Top five inappropriate Roblox games in 2020

Top five inappropriate Roblox games


What do you think about inappropriate Roblox games? Do violence alone includes in the inappropriate list. There is something beyond your imagination. As parents, you will be shocked if you get to know about the inappropriate Roblox games in detail.

This website is exclusively for kids and the ‘Lego’ type (Cartoon) animations attract the children to play more games. It brings real experience and the kids commence to explore a lot within short time. There are games with adult content. To a certain extent, the cartoons perform intercourse and there is a sex room for the participants to share adult conversations, images, and videos.

The kids view inappropriate content on this webpage and it brings adverse effects on their psychology and behaviour. Effective supervision of the kid’s activities on this platform is necessary to overcome serious problems in future. A quick measure protects your kids from catastrophic outcomes.

inappropriate roblox sex games

Why parents should beware of these games?

You can find the perfect solution only when you have a better understanding of the question. In a similar way, the parents can save their children from these inappropriate games only if they are aware of the danger hidden behind these exciting animated games. The parents should investigate on the video game websites frequently visited by their kid and find out the invisible troubles through effective methods.

Statistics on the study from Neilsen 360 report

  • Two-third of US kid’s population of age 12 -15 addicted to video games and spend more than 12 hours in a week.
  • The young children between ages 3 to 5 also make use of gadgets to play games and they spend an average of 5 hours per week.

As per the study from ‘Find My Kids App’ in April 2019

The kids of age 7+ opt for Roblox games and 16+ goes for PUBG. The kids spend 13% of their time per day on YouTube watching their favourite videos. The other social apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok etc, it is officially available for the kids 13+ but the children below 13 make use of it without any issues.

The serious impact of inappropriate Roblox games

Academic performance

The kids love to spend time on video games rather than for studies. It will obviously affect the performance in their academics. The children will gradually lose their interest in studies and get addicted to gadgets even without their knowledge

Sleep Deprivation

Due to consistent exposure to the screen will bring considerable changes in the bedtime for kids. The children will struggle to get sleep on time. Due to deficiency in sleep leads to psychological problems.

Build an Aggressive nature

The violent games ultimately cultivate aggressive behaviour in kids. The children react immediately at the time of tough times and lose patience easily. The default nature of the kids becomes invisible and they become uncontrollable at some point in their lifetime.

Five popular inappropriate Roblox games 

  • Shedletsky's dirty Place
  • In this house Shedletsky, try to play dirty games with the children who connect with the server. This game targets the kids below 13 and all sorts of adult activity take place. The children get bad nightmare once they step into this house for a play. They might not understand what is going on in that house but later on, it brings great impact.

    inappropriate scary roblox games - Shedletsky's dirty Place

  • Shower Simulator
  • In this game, the participants take a shower together despite gender. Here, all the players enter the shower room to take a bath with swimsuit clothes. The attire of the participant icons seems to be inappropriate for the kids to watch out. It involves sexual content and erotic conversations between the participants.

    sex roblox games online - Shower Simulator

  • Dance Club
  • In the Dance club, the players perform their dancing skills with nasty moves. The participants make sexy moves and many romantic scenes occur amidst the kids.

    inappropriate unblocked roblox sex games - Dance Club

  • Survive the killers
  • High level of violence involved in this game. The kids have guns and unique weapons to kill the fellow participants. The animations in this game are terrific and it is not suited for kids below 13. There is a serial killer searching for the kids in an area or a room and shoots or stab them mercilessly in this game.

    inappropriate roblox scary games - Survive the killers

  • Obby Games
  • There is a series of interlinked pages where the kids move from one place to another after completing the tasks in each page. Here each page has unique challenges and the participant should win the task to move further. There are tough tasks waiting ahead in each page displaying evil toys in the animations. When the kids wander about in completing the challenges, monsters and horror-related toys stand on their way frightening the kids.

    inappropriate roblox scary and horrible games - Obby Games

Real reviews from the Commonsensemedia.

Review 1:

  1. Language, bad moderation, and too violent.
  2. My 15-year-old daughter used to play Roblox. I bought her Builders Club, as a surprise birthday gift. She was banned for three days for telling someone to stop using the F word, and I wanted to check ROBLOX out for myself. I created an account and went on a game. I saw people swearing and dating online. The games on there were very violent.

  3. Absolutely disgusting game.
  4. This game is disgusting. I regret letting my son try it. His friend at school was asking him to make an account. He asked me and I said yes. My biggest regret. This game took my son from me, I didn't realize this until his grades dropped through the floor. My straight-A son, my pride, my love, had gotten 3 Fs on his report card, and the rest were all Cs and Ds. I couldn't believe it. I confronted him about this and he said "I don't care, I'm gonna play an 'obby' with my friend now. "

  5. Be careful....monitor closely
  6. My child plays this game in a group with friends from school. I watched them play the pizza parlour game and it seemed fun and educational. BUT...when they go explore other games together...WOW! They went to the hospital and I was shocked at the "sick" (excuse the pun) conversations! Players were saying "My #### hurts-they use the asterisk sign instead of letters". Other players respond "Come into the bedroom, Ill look at your ###" I also saw "Please fix my ### it hurts". GROSS! Parents-how do we know that these "kids" playing doctor aren't adults? Please, for your kids sake-check it out.

How kids find inappropriate games on Roblox?

The kids find inappropriate games on Roblox by typing ‘Cons’ on the search tab of Roblox platform. Initially, the child would not have any knowledge about these inappropriate games. The strangers will invite the kids to join in those adult games and these innocent souls fall prey to their invitation in no time. Later on the kids will learn to search for adult content games with the help of the ‘Cons’ keyword.

When you surf through the games on Roblox and if you find the title of the game has the ‘Con’ keyword then it is explicit sex games. The kids will get to know all this stuff when they play consistently on this platform.

How parents do to protect kids

The Four simple ways to protect the kids from inappropriate Roblox games

Assist your Kid

You can stand nearby your kid when they play games on Roblox. You can observe their activities on Roblox. Post questions to your kid about various feature and options available on this website while they were playing with other participants worldwide. Enquire about their anonymous friends and you can get to know the threats waiting in future for your kid. Take a quick look at the game selection process of your kid.

You can identify the unique type of games, which attract your kid the most. With the help of these details, you can talk to your kid later when they are in the good mood. Educate them in the right manner and help them to acquire better knowledge about the fear of Roblox.

Play with your kid

You have to create an account for yourself and enter into the Roblox platform along with your kid. Accompany your kid, become his /her co-participant, and bring exciting memories to your kid. When you play along with them, you will get a personal experience and learn the hidden risks available in it.

Make use of this opportunity and educate the kid while you play with them. You can indicate the threats in the game as you play and show them the consequences of speaking to strangers during the game. You can present a live show on the threat of Roblox with the help of this method.

Privacy Settings and Report Abuse

In the Roblox ‘Account Settings’ go to the ‘Privacy’ and then select ‘Contact settings’ followed by ‘other settings’. Here you can choose either ‘No one’ or ‘Friends’. Then you can enable ‘Account Restrictions’ option if the account holder is below 13 years old.

Apart from those settings, you can educate your kid about the ‘Report Abuse’ option on Roblox. Train them to make use of this option in an optimum manner. Support the kids and help them to get rid of fear when they encounter any inappropriate texts or videos. Ask your child to tap the ‘Report Abuse’ button if he/she found anything suspicious.

Parental Control app

There are many parental control apps in the digital market. It is very challenging to choose one of many options. You must select the app based on its features and unique properties. The FamiSafe parental control app is the right tool to monitor the kid’s gadget activities remotely in an effective way. There is no other app available to replaces this incredible tool in the present situation.

The FamiSafe app has a feature called ‘App Block’ to protect the children from inappropriate app. You can enable this option remotely to block the access towards dangerous app. The ‘Web Filtering’ option helps the kids to get rid of adult content websites. Utilize the FamiSafe optimally and build a secure wall against online threats.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Check acitivity report to know whether your kids install roblox app and also block unwanted roblox app

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Parents can also block roblox app remotely and check every day roblox app usage time

block unwanted roblox app remotely with FamiSafe app blocker

Parents can also know whether kids play online roblox game and block inappropriate roblox website, then filter other dangerous game sites for kids

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Block or grant certain websites like roblox game site

block online roblox website with FamiSafe website blocker block online roblox website with FamiSafe website blocker

Check here to know more about FamiSafe:


There is a countless collection of inappropriate games on Roblox. The parents should assist the kids to find the right game according to their age on this platform. This article has given you possible ways to protect your child from Roblox. Choose the best method to safeguard your kid from the unknown monsters. Make use of FamiSafe to enjoy long-term benefits. It is the right app to keep your kid safe on the internet platform. As parents, you must think twice, act wise, and choose FamiSafe as an online guardian to your kids.

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