FamiSafe Keeps Students
Safe in The Digital Age

Monitor | Protect | Alert

Technology in school is helpful, but also challenging


When there are all kinds of temptations of digital devices around, you will find that students may find it difficult to concentrate in class


Cyberbullying often occurs on campus. If cyberbullying incidents can be monitored in time, the loss can be stopped in time


Staying up late to watch dramas, watching videos, playing games... Addicted to the internet, this is the life many students now having


In the convenient digital age, plagiarism has become easier and more frequent, so educators inevitably worry more about the quality of learning and the possibility of cheating

FamiSafe protects all students in a more efficient way

Web Filter

Keep Search Safe With Website Filter
Block websites by category
Block or allow websites by adding exceptions

Multi - User, Multi - Device

Provide a variety of subscription options
Manage multiple students at the same time
View and aggregate student app usage data

Smart Dashboard

Aggregate all student information
Unified management of student devices
Quickly view student today's devices usage

Why FamiSafe is the best choice for your school?

Screen Supervision

As phone or tablet becomes a part of kid's life, Teachers should consider helping students strike a balance, putting a stop to study distraction or sleep deprivation.

App Blocker

Students need to focus on their learning, but some apps that are not related to learning always distract students

Online Safety

The online world is exciting and interesting, but there are also hidden security risks such as cyberbullying, pornography, and cyber predators. Students need guidance and help from teachers.

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