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Here you can find a lot of information about Chromebooks, including how to use them better and how to set up parental control with it.

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Top 8 Best Chromebooks for Kids

Do you have any idea about the best Chromebook for kids? If you want to know more about the Chromebooks for kids just step into this article.

Posted byMoly Swift|2023-03-22 10:56:04
How to Play Friday Night Funkin on Chromebook? [Unblocked]

Is it possible to play hot web game Friday Night Funking on a school Chromebook? The answer is YES!

Posted byMoly Swift|2023-03-22 10:56:02
2023 Netflix Full Guide on Chromebook

Do you know how to optimally use Netflix Chromebook with safety features? Precise streaming of Netflix within the safe zone is quite challenging. Step into this article to discover mind-blowing data about it in detail.

Posted byAnkhi Bhattacharya|2023-03-22 10:33:15
Can You Set Screen Time on Google?

Are you worried your child is consuming too much Google screen time? This article teaches you how to set screen time on Chromebook, Google App, and Chrome browser.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-12-29 14:28:48
5 Simple Methods to Get Slack on Chromebook!

This article will provide you with practical solutions and clear steps to download Slack for Chromebook. Don't Miss it!

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-12-29 14:28:48
Top 10 Classic Web Games You Can Play on Chromebook

If you're looking for fun games to play on Chromebook, you are in the right place! Here we've selected 10 best web Chromebook games for you without downloading and installing them on your computer.

Posted byAnkhi Bhattacharya|2022-12-29 14:28:48
What Chromebooks are the Best for Educational Purposes?

Are you in search of the best Chromebook Education? Do you want to know the reliable products available on the online platform? Then, quickly scroll down for more details.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-12-29 14:28:48
How to Turn off Parental Controls on a Chromebook?

Do you have a kid and you activated parental control on your Chromebook which you want to get rid of now? Read on as this article describes how to turn off parental controls on Chromebook.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-12-21 10:53:58
How to Run Windows on a Chromebook?

Are you looking for easy ways to install windows on Chromebook? Chromebook isn't compatible with windows natively. But we have got you covered. Read this step-by-step guide to install Chromebook windows and parallels Chromebook OS.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-05-26 20:16:02
3 Tried Ways to Play Fortnite on Your Chromebook!

Do you want to play Fortnite on Chromebook but don't know how? Now you can easily play Fortnite without a gaming PC. Read about the top 3 easy and effective methods on how to play Fortnite on Chromebook without spending a penny.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-05-26 20:16:02
Super Easy: How to Set Up Geforce Now on Chromebook

Did you know you could set up Geforce now on Chrome? I bet you thought you needed a Windows or Mac system to do that, right? Well, you don’t; and this blog will show you how you can set up Geforce Now on Chromebook.

Posted byAnkhi Bhattacharya|2022-05-26 20:16:02
Full Guide: How to Set up Parental Controls on Chromebook

Chromebook has a unique operating system: Chrome OS. Can this OS be supervised? How to set up parental control on a Chromebook? Learn with FamiSafe!

Posted byAnkhi Bhattacharya|2022-05-26 20:16:02
2 Best Official Solutions to Remote Control a Chromebook

You can remotely access Chromebook, given you have the right tools at your disposal. However, it could be a tricky task to find the best platform. Luckily, we have information on the top 2 methods to remote control a Chromebook. Just follow this post and learn more.

Posted byAnkhi Bhattacharya|2022-05-26 20:16:02
4 Simple Ways to Download Discord on Chromebook

If you want to know how to carry out a Discord Chromebook download, this article is for you. We will show you 4 easy ways to install Discord on Chomebook.

Posted byMoly Swift|2022-05-26 20:16:02
How to Use Chromebook to Remote Control Windows?

When you remotely access Chromebook or use it to manage your PC, it makes your job a whole lot easier. Still, setting up such a utility could be a daunting task, especially for newbies. Follow our post if you do not know how to use your Chromebook to remote control the Windows system.

Posted byAnkhi Bhattacharya|2022-05-26 20:16:02
Chromebook Parental Controls Apps: who’s the Best?

Are you looking for tips for using Chromebook parental control service to look upon your child’s online activities and confused between different options? If yes, you are in luck, as we have compiled a thorough comparison report to understand which platform is the best.

Posted byAnkhi Bhattacharya|2022-05-26 20:16:02