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Limit screen time and app usage on your iPhone and Andriod

Do You Allow Your Babies Have Screen Time?

It is easy for babies to have access to screen time now, but this is not a good thing for them. Should parents allow their babies to have screen time?

Moly Swift 03/12/2020
Kids Time Management Plan For Parents 2020

Does your child struggle to manage time? Read these time management tips to help you in making time management for kids a valuable learning experience.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
How Much Screen Times Are Recommended for Kids?

Find out what the recommended screen times for kids are and what you as a parent or guardian can do to control your kids’ moments on the display.

Moly Swift 03/12/2020
Parental Guide: How Much is too Much Screen Time?

Too much screen time for kids cannot be a good thing. Here we explore the effects of too much screen time and what can be done to ensure your kids don’t get addicted.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
Effective ways to treat Children's addiction to video game

If you are always thinking or cannot stop thinking of that beautiful game, then the chances are that you might be addicted. The American Psychiatric Association has identified several symptoms to look out for when it comes to video game addiction.

Moly Swift 03/12/2020
Kids Timer App: To Control Kid's Time on iPhone and iPad

Are you worried that your children are spending too much time online? Click here to learn about the kid’s timer app and the iPad timer app, and to find out the best way to control the amount of time your kids spend on their iPhone and iPad.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
Limit Child Screen Time on Apple Products

Are you afraid that your kids are spending too much time online? Are you worried that their grades are suffering because of their phone obsession? Click here and learn how to effectively limit apple screen time by applying apple restrictions to your children's devices.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
How to Utilize App to Limit Phone Use

Would you like to find a reliable app to limit phone use? Or an app to lock the phone for a period of time? Click here to learn how to stop your children from using their phones longer than you feel is necessary.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
Screen time companion app to limit app usage

How much time are your children spending online? Did you know that you can limit app usage with the Screen time companion app? Click here to find out exactly how you can monitor your children's device usage.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
Free Apple Screen Time App

Is your kid addicted to iPhone and you don’t know how to reduce him/her accessing the phone at particular time limits? Then read this article and find out the best Apple screen time apps to limit the screen time of iPhone during studies and school time.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
Best free apps to limit screen time on Android and iOS

This article is intended to show you some of the best 10 screen time apps to limit and track screen time on your kid's Android and iPhone devices.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
Make your kids have a good online life with app time limit

Is your kid captivated to any addicting games like Clash of Clans and PUBG? Well, do not be worried as you now use time limit apps compatible with Android and iOS to limit their usage.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
Effective Ways to Limit App Time on iPhone

Looking for an effective solution to help limit and manage how much you or a loved one is using their iPhone? Today we explore everything you need to know, including the screen time on iPhone app you need to know about.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
What is Screen Time on iPhone and How to Use It?

Scratching your head at the new iOS feature known as Screen Time and want to know what it’s all about? Click here for the complete guide that comes with everything you need to know.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
The Best iPhone Time Limit Apps That You Can’t Miss

Looking for the best time limit iPhone app to help limit your device usage or that of a loved one? Click here for the complete guide that has everything you need to know!

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
How to Set Parental Restrictions on iPhone

Concerned with how much time your child is spending on their iPhone and what they’re doing on it? Click here for the complete guide that comes with everything you need to know.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
How to Check Screen Time on iPhone for Parental Control

Discover! An innovative tool Famisafe a parental control to check the screen time iPhone. Explore its additional features for your kids to play safe in your iOS devices. Learn how to use this tool in an effective manner to overcome the cyber threats targeting the kids worldwide.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 03/12/2020
Use Screen Time in iOS 12 to Track Kids' Device Usage

Monitor the kid’s gadget activities using the screen time in iOS 12 implemented by an incredible app Famisafe. Get it now for a free trial at the official website of Wondershare. Install this app in your iOS12 device and explore various parental control features.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
iOS 12 screen time: Know more about the phone activity of your child

It is high time to overcome your addiction towards the iOS devices with the help of the screen time feature. Customize it further using an amazing app Famisafe. Learn in detail and explore its functionalities as a parental control. Famisafe is an excellent app to manage your time on iOS 12 device.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
Top 5 best iPhone screen apps that really work in 2019

Check out the list of top 5 best iPhone screen apps that is going to conquer the digital world in near future. Get ready to explore the amazing features of these screen time apps which performs well in the iPhone platform without any issues. Establish controlled activities on your iPhone.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
Tips for parents to manage android screen time of kid

Check out the effective Android screen time app to manage and control the phone usage by your kids. Parents should learn the tips and tricks to handle the screen time app Android of your children. Discover innovative methods to bring constructive change in the daily activities of your kids.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
How to limit the phone's screen time with the help of some apps

Is your kid addicted to games or social media and you want to limit your kids from using smartphones? So, read on to explore ways on how to limit screen time with the help of those apps.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
Top 10 useful screen time apps and their reviews

Do you need to control your kid’s mobile usage? Then read the article as we have a list of 10 useful screen time app along with their review to help you.

Thomas Jones 03/12/2020
Parents Need to Know | Kids and Screen Time

Regarding the issue of children and screen time, no parent can escape. As a good parent, you must know how to manage your child’s screen time

Thomas Jones 11/12/2020