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Best Kid-safe YouTube Alternatives

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YouTube is a fantastic platform that gives equal opportunities for both the old and young to upload their talents for viewers to comment, view, and even share. And that’s where the greatest problem starts – anyone can view almost everything – from the infamous Momo challenge to some horrific content, among other inappropriate content. For this reason, many parents are out to watch whether kid-safe YouTube alternatives exist. And yes, they exist. There are tons of apps that incorporate intuitive learning for your young ones. Furthermore, they have control measures that let you set only what you want your kid to view. Let’s find out:

Is there a kid-friendly version of YouTube?

When YouTube Kids was created, it was meant to give kids a safer environment that’s simpler and more fun for entertainment. However, it was not long after being introduced in 2015, when suddenly the app invited dark corners. Even though meant to contain only child-friendly content, YouTube Kids, it seems the filtering feature continues to fail the test.

So, the issue of kid-friendly YouTube has not passed the test, especially, from videos and other images with constant disturbing imagery. In the long run, parents must be in the driver’s seat to drive their kids to safer ground. But it is not an easy task to check on what your kid watches throughout. And that takes us to the point why – as a parent – you need a kid-friendly YouTube alternative.

Why do parents need to find a kid-friendly YouTube alternative?

Kids can’t do without all those funny animations and cartoons. But when such are not filtered and flagged, it becomes a concern to parents. These are some of the dangers that push parents to find kid-friendly YouTube kids and YouTube.

  • Horror

PAW Patrol, for example, is a popular video at YouTube Kids. What makes it horrific is a tragic scene where a vehicle is involved in an accident, hits a pole and suddenly bursts into flames leaving some characters dead. The inclusion of a demon-possessed doll spoils everything. All that the kids see are horror and torment in such a movie.

  • Violence

Constant fights and arguments are other concerns. Some movies entail lots of gun shooting and other forms of fights, which negatively affect how a kid relates to his peers. He may want to mimic his favorite characters' practice.

  • Inappropriate content

There are lots of vulgar languages and abuses. The Safety mode, in most cases, doesn’t capture what should be scrapped out. Likewise, it’s easy to disable the function, leaving kids to view some bad content that’s not age-appropriate.

  • Cyberbullying

Hate speech is another common language for older kids. They try to act what they watch and may make weird comments to other viewers’ suggestions, resulting in feeling distressed and sometimes carrying the feeling to their daily lives.

  • Drug abuse

Movies that depict that drinking and getting drunkard is something normal has no worthy values to kids. This is a danger that is prone to any young viewer who watches unfiltered movies.

5 best kid-safe YouTube alternative

It is for the above reasons that parents are constantly concerned about what their kids watch on YouTube. We have summed some of the best kid-safe YouTube alternatives that can come in handy for a safer environment.

1. Nick Jr

kid safe youtube alternative 1

This app is free and available for both Android and iOS users. It has fantastic titles that will make kids not leave the screen any sooner. However, it encompasses some educative games like a super search that keeps your kids’ brains glued to real work. It doesn’t end there! Your kids also learn some alphabets by playing a pop-up game with any word that comes along. This app also takes account of parents’ peace of mind. It allows you to link up your Telecom provider, pick the right content for your kid, and add it to the app. Don’t worry kids tampering with the feature; it’s tightly locked just for you!

2. KiddZtube

kid safe youtube alternative 2

This is another kid-safe YouTube alternative with a focus on education. It has a dedicated team that hand-selects videos from YouTube and adds some interactive quizzes to make interactive learning. Among what to learn are letters, colors, numbers, geometry, and much more. So, from kindergarten to 8th Grade, there is something for every kid out there. Furthermore, the inclusion of a parental portal makes it a haven. It is easy to monitor your child’s usage. When it comes to bedtime, the Bedtime Mode feature sets the pace, giving your child a relaxing moment for those sweet dreams.

3. GoNoodle

kid safe youtube alternative 3

Just don’t focus on the brain warm-up. It’s good for your kid to diversify to other engaging areas. GoNoodle gets kids to learn some cool yoga, dances, and other workout activities via its interactive tutorials. You, however, have to engage your email account while logging in – a plus for your child’s safety – as they can’t kick off before you perform any authorization. The interface is quite intuitive, suiting kids from the age of 6. Let your kid learn without many distractions as there are no ads with this app.

4. Jellies

kid safe youtube alternative 4

If you want your kid to focus on learning via some animated content then Jellies knows it best. It comes in two modes – a parent mode and a kid’s mode – for you and your little one. Here is how to control your kid, while on parent mode, just scroll through, pick the topics you think are appropriate for your kid’s age, and then switch to kid’s mode. They’ll only view what you want them to, even in your absence. And it brings a whole lot of good stuff from balloon animals, bike riding, among other tutorials. It suits kids from age 4 and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

5. New Sky Kids

kid safe youtube alternative 5

What’s amazing with this kid-safe YouTube alternative is that parents took the initiative in their own hands – made videos with their kids and their friends – something making this app worth honoring. Many of its shows focus on positive behavior like learning to apologize when you hurt someone and other good gestures. It is just another haven with positive messages and some educational value for ages from 6 years. Get super fun, adventurous, and safe with New Sky Kids.

What should parents do to keep kids safe online?

It is high time parents put in stern measures to curb eventualities from online streaming services like YouTube. Parental Control App like FamiSafe lets parents track the real-time location of their children, detect inappropriate videos, and block unworthy apps, among other functionalities. Check out the main features of the FamiSafe Parental Control App. Now as the YouTube shorts (click here if you're interested in YouTube Shorts Safety Problem) district was created to compete with TikTok, YouTube is even more troublesome for parents who wish kids can stay away from nasty videos on the Internet.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

kid safe youtube alternative 6

YouTube video monitor& blocker

With FamiSafe, you can view any content from the history section to check what kinds of videos your kid has been watching. Simply connect your kid’s phone account to yours and follow up on any inappropriate video descriptions and comments. You’ll receive keyword alerts any time the app detects danger signs. This also gives you the power to block all the videos you deem inappropriate for your kid’s age.

kid safe youtube alternative 7

App block& usage track

Privately follow up on what kinds of apps your child uses and how much time they spend on such apps on their Android phones. A balanced schedule is what you should strive for. This feature will forecast whether your kid spends an exuberant amount of time on mobile games or if they stay up late, glued to their screens.

If all is not good, you can enforce restrictions by blocking any threatening apps. And when your kid tries to open them behind your back, don’t worry; you’ll get an instant warning if your kid has an Android phone. For iOS devices, such blocked apps will disappear and only come back when unblocked.

Screen time limit

It is vital to know how much time your kid spends on various apps. You can remotely schedule their weekly or daily activities to avoid time wastage. Instead, factor in the proper study, sleep, and playtime for them to follow. Likewise, you can temporarily block their phones to shape them on building quality family and school moments. Make it even juicier by rewarding them for being cooperative on the set daily or weekly screen time.

Sometimes, it’s not an easy task to monitor what your kid views, especially, on kid YouTube. Chances of bumping into something violent or sexual are high. YouTube is free and full of adverts that frequently pop up. Your kid can’t have control over what ads are upcoming. But these best kid-safe YouTube alternatives in 2021 are good plans to emphasize little measures. Better still, additional parental control is the best option for complete peace of mind. FamiSafe parental control app has what it takes to ensure your kid stays safe from online predators, access to inappropriate content, and encourages healthy internet usage.

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