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How Can You Track Your Phone With Android Device Manager?

Track Your Phone With Android Device Manager

What is an Android device?

The android operating system can be found in android devices, ranging from a tablet to a smartphone, from an e-book reader to any device that requires a basic operating system. These devices are called android devices as they use the Android operating system to function. Some examples of manufacturers who use this operating system include Samsung, Huawei, HTC, and many more.

The Android system was able to gain immense popularity after existing for only a short period. Many reasons contribute to its success, such as the newest technology supported by Google, user-friendliness ability to customize the device according to one's use, and the system's ability to support many applications.

One feature it offers is the Android Device Manager that can help you track your phone. Here’s what you need to know:

What is an Android Device Manager?

These days, losing your cellphone or having it stolen is quite rampant. Android has a feature that allows you to locate your phone when it is not with you. Moreover, if you cannot find it, the Android Device Manager also provides you with an option to lock and erase all the data currently on your phone. What better and safer technology can top this feature?

Recently, the name has been changed from Android Device Manager to Find My Device.

android device manager

What can we do with an Android Device Manager/Find My Device?

First and foremost, and probably the essential feature of this application is the ‘Locate the device’ option. This one is the most effective use when you have lost your phone or stolen.

Secondly, there is a 'Lock or Ring or Wipe the device' option. You can lock your device by changing the PIN or the password, locking anyone else out of the device. Adding on to this feature, a message will be shown on the device's screen, informing the person who found your phone that they can contact you on some other number.

If not this, you can ring your device, which will ring at the maximum volume, regardless of the volume button's setting. The volume button may be set at low, or the ringer may be off; the device will still ring at the highest possible volume.

However, sometimes you have to come to terms with the fact that your phone is truly lost or stolen and it is becoming impossible to recover it. This is where the wipe option comes in. the phone is restored to its factory setting, and the device owner, if ever reconciles with the phone, will not be able to access any of the previous settings or data. The best part of this feature is that this option works even when the phone is turned off!

Furthermore, there is an option to let your friend log in as 'Guest' on the Device Manager, and you can help them locate their phone and even control it via the lock, ring, or wipe option.

android device manager - features

How to enable Find My Device?

To locate your missing cellphone, you need to have a Google account. This same account should be signed in your phone. The Find My Device requires you to sign in your Google account, and your location will show up on the map, along with the make and model of your phone.

It is an extremely user-friendly and easy process without unnecessary complications. It can be accessed via any webpage.

To remotely find, lock, or erase the target Android device, you will need to follow the below steps.

  1. Visit android.com/find or download Find My Device from Google Play and log into your Google account. Please choose the correct phone and profile.
  2. On the map, you will get information about the target device.
  3. Then you can choose among Play sound, Secure Device, Erase Device.

Can you used Find my Device to track your kid’s location?

Yes, this is possible. However, you must have access to your child’s Google account and password, which is usually unlikely in most circumstances.

android device manager - track location

There is another application, FamiSafe, which is more accessible for parental control and location tracking.

This user-friendly application can be installed on your phone and your child’s. There are many options for you, as a parent, to customize what your child can view. For example, you can filter websites which your children can access.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

You can customize this feature categorically, and your children will not be able to view websites that include adult content. Similarly, you can also block applications on their phone, which they will be unable to download. You will have access to a list of applications on their phones as well.

Moreover, FamiSafe allows you to keep track of the activities of your child throughout the day. It is a convenient way to monitor what they have been doing throughout the day and watch their playtime. The same goes for the activities on their phone as well. You do not need to have physical access to your child's phone but can monitor their phone activities remotely and be privy to screen time. You can also manage their time on specific applications.

Furthermore, you can also keep track of installed and uninstalled applications on their phones. This way, you are aware of what they have downloaded and can have a conversation with them about being responsible for using the applications. Most importantly, this application allows the parent to be alerted if pornographic content has been detected on the child's phone. This is important because your kids may otherwise gain access to content their young minds aren’t suited to, so it’s extremely important to protect them.

Lastly, FamiSafe provides the easiest way to track the location of your child via their phone. This feature allows parents to trust their children when they go out and keep a remote watch over them. The only drawback is that the tracking services are only available on Android devices, although FamiSafe is accessible in Android operating systems and IOS.

Taking the tracking feature a step further, FamiSafe allows parents to be alerted if the child steps out of their daily routines, such as leaving school early without the parents' knowledge. You can also mark some unsafe areas on the map, and you will be alerted if your child goes there as well.

famisafe location tracking

There are many features available on FamiSafe for a parent to pick and choose from. Some might only opt for tracking locations depending on their children's age, but many opt for the remaining features.

There is a lot of information out there for the public to view. Some of that information is harmful to children as it may shape their view of the world. Till a certain age, a parent must know about the children’s activities on their phones.

FamiSafe provides features that other applications do not yet. Yes, it is a paid subscription. However, it has many options for a subscriber to choose from. It is about your child's safety and security in today's world at the end of the day.

Tracking your phone and knowing where the device is an important feature for you, too, because you can always misplace your phone or it can get stolen. By knowing what you can do in such circumstances, like tracking the phone using the Android device manager or FamiSafe you’ll be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise in your fast-paced life.

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