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FamiSafe: The All-in-One Solution for Reducing Screen Time

Many people struggle with reducing screen time, which affects their health. FamiSafe is the ultimate solution for managing your relationship with technology.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2023-06-15 09:34:40
How To Set Screen Time on Apps for Healthier Phone Use

Excessive screen time can lead to eye strain, poor sleep, and lack of focus. Set screen time on apps to control your phone use and improve your well-being.

Posted byMoly Swift|2023-06-13 14:28:30
[Parental Controls] How to Lock Down Your Kid's iPhone

Setting a parental lock on your child’s iPhone can prevent them from spending too much time on screen and encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2023-06-13 14:28:30
Managing Kids' Screen Time Based on Recommended Guidelines

Experts have set recommended screen times by age to avoid negative effects on children's growth. FamiSafe can help you enforce these limits on your kids easily.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2023-06-13 14:28:30
How to Check Screen Time on Samsung?

Screen time on Samsung lets you check how much time you have spent on the phone. But many don’t know how to check it. If you are one of them, continue reading.

Posted byThomas Jones|2023-06-12 10:05:56
Parental Guide: How Much Screen Time is too Much?

Too much screen time for kids cannot be a good thing. Here we explore the effects of too much screen time and what can be done to ensure your kids don’t get addicted.

Posted byThomas Jones|2023-03-22 10:57:47
10 Funniest Screen Time Report Memes in 2023

Do you receive screen time reports weekly? Are you anxious about your growing screen time? Come and have some fun about screen time reports memes, then learn how to control your screen time wisely!

Posted byJoanne Croft|2023-03-22 10:33:22
Set A Good Screen Time for Toddlers [2023]

Most of the baby's brain development happens within the first 2 years of life. This is why you must limit screen time for toddlers. You might be wondering how much screen time for toddlers then? Well, let us discuss.

Posted byThomas Jones|2023-03-22 10:33:10
6 Apps for TikTok Monitoring and Screen Time Limiting

Learn about the six best applications for monitoring TikTok screen time and imposing the right limits to avoid kids falling victim to the potential risks of TikTok over-usage.

Posted byMoly Swift|2023-02-09 19:31:44
What's Recommended Screen Time Before Bed?

In this post, we will discuss how much screen time you should have before bed and effective ways to limit screen time.

Posted byAnkhi Bhattacharya|2023-02-09 19:31:44
Safe Streaming: What's the Best Streaming Platform for Kids

Is there any safe stream platform for kids? Learn it here!

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-12-29 14:28:48
Streaming Addiction: Caution about Watching Too Much Streaming

Do you or your kids spend way too much time watching streaming? That could be streaming addition. Here learn with FamiSafe about how to control streaming addition.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-12-29 14:28:48
Is Screen Time not working? Here’s Quick Fix!

Are you struggling with Screen Time not working issue? Do you want to fix the problem with an efficient solution? Then, quickly scroll down for the perfect insights on this topic.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-12-29 14:28:48
Using Xbox Family Setting to Manage Xbox Screen Time

Xbox family setting is a great way to manage screen time for children by the parents; keep reading to learn how to utilize this setting.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-12-29 14:28:48
What's the Average Screen Time for Adults? Be Careful!

The recommended screen time for adults is no more than 6 hours. But the average screen time for adults and teens may differ.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-12-29 14:28:48
Best Apps to Set Screen Time on Computer [Free Included]

Want to find a best app to set screen time on your kids' PC? Come and see some top apps to set pc screen time we list for you!

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-12-29 14:28:48
Parents Alert: Those 5 Hot Games are NOT Safe for Kids!

Gaming is known to be instrumental for a child’s cognitive growth. However, specific games, such as Among Us, are too violent for younger people and could prove to be quite harmful. In this post, we will be highlighting the top 5 games that are deemed not safe for your kids, and you should take measures to stop them from playing.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-12-29 14:28:48
8 Hottest Chines Gacha Games Recommendations!

Gacha games lovers must know Chinese Gacha games, here are some recommendations fo ryou.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-29 14:28:48
3 Best Methods to Fake Your Screen Time Lower

Lower screen time promotes healthy digital practices and ensures internet safety for users. 21st-century kids are much cleverer and more intelligent than parents can imagine. They know how to bypass the screen time restrictions by using different tricks and hacks.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-12-29 14:28:48
How to Limit Screen Time on YouTube? [PC & Mobile]

Limit your child's YouTube screen time today without stress by following the complete tutorial guide provided here in this article.

Posted byAnkhi Bhattacharya|2022-12-29 14:28:48
How to Set Screen Time Limit for Family? Use These 3 Apps [Android & iOS]

Still looking for an app to set up screen time for family? we discuss the 3 best apps or services to set family screen time limits on Android & iOS in this post!

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-29 14:28:48
How to Monitor Screen Time with Microsoft Family Safety?

What is Microsoft Family Safety and how parents can use Microsoft Family Safety App to monitor their kids' screen time? Check the answer in this post!

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-12-29 14:28:48
How to Check Screen Time on Huawei?

Want to check screen time on Huawei but don’t know the right technique? You hit the right place. Here you will get to know how to check screen time on Huawei?

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-29 14:28:48
How to Check Screen Time on Android? (For Kids)

Are you wondering how to check screen time on Android without the help of a third-party app? Here’re the steps on how to use the Android screen time tracker.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-29 14:28:48
Kids Time Management Plan for Parents

Does your child struggle to manage time? Read these time management tips to help you in making time management for kids a valuable learning experience.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Screen Time and Teen Mental Health

As a responsible parent, it’s always a good idea to cultivate a healthy screen time for your kid. So, apart from sharing some tips and tips, this guide will also tell you why excessive screen time isn’t good for your kid.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-12-21 10:53:58
How Much Screen Times Are Recommended for Kids?

Find out what the recommended screen times for kids are and what you as a parent or guardian can do to control your kids’ moments on the display.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Time Killers: Top Apps that Take Up Teen’s Screen Time

Is your child spending too much screen time on their smartphone? This article discusses the most addictive smartphone apps and how to limit your child’s screen time.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Put Down the Phone and Relieve Screen Fatigue with Your Child

All of display screen time may well hurt their health, like eye fatigue. Now put down the phone and learn how to relieve screen fatigue with your kids.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Effective Ways to Limit App Time on iPhone

Looking for an effective solution to help limit and manage how much you or a loved one is using their iPhone? Today we explore everything you need to know, including the screen time on iPhone app you need to know about.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
What is Screen Time on iPhone and How to Use It?

Scratching your head at the new iOS feature known as Screen Time and want to know what it’s all about? Click here for the complete guide that comes with everything you need to know.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
How to Set Parental Restrictions on iPhone

Concerned with how much time your child is spending on their iPhone and what they’re doing on it? Click here for the complete guide that comes with everything you need to know.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Kids Timer App: To Control Kid's Time on iPhone and iPad

Are you worried that your kids are spending too much time online? Click here to learn about the kid's timer app and to find out the best way to control your kids' screen time.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Limit Child Screen Time on Apple Products

Are you afraid that your kids are spending too much time online? Are you worried that their grades are suffering because of their phone obsession? Click here and learn how to effectively limit apple screen time by applying apple restrictions to your children's devices.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
How to Utilize App to Limit Phone Use

Would you like to find a reliable app to limit phone use? Or an app to lock the phone for a period of time? Click here to learn how to stop your children from using their phones longer than you feel is necessary.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Screen time companion app to limit app usage

How much time are your children spending online? Did you know that you can limit app usage with the Screen time companion app? Click here to find out exactly how you can monitor your children's device usage.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Everything You Should Know about AAP Recommended Screen Time

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is a US-based body of pediatricians that works to ensure the health and well-being of children across the globe. The academy covers all areas that could directly or indirectly affect children from different age groups including teenagers.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-12-21 10:53:58
How to Check Screen Time on iPhone for Parental Control

Discover! An innovative tool Famisafe a parental control to check the screen time iPhone. Explore its additional features for your kids to play safe in your iOS devices. Learn how to use this tool in an effective manner to overcome the cyber threats targeting the kids worldwide.

Posted byAnkhi Bhattacharya|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Use Screen Time in iOS 12 to Track Kids' Device Usage

Monitor the kid’s gadget activities using the screen time in iOS 12 implemented by an incredible app Famisafe. Get it now for a free trial at the official website of Wondershare. Install this app in your iOS12 device and explore various parental control features.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
iOS 12 screen time: Know more about the phone activity of your child

It is high time to overcome your addiction towards the iOS devices with the help of the screen time feature. Customize it further using an amazing app Famisafe. Learn in detail and explore its functionalities as a parental control. Famisafe is an excellent app to manage your time on iOS 12 device.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Top 5 Best iPhone Screen Apps that Really Work

Check out the list of top 5 best iPhone screen apps that is going to conquer the digital world in near future. Get ready to explore the amazing features of these screen time apps which performs well in the iPhone platform without any issues. Establish controlled activities on your iPhone.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Tips for parents to manage android screen time of kid

Check out the effective Android screen time app to manage and control the phone usage by your kids. Parents should learn the tips and tricks to handle the screen time app Android of your children. Discover innovative methods to bring constructive change in the daily activities of your kids.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
How to limit the phone's screen time with the help of some apps

Is your kid addicted to games or social media and you want to limit your kids from using smartphones? So, read on to explore ways on how to limit screen time with the help of those apps.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Top 10 useful screen time apps and their reviews

Do you need to control your kid’s mobile usage? Then read the article as we have a list of 10 useful screen time app along with their review to help you.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
A Comprehensive Guide For Parents To Manage Kid's Samsung Devices

It's no exaggeration that getting addicted to using Samsung is quite easy, given its high-end features. But as a parent, you might be worried about your child's Samsung screen time.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Effective ways to treat Children's addiction to video game

If you are always thinking or cannot stop thinking of that beautiful game, then the chances are that you might be addicted. The American Psychiatric Association has identified several symptoms to look out for when it comes to video game addiction.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Do You Allow Your Babies Have Screen Time?

It is easy for babies to have access to screen time now, but this is not a good thing for them. Should parents allow their babies to have screen time?

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-12-21 10:53:58
How parents help the kids to reduce eye strain from computer or phone?

Do you have any idea about computer screen eye strain? This article gives you wise advice to overcome the issues related to eyestrain. Make use of the practical remedies for expected results.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Kids Glued to Screens? Set iPad Screen Time Limit for Kids!

Are your kids spending too much time glued to iPad screens? Unhook them by setting the iPad screen time limit!

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Free Apple Screen Time App

Is your kid addicted to iPhone and you don’t know how to reduce him/her accessing the phone at particular time limits? Then read this article and find out the best Apple screen time apps to limit the screen time of iPhone during studies and school time.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Best Free Apps to Limit Screen Time on Android and iOS

This article is intended to show you some of the 10 best free apps to limit and track screen time on your kid's Android and iPhone devices.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Make your kids have a good online life with app time limit

Is your kid captivated to any addicting games like Clash of Clans and PUBG? Well, do not be worried as you now use time limit apps compatible with Android and iOS to limit their usage.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Parents Need to Know | Kids and Screen Time

Regarding the issue of children and screen time, no parent can escape. As a good parent, you must know how to manage your child’s screen time

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-12-21 10:53:58
Easy Ways to Know All about Nintendo Switch Screen Time Management

Did you know that there is a Nintendo Switch parental control feature that limits the child’s screen time? If you wish to learn more about Nintendo parental controls, such as how to enable them, then check out our complete tutorial.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-05-26 20:16:02
How to Prevent Your Child from Tech Addiction? Read this Guide!

Still worrying that your kids get addicted to tech devices? This article will show you how to prevent internet addiction.

Posted byJoanne Croft|2022-05-26 20:16:02
Can I use Screen Time on iOS as Parental Control?

It is essential for a parent to take a look at the type of content their child is accessing on their iOS device. For that, the iOS Screen Time utility is an excellent choice. If you do not know how to set app limits on your iPhone, then check out this post and learn the fastest technique.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-05-26 20:16:02
How to turn off Screen Time on Any IOS Devices without Passcode?

Many people still think that there is only one way to turn off or change the Screen Time passcode, which is by entering the existing one. However, it isn’t the case, and we will share how to turn off Screen Time in this post with step-by-step instructions.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-05-26 20:16:02
5 Simple Ways to Restrict Your Kids' TikTok Screen Time on iPhone

Does your kid spend much time on TikTok every day? That's a common situation among everyone, not just kids. This article will show you 5 simple ways to limit TikTok screen time on iPhone. Read on to find more.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-05-26 20:16:02
Best Screen Time App for Android

Are you still combing Play Store to find the best app to set time limit on apps for Android? This article introduces you to several solutions.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-05-26 20:16:02
How to Check Screen Time on Xiaomi?

Do you want to check screen time on Xiaomi phone but are not able to do so? Just go through this resolute dossier to find the right technique.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-05-26 20:16:02
How to Set Time Limits on Android?

Do you want to know how to set time limit on apps for Android? Here is a guide to learn how to do that with two simple solutions.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-05-26 20:16:02
How Much Screen Time Should a 12 Year Old Have?

Are you still wondering how much screen time should a 12-year-old have? This article has all the answers to your queries.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-05-26 20:16:02
Screen Time for Teenagers: Set Good Habit for Teenagers

This article teaches you the average screen time for teens plus how to control the duration children spend behind the screen.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-05-26 20:16:02
What You Should Know About Screen Time for Babie

Babies need humans and not screens. This is why you must limit screen time for babies. Now you might be wondering, Is screen time bad for babies? Well, let us discuss this in detail.

Posted byThomas Jones|2022-05-26 20:16:02
Screen Time Report: Use it Wisely to Manage Your Life

If you have enabled the Screen Time utility on my iPhone to manage my on-screen activities better but do not know where to get the weekly report of Screen Time, then check out this detailed post on the said topic. We will also reveal a better alternative to control the phone doings.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-05-26 20:16:02