones

8. TruthSpy - most useful GPS tracker

TruthSpy is one of the most useful GPS cell phone trackers which is not only reliable but also safe. It is a versatile application and helps not only with the tracking but also for the monitoring purpose.


  • GPS tracking.
  • Monitoring of the online activities.
  • Notification system.
  • Call and voice recording.
  • Monitoring of all the applications including WhatsApp.


  • Works with iPhone and Android.
  • Excellent GPS tracking accuracy.


  • The monthly fee is rather costly.

Price: Different packages starting at $21.99

TruthSpy Mobile Location Tracking System

9. Norton Family Premier - an app for GPS tracking

Norton Family Premier provides a wide range of parental control and monitoring features, which helps the parents remain updated with every possible detail.


  • Ensure safe use of the internet by monitoring the websites your kids visited.
  • Provide excellent GPS tracking.
  • Helps in smart-scheduling.
  • Generate parental report.
  • Monitoring of the use of various applications.


  • Data and reports are sent to the parent's phone or computer easily.
  • One application tracks the entire phone.
  • Support Android, iOS, and PC.


  • The application doesn't provide social media monitoring.
  • No geofencing.
  • No SMS alerts.

Price: $49.99

Norton Family Premier Best Mobile Phone GPS Tracker

10. Mobistealth GPS tracker

Mobistealth GPS mobile tracker makes the location tracking effortless. Its software system enables location tracking even when the GPS fails to work. The application also provides the tools for cell phone surveillance which helps to record the activities on the cell phone.


  • Location tracking.
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Monitor browsing history.
  • Access to the gallery and other applications on the target device.


  • Enables location tracking when the GPS failed.
  • Supports more than GPS tracking.


  • The price is too high compared with other apps.

Price: $59.99/month

Mobistealth GPS tracker Smartphone Tracker GPS

The above-mentioned reviews on the top 10 GPS trackers will enable parents to have insight into the best GPS tracker that they can opt-in to ensure their child's safety. These GPS trackers are highly versatile and come with various packages. You can review each one of them and then select the best one for your family.

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