Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones

chief Editor
  • A licensed child psychologist and chief editor of FamiSafe team.
  • Has a knack of tackling emotional and behavioral issues of children.
  • Likes sharing wonderful thoughts through many platforms.
  • Loves sports and museums.

Experience & Education


Thomas is a child psychologist with keen wit about children development. In university, he received rigorous academic training, focusing on children’s mental health and emotional condition. During his career, Thomas has also dedicated himself to family education as a public speaker and guest expert on local.


Thomas completed his college career in the University of Southern California. He did a one-year internship before receiving his doctoral degree. Before achieving full licensure, he practiced an additional year under supervision after graduation.


As a chief editor of Famisafe, Thomas often sharing his wonderful thoughts with readers. His knowledge, skills and aptitudes help families to tackle emotional and behavioral issues effectively. Through his writing, Thomas spares no effort to provide children with the best shot at a carefree childhood.


During his spare time, Thomas likes to jogging and go cycling. He is also a museum maniac. Every week he goes to different museums with his wife and children.