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How to Play Friday Night Funkin on Chromebook? [Unblocked]

fnf unblocked

Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) is an open-source musical rhythm and singing game with remarkable gameplay features, interactive elements, and creative aesthetics. Developed by Cameron Taylor, the game tests the players’ musical knowledge and offers exciting missions with different milestones. FNF’s main character is a boyfriend, who competes against antagonists and has to win singing and rapping contests to date his girlfriend.

fnf unblocked

While most organizations have blacklisted gaming websites on their networks using firewalls, unblocked games go around these restrictions. Since Friday Night Funkin’ is an unblocked game, you can access it at school or office networks.

However, if FNF is blocked on your Chromebook, here’s how you can play its latest version of FNF unblocked for free.

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Part 1: Play Friday Night Funkin on Unblocked Sites

Friday Night Funkin is a classic musical rhythm game with unlimited entertainment. It allows the players to compete in freestyle music battles and achieve milestones. Playing FNF unblocked on the internet is simpler and easier than you can imagine. What you just need is a better internet connection and a digital device like a laptop or smartphone with an updated operating system.

Plenty of unblocked websites is available on the internet where you can play Friday Night Funkin’ even if your network administrator has blocked the gaming websites. If you want to play the unblocked FNF on your Chromebook, open Google and type Friday Night Funkin’ unlocked sites in the search bar. Some of the websites where you can play the Friday Night Funkin’ unblocked game are given below (copy to address bar):

  1. FridayNightFunkin.net

unblocked fnf

This is an online gaming website that provides its visitors with a huge collection of FNF Mods, tutorials, the latest news, and relevant information about the Friday Night Funkin’ game. Users can access different FNF Mods here for free and play their favorite game anytime, anywhere.

  1. Fnfunkin.com

friday night funkin unblocked

Probably the number 1 unblocked website to play Friday Night Funkin for free, fnfunkin.com offers interesting news about the game release and playing mods. The website allows its visitors to download the FNF for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android as well as get information about its songs and characters. The FNF Mods are also available to play Friday Night Funkin’ online or change different skins. This is not just a random website, rather, a comprehensive portal containing everything players need for FNF.

  1. Fnfplay.com

fnf unblocked chromebook

If you are looking to enjoy a seamless gaming experience online, visit fnfplay.com and play your favorite Friday Night Funkin game. From providing information on the game’s levels and useful tips to offering playing mods, the website has covered every aspect of this exciting game. Visit this unblocked website today and play the FNF game anytime you want.

  1. Github FNF unblocked game

Usually Github is not among the block list of most school and parental control apps. Try FNF game posted on Github by anonymous nice guy.

Part 2: Download Friday Night Funkin on a Chromebook

There are three ways to download Friday Night Funkin Chromebook unblocked.

1. Chrome Web Store.

The first method to download Friday Night Funkin game Chromebook free is from the Chrome web store. Here’s how you can do this:

    1. Open the Google search engine and type Friday Night Funkin unblocked in the search bar.
    2. You need an internet connection to download FNF on your Chromebook. However, once you have downloaded it, you can even play offline without any internet access. Hence, make sure you have internet access and a Chromebook with updated software that supports offline games.
    3. Open two or three links in different tabs from the search engine results.
    4. Check details of Friday Night Funkin' extension such as the ratings, size, supporting language, date of update, and developer’s information. This will help you download the FNF game from reliable links and avoid spam.
    5. Once you have selected the best Friday Night Funkin extension, press the “Available on Chrome” button to download the game on your Chromebook. Wait for a few minutes to complete the downloading process.
    6. Finally, once the extension has been added to your Chromebook, a small model remainder will be inserted that will enable the user to open this game from the search page.
    7. Enjoy Friday Night Funkin in both online and offline modes on your Chromebook.

friday night funkin unblocked download

2. Google Play Store

You can also download Friday Night Funkin on your Chromebook from Google Play Store if your device supports the Android version. You can check the specifications of your device to confirm if it supports Android apps or not. Follow these steps to download the FNF game from Play Store:

  1. Open Play Store on your Chromebook
  2. Type Friday Night Funkin in the search bar
  3. Click on the game and press the Install button to start the downloading process
  4. Wait for a few minutes until your Chromebook downloads the Android version of the Friday Night Funkin game.
  5. Once the game has been downloaded, tap the game icon and start enjoying Friday Night Funkin on your Chromebook for free.

friday night funkin unblocked download - Google Play

3. Gaming Sites

Several websites are available on the internet like Newgrounds where you can download the Friday Night Funkin game for free and enjoy an exciting gaming experience. You can find these websites using the Google search engine by following these steps:

  1. Open the Chrome web browser and go to google.com. You can also use any other browser supported by your device. There is no compulsion to use Chrome only.
  2. Type Friday Night Funkin Chromebook download in the search bar and press enter. Explore websites containing the download option from the search engine results and open the most relevant ones in different tabs.
  3. Read complete details given by each website about the game’s features, available mods, and downloading options. Make sure the FNF version you are trying to download online is also supported by your device. Chromebook users should download the Android version while Mac users should download the iOS version.
  4. Explore the latest news about FNF’s Weeks to ensure you are downloading the latest version.
  5. Once you have identified the best link, press the download button to start the downloading process.
  6. Once the game has been downloaded, tap its icon from the home screen and start playing Friday Night Funkin for free.

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Part 3: Use FamiSafe to Prevent gaming addiction

Although interactive features and exciting gameplay make Friday Night Funkin an amazing game, it also makes the users addict. Particularly the school-going children who like playing online games start spending hours and hours playing Friday Night Funkin on their devices. This bad habit badly affects their studies and disrupts their social lives.

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To solve these issues, we have the best solution for parents who are worried about their children’s extensive usage of digital devices.

Presenting FamiSafe, a secure, reliable, and efficient parental control software with powerful remote monitoring features that enable parents to check their kid’s online activities and protect them from internet hazards. FamiSafe works secretly, which means children whose devices are being monitored secretly will not even be informed. Parents can limit the screen time of their kid’s devices and define specific hours when they can play Friday Night Funkin or perform online activities.

Given below are some of the exclusive features that make FamiSafe a perfect tool to monitor kid’s devices secretly:

  1. Screen Time feature enables parents to stop the excessive usage of digital devices and allow their kids to play the Friday Night Funkin game within specific hours only.
  2. The browser History option provides the parents with complete details about their kid’s internet browsing history.
  3. Every website on the internet is not safe for children. If parents find their kids are accessing potentially harmful websites containing unsafe or explicit content, they will be instantly informed by the Explicit Content Detection option. This way, parents can readily detect adult content and prevent their children from accessing these websites.
  4. Activity Report feature of FamiSafe tells parents what their children are doing on their devices. Whenever kids try to indulge in unsafe activities online, parents will be able to detect those activities and take timely action before it’s too late.
  5. The web Filter option automatically blocks the explicit content online and ensures internet safety.
  6. Parents concerned about their kid’s security outside their homes can use the Real-Time Location feature to track the children’s live location and make sure they are safe. They can even check their children’s location history if required.
  7. Smart Schedule feature gives parents the flexibility to control their kid’s devices by using various controls like app locking and geofencing, etc.


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Friday Night Funkin is an amazing open-source game that can be played on different devices in both online and offline mods. You can even access the FNF unblocked games at school or the office.

However, kids spending excessive time playing Friday Night Funkin can become addicts. To prevent them from becoming gaming addicts, parents can limit their device’s screen time using advanced parental control software like FamiSafe. This remote monitoring app with exclusive features can be accessed using multiple devices to monitor various devices secretly.

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