Moly Swift

Moly Swift

staff Editor
  • A professional teacher and adept writer of FamiSafe team.
  • Earned a BSEd in Education and teaching credential.
  • Interested in providing useful parental guides.
  • Loves cooking and sharing recipes.

Experience & Education


As a respected teacher, she has dedicated herself to nurturing children for over twenty years. Due to the long-time teaching, her teacher sensitivity helps her to cope with teenagers’ problems effectively. Moly eagers to give more kids care so she decided to write articles to provide useful parental guides, using tips and tools introductions to lead parents to find suitable ways to protect their kids. Her concise and vivid writing earns her lots of fans.


Moly earned a BSEd in Education and her teaching credential from the University of Minnesota. Besides, she also joined many non-profit parent support coaching and school counseling.


With a passion for creativity, a career in writing could be perfect for Moly. In particular, after joining FamiSafe team, she created many popular and practical articles. The posts she published covered cyberbullying prevention, phone addiction, parental control tips and tricks and parental app introductions.


She is not only a lovely teacher but also a great cook. Every month, she cooks delicious food for her friends and family members, sharing special recipes with her neighbors.