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Parental Control App for Android

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It goes without saying that children these days have more access to digital technology than any generation in human history. Whether its computers, televisions, tablets and smartphones, many of our children are exposed to technology from a young age, sometimes as young as two years old, with an average sitting around six and a half hours a day.

As a responsible parent, it's up to us to make sure that our children are using these devices wisely, making sure that they're not abusing the access they have, and that the content they are viewing and interacting with is suitable for their age.

This means you're going to need to enlist the help of a free parental control app. Today, we're going to help you find out best android parental control app to monitor kids' devices.

How can I monitor my child's Android phone?

Parents can use third-party parental control app to monitor kids' devices. A parental control app is an application that can be downloaded onto your child's device, whether that's their computer, smartphone or tablet. This app will then provide you remote access to that device, giving you the ability to control, block or manage certain features that can ensure your child's safety and digital well-being.

What a parental control app can do will solely depend on the application you choose to use. However, there is a variety of main features that these applications will provide. For example, many apps will allow you to monitor all the internet activity that takes through the device; whether that's their browser history, their download history, and the websites they're visiting.

Other more professional services will also allow you to block certain applications, set up custom timers that can limit the amount of time that your child can access an app or provides you with up-to-date information on how they are using the apps.

What's more, some applications will even allow you to track the real-time GPS location of the device, which on your child will provide you with their accurate location when they are out and about and playing with their friends. Some will also have geo-fencing features that allow you to set up grids in which the app will alert you if your child enters this space.

With the added ability to monitor all text messages, social media messages, phone calls and saved contacts, a parental control app is a must for a responsible parent in the modern age.

Best Free Parental Control App for Android 2020

What app can I use to control my child's phone? To help you get the right tools for the job, below, you'll find the top ten android parental control apps that come with all the features you'll need to ensure you have the level of control that you need as a parent.

1. FamiSafe - best android parental control app for social media monitoring

Coming in as the best parental control app for kids age 2-18 that's currently available is FamiSafe. FamiSafe is a comprehensive parental control app to the parental control market and is making waves as one of the most powerful and cross platform services. With a 3 free days trial version available and a full range of complete services and features, this promises to be the top android parental control app you're going to need.

Android parental control app - FamiSafe best free parental Control App

Why FamiSafe app is best for parental control?

FamiSafe app offers the best mix of real-time location tracking, app blcker, web filtering, and social media texts monitoring on Android, iOS devices and Amazon Kindle Fire tablets. For families, it is the best GPS tracker and social media monitoring app. Parents can install this app easily in three steps. Parents who are on tight budgets can consider FamiSafe $9.9 month license with 5 devices monitoring.

Social media monitoring

  • Monitor kids's search history, posts or messages with instant risky keyword alerts on main social media apps.
  • YouTube App Control can monitor kids' watch history on YouTube and block certain YouTube videos or channels.

Porn images detection

  • Detect porn images on kids' phone galleries. Parents can get notification to prevent dangerous things like sexting,

Screen time restriction

  • The most special feature of FamiSafe is that parents can remotetly control screen time around specific location like school or camp.

Location tracking

  • FamiSafe can track kids real time location and display location history. Also, it can set safe zones for kids and get alerts when kids enter into dangerous places.

free parental control app - FamiSafe Kid Control App

Supported OS - iOS / Android / Kindle Fire

Get Started. It's Free!

  • Web Filtering & Blocker
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Monitoring

2. Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky is a leader when it comes to digital monitoring services, and the Safe Kids version of their powerful service has been designed to provide you with all the features you'll need to keep your kids safe in real-time and while they are using their device.

Android parental control app - Kaspersky Safe Kids


  • Real-time location tracking at any time
  • See all device usage times and add custom device blocks
  • Automatic and custom internet material blocks

Supported OS - Windows / Mac / iOS / Android

3. mSpy Android Parental Control

Marketed as "the ultimate parental control app", mSpy prides itself on its fast installation process, ease of use and outstanding customer service that makes it easy for you to monitor your child's device usage, regardless of the technological device that they're using.

parental control android - mSpy Android Parental Control app


  • View all instant message activity instantly and remotely
  • See all calls, SMS messages and contacts on the device
  • Real-time GPS location tracking and geo-fencing capabilities

Supported OS - Windows / Mac / iOS / Android

4. Net Nanny

While Net Nanny is a popular parental controls App for android cell phones that provides a complete range of powerful internet management features that a responsible parent needs, it's worth noting that you'll need to invest in a separate package for each type of device that you're trying to monitor.

parental controls for android cell phones - Net Nanny


  • Automatic online content block
  • Screen and app time management
  • Control the device remotely
  • Complete internet filter

Supported OS - Windows / Mac OS / iOS / Android

5. Norton Family Parental Control

One of the parental apps for android, Norton Family is a multi-device application that gives you all the tools you need to keep your children safe, whether they're out and about or at home using their digital devices.

parental apps for android - Norton Family Parental Control


  • Online web and device time supervision
  • Set up online search keyword alerts
  • Monitor all social network activity
  • Protect all personal information
  • GPS location tracking

Supported OS - Windows / Mac OS / iOS / Android

6. Screen Time Parental Control App

If you're looking for a parental control app that's designed especially for Android device, this is the app for you. While the app doesn't help to teach your kids about how to monitor and limit their screen time, it does help make restrictions fun and helps you stay in control, providing you with all the statistics you need to make the right decisions.

Android parental control app - Screen Time


  • Complete screen control with start, pause, stop, swap and schedule options
  • Reward system for staying off devices
  • Personalised avatar system to engage children
  • Daily and weekly schedule options
  • Email notification and feature edit warnings

Supported OS - iOS / Android

7. ScreenLimit

As the title suggests, ScreenLimit is a parental supervision app that's designed to help you manage your child's screen time while making it an enjoyable process for your kids using a simple yet engaging reward process, ensuring everybody in your family remains happy.

Android parental supervision app - ScreenLimit


  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • On-screen countdown for kids to see how much time they have left
  • Five-minute installation service
  • Instant block or unblock app and web page features
  • Set up custom schedules and times
  • Remote message send feature

Supported OS - Windows / Mac OS / Amazon Tablets / Android / iOS

8. Family Time

When it comes to stopping your children accessing their devices and getting distracted when they're supposed to be asleep, doing homework, spending time with the family or out with their friends, this could be the only app you need to make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decisions on their safety and well-being.

free parental control apps for android - Family Time


  • Unique BedTime feature to block nighttime access to the device
  • Homework time schedule feature
  • Custom time limits on device access
  • Real-time GPS location tracking with geo-fencing capabilities
  • Block and unblock applications at will

Supported OS - iOS / Android

9. ESET Parental Control Android

If you're looking for a complete parental control service that's designed to work seamlessly with your child's Android device, there's no need to look any further than the ESET parental control application. With all the standard features you would expect, this is one of the most complete services available.

Android phone parental control - ESET Parental Control Android


  • Complete control over application access
  • Custom and automatic web guard and internet filters
  • Check your child's location anytime with real-time GPS location tracking
  • Custom parental control message sent remotely

Supported OS - Android

FAQ1: How do I put parental controls on my Samsung phone or tablet?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Android phone doesn't have built-in parental controls. But parents can set Samsung parental controls with third-party apps.

FAQ2: Is there a kid mode for Android?

Yes, Samsung phone have Kid mode app for kids. It can create child-safe content for kids and limit screen time. Parents can also set parental lock with Google Play parental control, child restriction profile and third-party apps..

As you can see, when it comes to choosing the best parental control app to help you monitor and stay in control of your children's digital devices, there's so much choice out there.

However, FamiSafe Android parental control app is and will remain our top choice as the best parental control apps for android thanks to its fast installation service, ease of use and a complete range of features that help you make the right choices.

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