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Best parental control App

Is Screen Time not working? Here’s Quick Fix!

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FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

Screen time plays a vital role in controlling gadget usage in kids. If the screen time is not working, then switch to better ideas to control the gadget activities of your kid. The pandemic has led the kids to be prone to digital devices to meet their academic needs. The usage has extended to addiction issues in fewer children globally. It is high time to protect your child from the excess usage of electronic devices as it brings about harmful effects on the kid’s health and behavior. There are different ways to implement security features in the kid’s gadget usage. Selecting a reliable and effective solution is quite challenging. Choose the perfect method to fix the malfunctioning of the screen time module in your device. Take a quick measure before the child gets deeply attached to the device. Follow-up the below discussions to overcome gadget addiction in kids. Limit the screen time skillfully in a remote mode and witness the quick changes in your child's behavior.

Part 1: iPhone Screen Time not working


If you are an iPhone user, then there are ample methods to troubleshoot the issues with the in-built screen time module for better performance.

Reset the settings: The system settings might be misconfigured unknowingly and you can check out the screen time attributes in your device. If you cannot figure out the exact error in the settings, then try to reset all the settings by tapping Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset all settings. After completing these configurations, then check the device for proper functioning.

Automate the time and date settings: Sometimes an error in the date and time settings may lead to screen time errors. Click Settings -> General -> Date and Time -> enable set automatically option. This action will sort out the issues related to screen time.

Firm access with the internet: Ensure the device is connected with the firm internet connection via WLAN and Cellular data. To enable it click Settings -> WLAN -> Apps using WLAN and Cellular -> Select Settings. Then turn on the WLAN and Cellular Data option. Any interruptions with the connectivity lead to changes in the screen time settings.

Try restarting your gadget: Another simple way to fix the bugs related to iPhone screen time is that restart your device. Turn on and off the gadget quickly and ensure the screen time settings restarts for optimal functioning.

Turn off and on the Screen Time option: Go to the Settings and disable the Screen Time option. While performing this action, you may lose the Screen Time data and if you do not bother about it, then proceed with the process. Again, enable the Screen Time and then press the Continue button. Choose the child and parents' device accordingly to precise results.

Part 2: Screen Time not working on kids’ phones.


Sometimes the screen time may not be working on your kid’s phone for various reasons.

Wrong settings: Check the phone’s settings and fix the errors related to screen time. While using the gadget, the kid may modify the settings without his/her knowledge. Sort out the enabling and disabling action precisely. Check out the settings in the phone and reset the appropriate attributes to fix them precisely.

Bypass the app: Few intellectual kids will sort out how to bypass the parental control apps and ignore the installed application by modifying the installed attributes. The kids can uninstall the parental control tools and get rid of gadget control activities in the remote mode.

Version incompatibility: If you are using any third-party applications to enable the screen time option, then check with the system requirements. Your kid’s device may not support the device needs which leads to malfunctioning of the screen time feature.

Solution 1Set Screen Time:

Check the screen time settings in the iPhone and reset them to overcome the malfunctioning issues. If you are using an iPhone, then you can use the Family Sharing option to set the screen limit for your kids. Go to the Settings and choose Family Sharing. Then, tap Screen time. Choose the kids in the displayed list and turn on their screen time options remotely. This action enables the screen limits on the chosen kid’s device. Use this method to enable and reset the screen time options in your kid’s gadget.

Solution 2: Using other parental control apps that cannot be bypassed

Select the perfect Parental Control apps with efficient features to avoid bypassing activities of the kids. There are in-built screen time options are available in many gadget models. You can also opt for third-party applications like FamiSafe to set gadgets usage limits in the kid’s device remotely. The Digital Wellbeing options in the Android device helps you to set up parental control settings in your kid’s device. Use the right tool to ensure your kid uses the device within optimal limits.

You must look for complicated parental control applications that have a strong feature to ignore the by-passing activities of your kids. It is the best practice to run the programs in a Stealth or hidden mode so that kids will find it difficult to realize the presence of control applications in their devices. You can enable this option in many parental control tools to ensure consistent control on the kid’s devices.

Solution 3Old way: ask your kids to hand over the devices.

Another practical method to reduce gadget usage in kids is by requesting them to hand over the devices to you after educational use. It is the oldest method but you must face the tantrums of your kids and manage them to implement this technique. A difficult way to control the usage of the gadget in kids because none of the kids will cooperate with this method. If your kid is an obedient child, then you can try this method without any hesitation. The kid obeys your words and will give their device after use. This method is a difficult one and not suitable for all children. When your kid becomes addicted to screens, then this technique does not work. You must look for an alternate way to reduce screen time in kids.

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Part 3: What is the best alternative to Screen time?

The best alternative to Screen Time is the FamiSafe parental control app. It is the perfect tool if you want to manage more than one android gadget for your kids. This efficient application is easy to use and you can set screen time in your kid’s device remotely. Use this app that ensures flawless screen time set up on your child’s phone. It has a simple user interface and you can enable the desired controls to limit the gadget usage in your kids. This app offers you an awesome solution to fix screen time that is not working issues. Here are a few functionalities of the FamiSafe parental control app that assists in controlling the usage of the gadget in kids.

The Remarkable features of the FamiSafe Parental Control application.

• Set the screen time in a remote mode and the kid’s device locks automatically when the set time limit expires.

• Use the App limit feature to assign time duration for each application installed in your kid’s gadget.

• Track the gadget activities of your kids by viewing the Activity report

• Get alert messages when your kid receives any inappropriate texts through social media applications.

• Set nearby danger zones using the Geo-Fence feature and help your child from entering those areas.

These are the controlling activities you can perform on your child’s phone using the FamiSafe app.

The optimal usage of this tool enables you to offer secure cyberspace for your kids. Use this app precisely to make the best out of the internet. Help your child to connect with the online platform without any hesitations of its hidden dangers. Protect your kid from the cyber monsters using efficient parental control tools like FamiSafe.

Fix the screen time and manage gadget usage in kids by surfing this video.

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FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

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Thus, this article enlightened you with valuable facts on how to sort out Screen Time is not working issues. Use the above-discussed ways to fix the problems and enable the screen time options to limit the gadget usage in children. You can also use a third-party program to set parental controls in the remote mode. Overcome the tantrums of your kid smartly by installing the perfect parental control apps and controlling their activities remotely even without their knowledge. Stay connected with this article to discover efficient methods to provide safe cyberspace for the kids to keep surfing for their education needs without any unwanted distractions.

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