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How to Make Kids’ Phones Safer with Android Kids Mode?

Make Kids’ Phones Safer with Android Kids Mode

Is there a Kids Mode for Android?

At the present situation, the internet plays a vital role for all age groups and it assists their works to explore beyond boundaries. If you have plans to purchase a latest Android gadget for your kids and teens then install the kid's mode app Android before handing over the device to them. If you take a closer look at the internet platform you would be shocked to realize that immense hidden dangers are targeting innocent minds. It is high time to take proactive action before the situation becomes out of control. In the developing stage, the kids and teens will be highly prone to addiction, peer pressure etc. It is the sole responsibility of the parents to create safe internet zone for the kids to sharpen their skills.

Why should parents use Kids Mode?


With the help of Kids mode in Android, you can protect your kid from accessing social media apps which has the hidden danger of cyberbullying. The social media network allows the young souls to make friends beyond boundaries and at some point, the kids will face cyberbullying issues during a chat with strange people.

Sexual Harassment

There are sexual predators hidden and targets the kids through social media and gaming applications. The chat window is the main source for these sexual predators to intrude. When the kids create an account in social media or gaming apps out of curiosity then they are at the high risk to meet up the hidden monsters. The Kids mode greatly prevents the kids to connect with these sources and thereby protecting them from the sexual predators in the online mode.


Addiction issues

As you all know that, during the development stage of life the kids and teens are highly prone to addiction issues. The Androids Kids Mode enables you to access only the safe games and prevent the entry into inappropriate gaming websites. It protects the kids from getting addicted to unnecessary games in the online platform.


How do I make my child's phone safe with Android Kids mode?

a. Samsung Kid Mode

This mode creates a child-friendly space to explore a different virtual world at the cyber platform. The Samsung Kid Mode is compatible with Android version 8.0 and lower. For the latest Android version gadgets, you can go for Kids Home Accessible from the ‘Quick Panel Preload’.


  • There are more than 2500 unique educational and recreation apps to entertain the kids
  • Allows you to set usage and screen time
  • The kids can try out only specific download and it is protected using the PIN


  • It is a free app and compatible with Samsung gadgets. You can download it from the Samsung store.


  • Quick set up process. It is enough if you follow the wizard to complete the procedure.
  • It provides a safe environment for the kids to learn and play
  • It has a kid-friendly camera with cartoon characters to excite the young minds


  • This app is compatible only with Android gadgets
  • It does not support higher versions above Android 8.0


b. Zoodles Kid Mode

You can use this app to turn on your computer and mobile gadgets to kids’ mode in no time. In this platform, you can give safe access to your child with hundreds of fun games, educational videos, a library of classic storybooks.


  • You can customize the controls on this kids mode according to your child’s age
  • The art studio in this Android Kids Mode Zoodles app feeds your child’s creativity by providing a drawing environment with colour, paint elements etc.
  • There are controls to read and record your favourite stories for your kids to listen later


The basic version is free and to access the extended features then you must purchase the subscription as per your usage. There are three types of subscription schemes $7.05/month, $39.95/ half-yearly, $59.95/ year.


  • A weekly notification mail sent to the parents regarding the kid’s activity on the gadgets or computer. In this mail, the data related to the apps visited, content accessed and learnt by the kids etc are organized for the parent’s reference
  • There is a Child-Lock option to protect your kid’s gadgets and games in the safe zone
  • This app prevents your kid from tapping the ads which interrupt amidst their fun-filled games.


  • You need an Adobe Flash Player to install the games in this app
  • If you want to customize the kid’s mode settings then you must create an account with Zoodles


c. Vivo kid mode

You can now restrict the phone access for your kids in Vivo gadgets using this Android Kids Mode. It is a built-in application where you need to adjust the settings to enable this kid’s safe mode.


  • Assist the parents to monitor the online activities of your kid
  • You can disable the networks using this kids mode
  • It restricts phone usage within the safe zone of the internet platform


This Vivo kid mode is an in-built feature of Vivo gadgets and there is no need to purchase.


  • You can easily enable the ‘Kids Mode’ in Vivo gadgets
  • Prevent your kid from addiction by providing limited access


  • Smarter kids try to disable the ‘Kids Mode’ on their own easily
  • You can provide only fewer limitations on the phone access and it is impossible to completely control the online activities of your child in this Vivo kids’ mode.


4. Why parents still need FamiSafe?

Yes, parents need FamiSafe parental control app from Wondershare despite the Android Kids Mode. With the help of the above discussed Android Kids Mode apps, it is impossible to establish an effective control on the gadget activities of the kids. You need a special tool to insist on a disciplined gadget activity in your child. To handle the present generation intellectual kids, you require a sophisticated and reliable program like FamiSafe.

Special Features in FamiSafe

  • Filters inappropriate web content reaching your kid’s phone
  • Genuinely records the gadget activities of your child and creates an Activity report using the data for the parent’s reference
  • Limit the screen time using the ‘Screen Time’ feature
  • Controls the App Usage by setting time limits for each application in your kid’s phone.
  • Reveals the real-time location details of the kids to the parents remotely


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  • Web Filtering & Blocker
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Monitoring

Features in detail

Screen Time

In the current scenario, screen addiction seems to be a common issue faced by most kids worldwide. As responsible parents, you need to take the right step before the situation becomes worse. The ‘Screen Time’ feature in FamiSafe parental control app helps the parents to set time limits in the kid’s phone remotely. When the set time expires the kid’s, gadget locks automatically.


Disable inappropriate apps

In case, if you find any harmful apps in your kid’s phone then immediately make use of ‘App Blocker’ option to disable the access. You can also limit the app usage by setting the time limit for every app in your child’s phone


YouTube Parental Control

With the help of FamiSafe YouTube parental control feature, you can restrict the inappropriate video access in your kid’s gadget. It provides a safe YouTube zone for your child to explore and learn educational facts.


Activity Report

The entire report on the kid’s gadget activities is listed out in a well-structured manner for the parent’s reference in future. The parents can access the Activity Report of their kids on request. The FamiSafe app records the daily kid’s gadget usage precisely.


Suspicious texts detection

The ‘Explicit Content Detection’ option in the FamiSafe app intrudes the kid’s gadgets and scans the message folder. If it finds any suspicious or offensive texts during the scan immediately it sends an alert signal to the parent’s device. The parents must take appropriate action and help the kids to overcome unwanted cyber issues.


Finally, it is high time to conclude the discussion on the Android Kids Mode apps. The FamiSafe parental control application is the best alternative and assists digital parents to monitor their kid’s gadget activities remotely effortlessly. You can rely on FamiSafe and protect your kid from the hidden dangers of the cyber world. Choose FamiSafe and create a complete control on the phone activities of your child. It is the right time to prevent phone addiction issues in kids using the sophisticated features of FamiSafe. Hurry up and install the FamiSafe app quickly and build better cyberspace for your child to learn and sharpen their skills.

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