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Safe Streaming: What's the Best Streaming Platform for Kids

Learn about 4 live stream platforms!

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With the evolution of the internet and smartphone technology, streaming platforms have become popular among children. From watching movies and TV shows to completing online courses on different topics, streaming websites offer a variety of content catered to the interests of wide audiences.


When it comes to safe live streaming for children, each website has its own terms and conditions. Popular live streaming platforms like Twitch, Facebook Live, Bigo Live, and YouTube Live take their users’ online safety very seriously. However, despite their efforts, several risks are associated with live streaming platforms that can create problems for children. Unless parents strictly monitor their kids’ live streaming activities, cyberbullies and blackmailers can take advantage of children’s innocence to achieve their notorious aims.

If you are interested in learning more about safe streaming for your children, here are the four best live streaming platforms based on their content and community guidelines.

Part 1: Twitch


What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platform founded more than a decade ago for gamers. It allows users across the globe to watch live streams for free and enjoy pre-recorded video gameplays. Besides, you can also broadcast your own channel as well as follow non-gaming channels on different topics like music, food, talk shows, etc.

What is the Age Rating?

Twitch’s recommended age rating is 13 years. The site’s terms of service require the users should be between 13 to 18 years old to use this platform. Besides, Google Play Store gives Twitch a “Teen” rating, Apple Play Store recommends 17+, while Common Sense considers 15+ the ideal age to use Twitch.

What Makes Twitch Attractive to Children?

Twitch is very popular among children because of the following options:

The Gaming Community

The gaming community comprises gaming enthusiasts and offers gameplay streaming with live commentary. Users can interact with renowned gamers and earn money by broadcasting their own gaming streams.

A Good Source of Income

Twitch has provided gamers with an opportunity to make successful careers and gain financial independence by offering in-stream links and showcasing their gaming skills.

Is Twitch Safe for Children?

Although Twitch has strict community guidelines regarding explicit content, it can be very risky for children and teenagers. The platform does not have any age gates or filters for mature games with violent titles.

Similarly, the broadcasters also encourage the viewers to buy paid subscriptions or send money for broadcasting exclusive content. The content of games like GTA V and Crysis 3 promotes violence and can be harmful to kids. Parents should regularly monitor which type of games their kids are playing on Twitch and take timely action if they find any unusual activity.

Part 2: Bigo Live


What is Bigo Live?

Big Live is another live streaming social media app like Twitch. It primarily focuses on online gaming and showbiz. Users can live stream gameplays for entertainment, play games, and post video blog posts.

What is the Age Rating?

The Google Play Store recommends Bigo Live for 12+ years old users with proper parental guidance, while the Apple Play Store considers 17+ ideal age to use this app. However, Bigo Live does not have any system to verify whether its users fall under the age rating or not.

Why is it Popular Among Children?

Live streaming gives users a sense of instant involvement and self-expression that no other source can offer. Apps like Bigo Live provide children with a platform where they can engage with their fans across the globe and inspire their target audience by showcasing their skills. For instance, gamers can live stream gameplays and earn money by offering valuable tips. Hence, children like using Bigo Live to become a celebrity, earn a reputation and gain financial independence.

Is Bigo Live Safe for Children?

Bigo Live is a useful platform to express creativity and learn new things. However, past incidents of vile porn threats and the absence of any age verification mechanism make this app quite risky for kids. Several incidents have been reported where kids were blackmailed and even asked to take off their clothes.

Moreover, innocent children interacting with unknown broadcasters online is a major red flag. The app’s content is vulgar, violent, and inappropriate for kids. Cyberbullies often harass users in the live commentary while the broadcasters sometimes go to extremes to get more fame and achieve their notorious aims. Hence, it is recommended that Big Live is unsafe for children and parents must take care of their kids during live streaming.

Part 3: YouTube Live


What is YouTube Live?

YouTube is an online video sharing and streaming website with a huge library of millions of videos on a range of topics. YouTube Live allows users to broadcast live streams and telecast their shows online.

What is the Age Rating?

YouTube Live has an age rating of 13+. The website has strict community guidelines regarding users’ age restrictions.

Why YouTube Live is Famous Among Children?

YouTube Live offers kids a platform to live broadcast their talent in front of millions of viewers across the world. This amazing website has a diverse audience that makes it attractive for users from all age groups, including children.

Is YouTube Live Safe for Children?

YouTube is considered comparatively safer than other live streaming platforms because it has strict community guidelines against immoral activities. Videos violating YouTube community guidelines are instantly removed before they reach a wide audience.

Still, parental guidance is extremely important for kids broadcasting live on YouTube Live to protect kids from cyberbullies and blackmailers.

Part 4: Facebook Live


What is Facebook Live?

Who is not familiar with Facebook? Currently, it is the world’s most famous social networking website with billions of users across the globe from different age groups. Since the inception of Facebook Live, it has become a commodity for kids who can broadcast their live streams and engage with their wide social circles.

What is the Age Rating?

According to Facebook, a user must have been born in 1905 or later to create an account. However, recommended age rating for Facebook Live by both Google Play Store and Apple Play Store is 13+.

Why makes Facebook Live Attractive to Children?

Facebook is like a gigantic global village where users with different interests, backgrounds, and intellects can talk to each other. This diversity of users makes Facebook both attractive and risky. Kids like posting their images and videos on this social networking website.

With Facebook Live, children can live broadcast their family events or video blog posts. There are no charges for Facebook Live, the entire service is free of cost and easily accessible for kids. Hence, teenagers love Facebook Live and use it for self-expression and endorsement from people within their social circles.

Is Facebook Live Safe for Kids?

There are several aspects we can consider to evaluate the risk perception of Facebook Live for kids. Families can use this social networking website to share their memories and decorate their events with smiles and happiness.

But the larger picture of Facebook Live is drastic, particularly for kids interacting with strangers. All risks linked to the live streaming platforms exist with Facebook Live. Bullies and criminals can encourage innocent kids to indulge in immoral activities and blackmail them by recording their videos. Excessive use of Facebook itself is very dangerous, leave alone Facebook Live, which becomes even more hazardous for children.

Get some idea about the streaming platforms in this video.

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FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

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Part 5: How to Protect Kids’ CyberLife and Reduce Screen Time

As fast as the world is moving towards digitization, new risks are emerging related to internet safety. Kids using social networking websites and live streaming platforms are highly vulnerable to security threats from worldwide users.

So, what can parents do to counter cybersecurity challenges and protect their kids?

The answer is FamiSafe, the most reliable parental control app powered by amazing features. With FamiSafe, you can stay informed of your children’s online activities and take timely actions if any unusual activity is reported. The software allows parents to:

• Block websites, apps, and games with inappropriate content for kids

• Filter potential harmful content

• Set smart schedules to reduce kids’ screen time

• Access children’s real-time location and location history

• Get a complete report on which apps your kid has used or which websites he/she has accessed

• Turn on the safe search to filter inappropriate web results

• Detect explicit content and send instant notifications on unusual activities.


The rising popularity of live streaming platforms has also given rise to safety concerns for children. Incidents involving blackmailing and cyberbullying children are now reported more often. To ensure live streaming for children and protect them from online scammers, parents need to take steps in the right direction and use modern technology.

Since avoiding technology is not an option, we can optimize it for our kid’s long-term benefits. Hence, parents doubtful about live streaming platforms should use parental monitoring apps like FamiSafe, which gives them full control over their children’s devices and helps them ensure internet safety.

Download and install FamiSafe today and let your kids showcase their creativity on live streaming platforms without any risk.

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