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Best Free Apps to Limit Screen Time on Android and iOS

Best free apps to limit screen time

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Jun 25, 2023 Filed to: Screen Time Control Proven solutions

Apps to limit screen time have diversified in terms of features. Some screen time apps have improved the interface while others have even changed the price it costs to use the software. With the need to limit screen time on kids' phones, apps of such a nature have been developed. So, if you are worried that your kid is spending more than usual time fiddling with his phone but don't know how to limit screen time, then read the guide below to know some of the best free apps to limit screen time on both Android and iPhone, so keep reading to the end!

If apps don’t meet your need, we’ve prepared 8 tips to reduce screen time for you and your kids.

Best free apps to limit screen time on Android and iPhone

How long is too much screen time?

The World Health Organization recommends:

For Kids 2 to 4 years old, over 1 hour of screen time per day. For Children 5-18 years old, parents should try to set limit their screen time to two hours or less per day. Click here to learn about AAP Recommended Screen Time.

5 best free apps to limit screen time on Android

1. BreakFree

Designed by Mobifolio, BreakFree is a unique app that comes with a newly incorporated feature to help you analyze your kid's phone usage. This is achieved by running the app's intuitive analyzer engine to predict the phone usage patterns and whether one is addicted to the phone or not.

apps to limit screen time android - BreakFree

Key Features:

  • Parental Control Function
  • Monitor Phone Usage
  • Provide Statistics on Phone Usage
  • Management and Scheduling Tools
  • Non-Intrusive Phone Usage Notifications


  • It is free
  • It has many useful features, such as the usage Statistics adults can also use
  • Other than Android, it can also be used on iOS
  • Smart interface making the app easy to use
  • Comes with useful tips to break away from phone addiction


  • Some more advancements and improvements can be done to make the app look better
  • The app has a limitation to some features unless you are a Pro User like:
2. FamiSafe

How to check and limit screen time on android? Here comes one new app to limit screen time from Wondershare-FamiSafe. With many stylistic features and the ability to manage kids' screen time, you can be sure that this will help you with many restricting issues. For instance, using Screen Time, you will be able to block or limit screen time. The app is also able to track Suspicious SMS and can help parents get alerts from suspicious messages like bullying words.

Here is a video tutorial on how to control screen time on Android devices.

Try for Free on Google Play and App Store!

  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Chromebook

Key Features:

  • New Suspicious SMS Monitoring Function
  • Track screen time and specific app usage
  • Limit screen time around certain places and block devices
  • Block certain apps or app categories
  • Check browser history and web filtering functions


  • Parents can set screen time schedule around different location
  • Monitor screen time and app installation
  • Remotely monitor kids' Real-Time location.
  • Block YouTube videos and channels.
  • Supports the ability to monitor numerous devices.

check screen time on android on Android - FamiSafe


  • Comes only with a 3 day free trial period on Google Play and the App store
  • Has a limit to check on call details
3. Dinner Time Plus

One of the many products from NComputing Global Inc is Dinner Time Plus. It is one of the best free apps to limit screen time with which parents can set limits to phone usage so that they can enjoy mealtime with their children. Its other exciting features are: take a break off the phone-, dinner time or bedtime control functions.

screen time app limits - Dinner Time Plus

Key Features:

  • Schedule restrictions and limit phone usage
  • Real-time display of the child's phone
  • A detailed report of phone usage
  • Block and Allow apps
  • User-Friendly control functionality


  • Gives you a chance to take control of their children's phone usage
  • Effective app to bring about a candidly enjoyed family time
  • Has a function to give the children a break from the devices
  • Supports the control of more than one phone simultaneously


  • Not all devices are supported by the app.
  • Some features such as the ability to monitor texts via the app may be limited
4. Unglue

Designed simply to impress the Unglue Parental Control App makes to our list of the best free apps to limit screen time. The app was designed with an agenda to allow kids to have fun on the Internet, with moderation.

Android screen time app - Unglue

Key Features:

  • Keep track of kid's online activity
  • Set screen time limits
  • Incorporate an app blocker
  • Provide kid curated content and block mature content
  • Monitor games, other apps, web activity as well as multiple devices at once


  • It is a collaborative parental control and management app.
  • Simplicity in use and navigation of the app.
  • It offers privacy and safety of information as its data servers are secure and almost unbreachable.
  • It is a free app with many useful features.
  • Balance kids screen time with activity schedule


  • No 24/7 customer service
  • Some functions are limited in the trial version
5. ScreenTime

ScreenTime app is amongst the best Android Free apps to limit screen time. It has a free 14-day trial period after which you can use the free package or acquire a subscription.

apps to limit phone use and screen time on android - ScreenTime

Key Features:

  • Free Play helps parents override the settings temporarily for instance during long journeys so kids can enjoy all the capabilities of their phone
  • Instead of only blocking and allowing apps, parents can approve or disapprove of apps to be downloaded
  • Comes with a free package as well as a free trial period
  • Parents can share access to other guardians to help watch over the child
  • It supports an unlimited number of devices


  • Exquisite activity scheduling functionality
  • Supports numerous devices
  • Supports customizable filtering of content kids view
  • Hefty Screen Time monitoring functions
  • Cool and easy to maneuver interface


  • Web control is limited
  • Doesn't have location tracking
Try FamiSafe Free, Limit Screen Time on Android &iPhone.

5 best free apps to limit screen time on iPhone

1. OurPact

With a litany of features, this comes around among the best free apps to limit screen time for iPhone. The app is designed with a sleek interface and there is even a demo to try out the app before deciding on whether to use it. Moreover, it is cross-platform software and has got some exclusive features.

how to set iphone screen time limit - OurPact

Key Features:

  • One can manage up to 20 devices
  • Management rules for apps such as Blocking, Scheduling or Allowing apps
  • Offers ScreenTime Management function
  • It has got a Geo-Tracker and can be used to geo-fence locations too
  • Supports Web Filtering


  • Exquisite UI
  • It's free
  • Cross-Platform app-Though mostly designed for iOS
  • Supports monitoring of multiple devices
  • Easy to get started using the app


  • Some functions are limited on Android
  • To enjoy more perks of the app, one may need to purchase a Plus or Premium Package
  • It may be hard for some to install
2. Pumpic

There will be no need to root your device in order to use Pumpic. It can be regarded as a reliable Parental Control App for monitoring screen time on iOS devices.

how to limit screen time on iphone - Pumpic

Key Features:

  • Monitor Calls and SMS
  • Track Location
  • Observe online activity
  • Has a Keylogger Ability or Function
  • Monitor Social Apps


  • Has both a web panel and an app to enhance monitoring of children
  • Has in-built search function to view and be able to search their history
  • View even deleted messages (only if they were back up before deleting)
  • Has Real-Time GPS tracking
  • Reliable Technical and After Sales Support


  • It only supports till iOS 9
  • The app may a bit complex for use to some


How To Limit Your Kid's Screen Time on iPhone and iPad

3. Moment

This is an iOS app to limit screen time that has one very unique feature - Moment Coach. It is a feature designed to help you get back some of the time lost on over usage of your phone. It informs one on how to create a healthy relationship with your phone or how you use it.

how to limit screen time on ipad and iPhone - Moment

Key Features:

  • Disconnect: This is the ability to completely switch off all connected user's phones to share some time together as a family
  • Coach: The Moment Coach guides you in a healthy way to use your phone
  • Measure: This is an analytic feature to help gauge the way you use your phone and provide detailed statistics of the same.


  • Delicate UI design
  • Very interactive app
  • Terrific performance
  • Reliable app to track the phone usage
  • It is a useful app to help curb phone addiction


  • Some measuring settings may be off.
  • It doesn't have call, SMS, web or app monitoring, or app blocking
4. FamilyTime

This iOS app with features such as robust monitoring abilities of calls, texts, games, and social apps, FamilyTime is Considered one of the best free apps to limit screen time for iOS.

limiting screen time for kids'iPhone - FamilyTime

Key Features:

  • You can use one account to monitor many devices
  • Use it on the go, via the app or web panel
  • Monitor app usage and block apps too
  • Set geofences and geo-track your child's location
  • Inbuilt SOS function


  • Offers child data privacy. No one else can access the data unless you give them access
  • Ensure data security. Their data servers are highly secure and impenetrable
  • It prevents kids from uninstalling it
  • Easy to set up.
  • Has an SOS function


  • Not compatible with Mac or other PCs
  • No web content filtering ability
5. Dinner Mode

Created by Revelry Labs, LLC, Dinner Mode is an iOS-friendly app to limit screen time with an outstanding look and design.

how to limit time on iphone - Dinner Mode

Key Features:

  • Unlike other screentime apps, this one has the option to completely switch off the phone to enjoy food and drinks with friends and family
  • A distinctive feature is to complete the challenge of not using the phone for a stipulated amount of time
  • Easy to configure and use


  • Fast way to get disconnected
  • An easier way to schedule screen time
  • Easy to install


  • Does not effectively support other monitoring functions such as web or app monitoring
  • Only useful for scheduling a screen time limit and no other Parental Control functions

Plus, Famisafe is also an excellent choice for IOS devices! Try it for free now!

We listed some of the best screen time apps to limit screen time for Android and iPhone devices. So, the next time you need to limit app usage and screen time of mobile for your kid's studies or probably for yourself, give a try to any one of the above-mentioned apps.

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